Music brings a gift of healing and peace to us all

Music is international. It speaks a language that can be understood by all. Music moves with the earth, as well as with the spirit.

Music is emotion, history, democracy, consciousness, dreams, movement, body, soul, energy, love, anger.

Music is of the human spirit.  As an ageless language, music has crossed boundaries, borders, spanned eons, united lovers, and healed the wounded spirits of countless others. Its presence has created environments of peace, and also of war and destruction.

Music itself is neutral; it’s how we each perceive it, feel it, and understand it, that gives music a particular meaning.

Music also brings the gift of healing with it. It brings memory, tears, revelation, gratitude, fleeting moments of possibilities not seen before. Songs and sounds are symbols of time and space.

Music is ageless, timeless, of no particular generation. New generations are born and come into being, and while each forms their own music preferences, it’s wonderful when old songs are given a fresh interpretation with new musicians and new ways of creating music.

Music heals the soul, forms the brain, speaks to the spirit. All at once, it is private, public, loud, quiet. One can enjoy music alone in peace, or in the company of many others. It unites us. Music can create a movement, unify a people.

Whether you listen to music consciously or not, there is no getting away from it. Even if you’re unable to hear the words, or make out the tune, the beat will get you. That rhythm, that beat, speaks to your heart and soul and can heal your body, if you let it.

Music can move into every molecule of your being, spread throughout your cells, changing every part of you as it does. A song you hear can bring back complete memories of another place and time, even a past life memory, and what you might have been doing there.

Cultures and groups identify with their own particular music – Irish, Scottish, African, Middle Eastern, and so on. The miracle of modern travel and communication has allowed us to create greater and more brilliant fusions of the ancient and traditional forms than we ever could have imagined, way back when we were individual tribes who never knew each other. The fusion of our music is also the fusion of our spirits. This leads us to know each other, instead of fear each other, and to learn to love each other, through our music.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Roses, The Musical’ on Pixdaus

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