Being present with your money habits can help your creativity thrive

This is a guest post by Cyndi Finkle

Being present with your money habits, spending, & saving, so that your Creativity can live and breathe in peace

Our lives are busy and in the craziness of our day to day ,  it is easy to not think about money in a conscious way.  You use it every day, but how often do you consciously think about money?

Money is energy. We need to respect it.  We need to honor it. We need to be conscious about it.

We all pay our bills and make sure we have money for gas and food, but in order to manifest more money, we need to live with it consciously. One way to connect you with your money is to keep your bills organized in your wallet. This means having bills in sequential order, all the same direction, and neatly  placed in your wallet. No crumpled bills, shoved in without care.  Another way to connect with your money is to log onto your bank accounts and credit card accounts daily and know where you stand.

Be financially honest. Do not live on credit.  If you cannot afford to pay off your credit card bill in full every month, you cannot afford to make a single purchase on it.  Be financially honest with yourselves and with others. If you cannot afford the dinner out, the group gift, or the weekend getaway – do not agree to be a part of it.  Going along with what is going around you, is not living consciously.

When you are burdened with financial worries, it is impossible to express yourself creatively. As artists, we need to be able to create. Having your financial house is order, opens up your spirit to create.

Make some financial goals and contribute to them daily. If you have credit card debt, focus on paying it off . Create an emergency fund  – this is the most creatively freeing financial thing you can do. The further away from desperation you can get, the more room you make for creating and doing and being. Live within your means.  A way to spend less, is to make meals out of food that you have on hand in your pantry and freezer and not go out to eat so often. Some common ways we waste our money – parking tickets, paying bills late, eating out too often, buying gifts that we are supposed to buy, ordering coffee out, and keeping your cash wadded up in your bag. Take responsibility for your money so you can live your life creatively.

Being conscious with your money will manifest more money. Having more money will give you more time to create. Having more time to create, means you are giving back to the world. Giving back to the world means that you are being your best self. Being your best self is the reason we are all here.

©Cyndi Finkle

Cyndi Finkle is a photojournalist who traveled the world before becoming an entrepreneur  15 years ago when she started Sunday Night Dinner  ( – a craft services company which is still thriving today. She recently bought Art Works Studio & Classroom ( which offers fine art classes and camps for all ages.  She writes a blog on all things practical and meaningful ( and is raising her tween daughter Sullivan.

Artwork by Sullivan Williams

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5 thoughts on “Being present with your money habits can help your creativity thrive

  1. Thanks Cyndi! This is so validating. Being artistic or creative is not an excuse to be dumb about money. I especially love the last paragraph.

  2. I find this article so-so. Because while promoting abundance and creativity, it keeps telling a story of lack! I have decided to not listen to stories that say “you can’t have that — eating out!” “You can’t have that, the Starbucks!” No. Abundance is when you CAN have Starbucks and lunch out or dinner out or any meal out — guilt free. I’m not a fan of the frugality brigade that focuses on shaming people for eating out or buying a nice latte for themselves. I’m not advocating irresponsibility, please understand. And I agree, live within your means. But this is focusing on lack, on what the person doesn’t have, can’t afford. Instead of focusing on what they can do, and can enjoy. No one is going to prosper listening to this story of lack. How about imagining away that you are so abundant you can dine out any time you want — guilt free! Imagine it, see, love it, create it!

  3. Cyndi, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better, and seeing the abundance you are creating all around you. Your photographs are beautiful, your schools are awesome, and I love your blog. I can see this also from the abundance of wonderful people you have in your life, and from those you attract to yourself.

    Thank you for this beautiful and timely post. It’s a reminder to be conscious of what truly has meaning.

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