‘Your Psychic Abilities, Part One’ by Kris Cahill on Blog Talk Radio

I debuted my Blog Talk Radio Show tonight! It’s all about psychic abilities and being psychic.

I discuss several types of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and intuition.

Please stop by my show and listen live – I broadcast every Thursday at 7:00pm PST. You can also listen to my archived shows.

Here’s a link to the archived show so that you can listen:

Your Psychic Abilities Part One 01/12 by Kris Cahill | Blog Talk Radio.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com

Imagine your way into 2012

What is your Big Dream for 2012?

How does your dream look to you? What do you see is possible for you to have, create, and become this year? Where do you want to grow? What are you willing to let go of?

As you move into the new year, it’s helpful to notice if you are still carrying energy from the old one. Any old out of date energies can get in your way as you step up to create your new creations.

2011 was an amazing year for each of us. As challenging as it may have been, it was just as necessary. 2011 is a year to be grateful for, though it might not have felt comfortable to you in the least. It may have been the year you moved past blocks to your own truth, and that is priceless.

2011 was all about spiritual growth, and a big part of growing spiritually is letting go of what no longer serves you in that growth. It’s common to have an unconscious perfect picture about how growth “should” be. Who knew that spiritual growth could be so difficult and uncontrollably messy?!

A new year is an awakening, a time for new energy and dreams. It’s fun to create the new pictures of what you want. It’s lovely to dream big dreams, to visualize and imagine huge successes, fun times, happy relationships, financial health. This is also the way you make these things real in your life – your dreams come true.

Making anything real begins with the spirit of you. When you can see what it is you want, and imagine yourself having those things in your life, you can make them real. Everything you create begins with energy, spirit. When you become conscious about working with energy and begin to use it to heal yourself and make your life work for you instead of feeling like you’re constantly in effort, miracles happen.

As you begin this journey into a new year, you may want to consider bringing some new tools with you:

  • Permission to dream big. Don’t hold back or let your dreams be made smaller by the prevailing wisdom of what is “possible”. Every time someone tried to do the impossible and make it possible, they had ‘helpful’ naysayers who constantly tried to convince them it was a waste of time. Ignore everyone else’s ‘reality’ and concentrate on yours.
  • A way to make it real. Dreaming is good but if your dreams never come down to earth, if you can’t make them real, then it’s no fun to dream. Grounding yourself is a great way to begin making your own vision a reality.
  • How much are you willing to let go of? It’s difficult to create your new reality while also trying to drag the past with you. When you can let go, forgive, and be in present time with yourself, you have more of your energy available to create with. In order to create anything, you need enough energy and space to do so.

You are the only one who can imagine what you’ll imagine. What you dream of, others may share, but you’ll always have your own spin on it, if you’re working from your own truth. What this means is that nobody else can create what you came here to create. Only you can decide to get started.

©Kris Cahill

I create guided meditations that help you to create with energy. Here is a new one I recorded live that is very much along the lines of this post: ‘Create 2012’. You can purchase it as an mp3 at this link: Create 2012 Meditation.

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com

‘The Journey Home’ ©Paul (Dex) on Flickr

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Creating a vision

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Mihelich

The idea of creating a vision always seemed like an impossible challenge. Meditating. The mere practice of breathing and imagining my life as I envisioned it seemed nearly impossible. Impossible and Staggering and Stifling, definitely all of the things that meditating is NOT supposed to be.

If I were to envision myself meditating it would play out like a scene in a movie.

Fade In

INT : Elizabeth’s lovely apartment

Elizabeth sits in the middle of the floor on a cozy pillow with a single candle lit in front of her.  She has her legs crossed like every good meditating student does with her hands facing upward on her thighs.

She takes a deep breath, and another one. She adjusts her position on the pillow. She takes a determined deep breath.

You can do this. It’s easy. Just breathe. Focus.

Elizabeth takes another deep breath. A few minutes pass. Slowly Elizabeth opens one eye, and then scrunches them both shut again.  Letting out a frustrated sigh.

Maybe if I lay down. Ya. That seems like a great idea.
Let’s try that. Good call. Much more relaxed.

Elizabeth lies flat on the ground, shifting a little, back and forth. She finally seems to relax. A few minutes pass and we suddenly hear a loud snore. She’s asleep.


