What does color mean to a clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly. The energy might look like color, pictures, symbols, and so on.

There isn’t really one particular meaning for each color, though certain energies may show up frequently as certain colors. A skilled clairvoyant can tell if the color they are seeing in your space is your energy, or something that isn’t you.

You may have quite a lot of energy vibrations in your space at one time, and many of them may not, in fact, be you. The vibrations that are you will work easily inside of you, while those that aren’t can create distress, effort, and discomfort in your space. (Your space is defined as your body and aura.)

Here is a list of colors in order of their vibration in the energy spectrum, from lowest to highest, and what they can represent or mean. Remember that this is an individual thing as well. Each person’s unique energy will show up as colors true to that person, and the colors may change as the person does. You probably won’t be at the same colors your entire life, but may be partial to one or several. Chances are, if you like a color and feel it emotionally, it’s also one of yours.

Brown ~ Earthy, grounded, lower vibration. Brown is often associated with the earth and earth energy. It can be a healing vibration to match to when your body doesn’t feel real.

Red ~ Fiery, anger, movement, passion. If red is one of your favorite or frequent colors, it may have to do with the level of passion you have for life. Red is also a lower vibration, closer to the earth. Some earthy energies are reddish. Red that isn’t yours can be someone else’s anger or other energy.

Orange ~ A brilliant fun happy color. Depending on its tone, it can be earthy, creative, vibrant, joyful, conscious, healing. Orange that isn’t your energy and is in your space can make you feel crowded and overwhelmed.

Yellow ~ Sunny, happy, brilliant, effortless. Your own energy at yellow can feel bright and happy. Other higher loud yellows that are in your space can feel sharp and uncomfortable.

Green ~ Growth, healing, change, movement, peaceful. When you are running a lot of green energy, it looks like you’re in the middle of big changes and growth. Green is also a big healing color. If you’re carrying green that isn’t yours, you may be being responsible for other people’s growth and changes, which can become very uncomfortable in your space.

Blue ~ Certainty, clarity, calm, peace. When you’re working with a lot of blue, it can be healing for you too. Having certainty about who you are and what you want to do, can also sometimes be seen as blue, though any color in the rainbow could be the same. Muddy blue isn’t yours.

Purple ~ As a vibration, purple is inspirational, spiritual, and also one of the highest vibrations in the rainbow. It can have to do with creativity, consciousness, high levels of growth. However, if you feel like you’re floating, you may want to move from purple down to brown or another lower vibration, in order to reground yourself to the earth and into your body.

Gold ~ This is the highest color vibration you can work with in the body. As a vibration, gold clears resistance, pain, stuck energies. It is a karma free color to work with, also protective. Gold is also the energy of forgiveness.

White ~ A higher vibration, white will take you out of the body. It can show up in your space as unconscious energy. Your own true vibration isn’t ever at white, but you can be at white or work with white, often without knowing you are doing so. Contrary to popular belief, surrounding yourself with white light doesn’t protect you. It takes you out of your body, and that isn’t protective for you or your body. Try color instead, especially gold.

Silver ~ Higher than white, silver is also not your true vibration. Silver in your space, as an energy, can be uncomfortable for you and make it difficult for your own energy to be in your space. If you find silver in your space, send it to the earth and try color.

Grey ~ Is a dull unconscious energy in your space, never your own vibration. It can create a muffled unconsciousness that makes it difficult to see or think clearly, and is harsh for your body.

Black ~ Black energy is generally pain, punishment, or some other dark uncomfortable energy that is in the way of yours. Black energy can also show up with depression. Sometimes white unconscious energy covers the black. None of this is your own truth, though it is true that you can sometimes handle it in your space. Let it go, and use happy colors instead.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com
‘Woven Color Gamp’ ©Ru Temple on Flickr

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5 thoughts on “What does color mean to a clairvoyant?

  1. Kris, a skilled clairvoyant would tell you that different colors have different meanings to different people. And although some primary meanings can be agreed with, you should have mention that every psychic understands colors differently – and that people shouldn’t be surprised when a psychic tells them he sees black aura, and “it’s very, very good, very positive”.

    • I did mention that different colors have different meanings to different people, here:

      “There isn’t really one particular meaning for each color, though certain energies may show up frequently as certain colors. A skilled clairvoyant can tell if the color they are seeing in your space is your energy, or something that isn’t you.”

      I don’t agree that having a black aura is the same thing as having your own energy in your space. To a clairvoyant, color is energy, and your own energy won’t show up as either black or white, as I mentioned. Perhaps you see the black energy as being yours, but I’d look again and see where the energy came from. Black energy may be present instead of your energy, and is a vibration that isn’t body friendly. It makes it difficult for you to find yours. Black energy can also bring unconsciousness, which can make you think it’s your energy.

      Take another look, Nathan, while being grounded in your body. It is possible to have your clairvoyance outside of your body. I am referring to being in the body, which is where you can do the most good with your own abilities on.

  2. Well, then I guess my understanding of English have failed me, because I can’t pick up the correct meaning from that quote :).

    “To a clairvoyant, color is energy, and your own energy won’t show up as either black or white, as I mentioned.”

    From my perspective, color is not energy, energy is represented by color. And if your life experience and knowledge allows it, you can see person’s energy as black or white. Just because one psychic can’t see it, or interpret it your way, it doesn’t meant that it’s impossible. That is why, when I teach people about clairvoyance, I say “don’t read books, but ask yourself, what does the color X means to you?”

    I’m just not big fan of writing about meanings of colors and symbols we perceive psychically – they vary from person to person and there’s no point of writing these things… beside SEO :).

    • Let me clarify what I am trying to say here, Nathan. I agree with you that energy can be seen as color. This is the first paragraph of this article:

      “Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly. The energy might look like color, pictures, symbols, and so on.”

      I like writing about clairvoyance because it opens up a discussion that needs to happen. I also stated clearly that not all energy looks the same to every clairvoyant, or in each person’s space.

      However, I would still look again, if I was you, to see if the black and white energies you think belong to a particular person, are in fact their own true energy. It is true that anyone anywhere can have black or white energies in their aura, and in their bodies. I’ve read thousands of people over the years, and have seen this many times. When I look at where is the person’s own true vibration, it always shows up as color, body friendly color. Even in the aura.

      Try an experiment for yourself: surround yourself with gold energy, instead of white. Fill your own aura with gold. Then try a variety of colors, go through the spectrum. Notice the difference on a body level.

      The clairvoyants I know who are healthy on a body level, grounded, healing themselves and their own lives, work with color and know that black and white energies, while they don’t need to be feared or judged, are out of the body energies and not their own true vibrations. Looking clearly into these energies, one can see out of body beings, and energies hanging around that are not this person’s present time truth.

      We are now living in a time of clairvoyance, and so this human ability is becoming demystified and more available for people to turn on and have. Not all of us will agree on how things should be, and I’m not telling you you must see it my way. After 12 years of living my life this way, and healing my body and spirit the way I have, I feel pretty certain about a few things. I also see my students begin to get more grounded and healthier from working with color.

      Thanks again for your comments!

      • Actually, I would have to surround myself with white to notice a difference, as normally I prefer to visualize gold or pearl colors :). But I will do some experiments, thanks!

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