Clairvoyance: Discerning the Truth from the Lies

This is a guest post by Billy Pacholski

“Close both eyes
to see with the other eye.” – Rumi

Clairvoyance, the art of clear seeing, allows one to look beyond the mental image pictures that inform and create one’s reality to the truth behind the layers; the essential psychic energy that is gently guiding all things in the physical world.

There is nothing magical about Clairvoyance; you don’t need a certificate or even training to do it. In fact, your inherent clairvoyance is always on, perhaps unconsciously, and if you want to turn up your awareness, all you need is a desire to “see”, a healthy dose of non-judgement or neutrality, and a lot of courage. A sense of humor helps too. 🙂

The real magic of being clairvoyant comes from allowing yourself to be seen. Once you begin to see things as they really are, in their essential truth, you cannot help but begin to grow and change. Old patterns and habits will begin to ripen and become ready to be plucked, freeing up space and energy for the new things you wish to experience. Defenses and lies that have alienated you from the world around you – and from yourself – will begin to simply fall away (some with a wimper, some with a snarl). Once you begin to see truth and be seen, you cannot help but move more quickly towards that essential truth – who you really are in spirit. Seeing yourself clearly is the beginning of the ultimate act – self-forgiveness. It allows you to step fully into your truth and power.

If you’re working clairvoyantly you cannot be controlled by others, because the lies and pictures that enslave us are simply that; when you begin to operate outside of those controls – be they familial, societal, monetary or national – you will experience encompassing freedom and the ability to choose. You can regain your will, your passion, and your desire to live an authentic and passionate life.

All this is well and good, of course, but the real healing in bringing awareness to your Clairvoyance is that you will begin to soften to yourself. The lies and controls you have placed on yourself – because of other people’s judgements, pain, invalidation and jealousies will begin to fade away. It can feel like coming home to yourself; a beautiful reclaiming of your true life force and energy. Some people begin to feel more safe; to feel more comfortable with intimacy, to feel passionate about living again. Everyone’s journey is unique, but one thing is true, seeing yourself clearly and trusting in what you see will create the change you wish to see in yourself, and in the world. Clairvoyance will be essential in healing our planet and our lives in the decades to come.

There are many forms of turning on your clairvoyance and awakening your psychic self. None are more right than another. But this ability is yours, it is your birthright, and you have the right to see the truth! Claim it!

©Billy Pacholski

Billy Pacholski is a Psychic and Director based both in San Francisco and Chicago. Find out more about him at his website: Image from iStock.

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3 thoughts on “Clairvoyance: Discerning the Truth from the Lies

  1. if there is any substance to clairvoyance. why has there never been a controlled scientific study carried. i have seen this been asked of these clairvoyants and the y always back out saying the test proceedure is unfair. if it were true it would be utilised a lot more in mainstream life.

    • Tad, I am so pleased to inform you that clairvoyance IS utilized in mainstream life already!

      For example, every time you create a picture for yourself of what is possible, (using your clairvoyance is creating a mental image picture), you then make it possible to actually manifest that thing.

      Science itself is filled with clairvoyants who ask themselves questions like “I wonder what would happen if I did this?” Every time an artist, designer, scientist, writer, healer, detective, etc., etc., sees a possible answer, or sees the truth in something, she or he is using clairvoyance.

      Scientific studies are actually kind of boring in the face of so much beauty. Clairvoyance is a spiritual seeing. You can do it too.

      Here’s how to prove it to yourself: begin looking. You’ve got to look from a place of non judgment, or you won’t see anything. This is probably another reason those scientific studies are useless in proving clairvoyance. Those studies work from judgment. Clairvoyance doesn’t.

      Also, clairvoyance doesn’t need proving. I am absolutely uninterested in proving a thing to you, or to anyone else. I don’t know a single clairvoyant who needs to prove it to you either. But every one of them would tell you that you are clairvoyant too. All you need to do to have that ability working for you is to begin.

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