You get the idea? I’ve made meditating and being able to create a vision in my head so important in the past that I’ve actually talked myself OUT of doing it. Who needs meditation if it’s so stressful? Isn’t meditation supposed to actually relax you?

Still, the subject of meditation kept coming up in my life. I’ve learned that if something continually makes an appearance in my life it’s probably something that I should be reading, studying, paying attention to, etc.  I decided that I would take one of Kris’s Grounding meditation workshops and it was through Kris that I discovered my secret to creating a vision!

Creating a Vision MUST BE FUN! When Kris first introduced the idea of a grounding cord going from my first chakra to the center of the earth to me she gave me a vital piece of information that I was missing. She told me that I could envision the grounding cord as any color, any material, and any shape that I liked! It could be red, shiny sequins, or a brilliant, blue waterfall, a strong, beaming, stream of light. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it was fun and it made me laugh.

As long as it is fun and makes you laugh. This one simple suggestion has cracked open an entire world for me. Which, when I think about it, makes sense. I LOVE to laugh. It is my number one favorite thing to do on the planet. Well, maybe kissing is number one, but laughing and making people laugh run a very close second.

With Kris’s piece of advice I moved into her Psychic Meditation Workshop and soon discovered that I could visualize a rose to put all of my stresses into, watch it turn brown and die and then delight in blowing it up! Sending all of that energy and stress back where it came from was so freeing!

Being clairvoyant and seeing visions or symbols as guidance was a whole different beast. Even though I had now found freedom in meditation, which I began to think of as daydreaming; what’s more fun daydreaming or meditating?  Daydreaming, hands down.  I suddenly found myself sitting in silence with a massive smile on my face as I imagined my wedding, or arriving on set everyday for the television show that I’m a series regular on. Once I started to open up my own psychic gifts and make an attempt at clairvoyance I thought for sure that I would not be able to do it. I was in no way, shape or form a clairvoyant.

I didn’t realize that clairvoyance has such a broad definition to it. The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses. I know that this seems like a standard definition, but another amazing teacher I stumbled upon helped me to expand my understanding of it. This January I found myself in a Psychic Mediumship Development Class taught by Marilyn Papas, one of the best Psychic Mediums out there, and it was through her class that I realized I was already clairvoyant.

I have for the past 6 months or so, consistently looked at the clock at 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc. Marilyn stressed to us that seeing repeating numbers, specific words, or a specific animal over and over again are also considered a form of clairvoyance. It’s having the wherewithal to recognize the signs and being able to interpret them that makes you a practicing clairvoyant.

As class progressed with Marilyn we were introduced to our guides. I instantly thought, there’s no way I will be able to recognize my guides, let alone be able to talk to them. Just then, Marilyn said the magic words, “It doesn’t matter if it’s actually your guides or your imagination. Run with it, run with anything you get and before long you will see that you are actually being given a guide instead of making one up.”  The freedom to have fun, the freedom to play and the freedom to imagine is all it takes to connect to your own clairvoyance.  I chose in that moment to just run with it and when a sprite like little guide appeared at my feet I thought, hmmm, that’s funny, why not? This particular guide doesn’t really make an appearance any more, so its definitely possible that he was one that I imagined. The point is, is that it doesn’t matter. If we can get back to our sense of play, vivid imaginations and getting lost in daydreams we will all be able to create the most incredible visions for our lives. The greatest thing about this is that whether we see quick results or not, we will want to keep doing it simply for the fun and the escape that it provides.

I was also introduced to my “higher self” through a meditation in Marilyn’s class. I don’t think that I would have had such a strong image or knowing of my higher self without the permission to play. When I think about what a “higher self” is supposed to be I instantly get images of Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, or someone like Mother Theresa.  My higher self is ridiculous. She’s funny, beautiful and creative. A heightened version of myself . . . or a higher one, ahhhh, now “higher self” makes SO much more sense. Just kidding.

In the meditation, Marilyn led us to a house where our higher selves lived. She asked us to walk up to the porch and climb the stairs to the front door. My higher self was standing behind the screen door of this lovely, Craftsman like house, waiting excitedly for me. She was about to open the door to greet me when Marilyn said, “Walk through the house to the sunroom where your higher self is waiting for you.” My higher self suddenly exclaimed, “Oh!” and turned and ran to the sunroom. Once I arrived there, she was sitting in a chair with her back turned to me, I entered, and she turned dramatically towards me. Such a ham!!! Since that meditation I’ve begun to call upon my higher self a lot for guidance and understanding. She never disappoints.

I know that you’re reading this thinking, “But couldn’t that still be your imagination?” I would agree with you, except for the fact that she now appears to me when I’m not trying to connect with her. For instance, I was at Cardio Barre, an intense workout that I love, but is really, really hard. One day I was feeling particularly weak and down on myself, not sure if I could continue. I suddenly had a vision of my higher self. She was dressed in a 1980’s style, insanely high cut leotard with tights, leg warmers and full on headband taming the wild hair. She was probably working out to a Jane Fonda video, but whatever it was, she was really into it, having a great time and encouraging me to do the same. I think I may have even laughed out loud in class, which always goes over extremely well in the middle of a class workout, no one looks crazier than when you’re laughing out loud doing a brutal workout. Who cares? It got me out of my momentary funk and I was able to kick ass during the class! Man, I love that crazier, higher self of mine. Her flair for the dramatic is off the charts!

Whether you’re trying to tap into your clairvoyance, struggling to meditate, visualizing the life you want or simply daydreaming, I urge you to allow fun into your practice.  If anything, it will brighten your day; give you a much needed laugh and brighter smile. My guess is it will also give you a clearer vision of your own life. Clarity is key. Happy Daydreaming!

©Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth Mihelich is an Intuitive Life Coach. She loves helping people realize their dreams and accomplish their goals. Elizabeth is also an actress, singer and writer who lives in La La Land, California and loves to make people laugh. Elizabeth has written a pilot for television, a romantic comedy feature and an action adventure movie for kids, and has endless ideas for television shows! If you are interested in buying any of them, she will happily meet with you!
To contact Elizabeth email her at inspiredideaproductions@gmail.com.

Image: ‘Higher Self’


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Clairvoyance: Discerning the Truth from the Lies

This is a guest post by Billy Pacholski

“Close both eyes
to see with the other eye.” – Rumi

Clairvoyance, the art of clear seeing, allows one to look beyond the mental image pictures that inform and create one’s reality to the truth behind the layers; the essential psychic energy that is gently guiding all things in the physical world.

There is nothing magical about Clairvoyance; you don’t need a certificate or even training to do it. In fact, your inherent clairvoyance is always on, perhaps unconsciously, and if you want to turn up your awareness, all you need is a desire to “see”, a healthy dose of non-judgement or neutrality, and a lot of courage. A sense of humor helps too. 🙂

The real magic of being clairvoyant comes from allowing yourself to be seen. Once you begin to see things as they really are, in their essential truth, you cannot help but begin to grow and change. Old patterns and habits will begin to ripen and become ready to be plucked, freeing up space and energy for the new things you wish to experience. Defenses and lies that have alienated you from the world around you – and from yourself – will begin to simply fall away (some with a wimper, some with a snarl). Once you begin to see truth and be seen, you cannot help but move more quickly towards that essential truth – who you really are in spirit. Seeing yourself clearly is the beginning of the ultimate act – self-forgiveness. It allows you to step fully into your truth and power.

If you’re working clairvoyantly you cannot be controlled by others, because the lies and pictures that enslave us are simply that; when you begin to operate outside of those controls – be they familial, societal, monetary or national – you will experience encompassing freedom and the ability to choose. You can regain your will, your passion, and your desire to live an authentic and passionate life.

All this is well and good, of course, but the real healing in bringing awareness to your Clairvoyance is that you will begin to soften to yourself. The lies and controls you have placed on yourself – because of other people’s judgements, pain, invalidation and jealousies will begin to fade away. It can feel like coming home to yourself; a beautiful reclaiming of your true life force and energy. Some people begin to feel more safe; to feel more comfortable with intimacy, to feel passionate about living again. Everyone’s journey is unique, but one thing is true, seeing yourself clearly and trusting in what you see will create the change you wish to see in yourself, and in the world. Clairvoyance will be essential in healing our planet and our lives in the decades to come.

There are many forms of turning on your clairvoyance and awakening your psychic self. None are more right than another. But this ability is yours, it is your birthright, and you have the right to see the truth! Claim it!

©Billy Pacholski

Billy Pacholski is a Psychic and Director based both in San Francisco and Chicago. Find out more about him at his website: www.about.me/billyp. Image from iStock.


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Building a world begins with a picture

You can build an entire world around a picture. That’s how your own world was built.

You create pictures everyday. From the time of your birth – and long before then – you worked from pictures. Your body has pictures of how it needs to function, your emotions and feelings include many pictures. You are constantly being reminded, through pictures, of what is ‘real’, and what you should do, be, think, feel, or buy.

Life is a visual experience, even if we refuse to see. There are pictures everywhere –  inside of us and out.

You came to this lifetime with pictures of what you wanted, who you’d be with, and what you’d get to experience. If you have a sense of missing out on something in life, it may be because you aren’t having what you came here knowing you wanted to have. You could be living a life that popular wisdom says is successful, while knowing inside that you really want something else. If so, you’re living in a picture that’s not yours to begin with, one that you invested your energy, and yourself, into. You’re living a life that’s not your own.

Every new picture can lead to a new creation. Put enough energy into a picture, build on top of it, and soon you have a new reality, created from that picture. Create your own pictures, consciously, and soon you have a life you want to be living, instead of one that doesn’t feel like it’s really yours.

All you need to do is give yourself permission; the trick is to make sure that the pictures you are creating your life from, are pictures that are true for you. If you try living your life based on someone else’s view of how it should look, you might always feel like something is missing. The something that’s missing could be your own energy. When you become conscious about which pictures you are living by, it’s easier to step out of the ones that do not serve you, and may even harm you.

For example, take the well known picture, “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”. Sound familiar? That’s how the U.S. signed onto a war in Iraq, on the basis of a picture that turned out to be a lie purposely created in order to get everyone to sign onto the Iraq war. Which we’re still not out of, even though the lie has come out.

Imagine the world we would live in now, if we had decided it wasn’t worth getting into another costly needless war, and that perhaps it would make more sense to put the money into education, infrastructure, and health care in this country instead. That’s a very different picture to live by. Apparently enough of us were in agreement that there should be a war, but the picture that we wouldn’t be safe unless we went to Iraq, was needed to take us there. Enough of us chose to believe that picture to make the lie our reality.

The picture underneath all of this is that “it’s us against them”. “They” are all of those people whose language and religion and customs we don’t understand, so they are suspect. “They” are not like us, so we have the right to go destroy their country and kill their people. And so from a picture, we have created a world that is even less safe than the one we lived in before we began this war.

Every picture you create or sign onto in your own life, can create a world that you live in. What is happening now is that many people are finding their carefully built worlds falling apart, crumbling at the seams, turning to dust. It’s a rough and tumble time for many right now. The old pictures are going away. We have a magnificent opportunity to create an entirely different way of living. Another word for this is ‘evolution’.

A suggestion: take some time this week to look at the pictures you’d like to see become real in your own world. Give yourself permission to create new pictures that you would like to live in, and that feel true for you.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com

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I see pictures

This is a guest post by Amadaes Baj

I grew up in a mid-west college town with academic parents, a bio-physicist dad and psychologist mom.  At home, we didn’t “do” god, religion (except for requisite cultural stuff), speak of things like “faith” or “angels” – and we certainly didn’t “do” psychic or clairvoyant. I was called,” very intuitive,” by friends and family, an acceptable adjective for a certain kind of “knowingness” I seemed to possess.

When I moved to Hollywood for film and music, my intuitive abilities began morphing into what people here called: psychic. At first, I balked at the word, associated it with crystal gazing and people floating out of their bodies. It wasn’t a serious description for knowledge I did take seriously, deep inside of myself. It took years for me to be able to accept the word “psychic” as a part of my vernacular – and identity. But accept it I did, and I have spent many hours regaling others with my journey from “very astute intuitive wise child” to simply, psychic. Whew. One word. A lot easier!!!

But, there is a word I have had a lot of trouble using in reference to myself: CLAIRVOYANT. It’s not that I don’t believe in clairvoyance – clairvoyance is as real as anything else I know – clear-sightedness of things beyond the “normal” range of human vision. How beautiful is that? What I’ve had trouble accepting is that I might be clairvoyant because I have always associated clairvoyance with some innate ability to close one’s eyes and, without pause, without words in your head – an instantaneous Cinemascope Technicolor 3D picture begins to play on the inside of your eyelids. Well, since I don’t close my eyes and immediately see everything in 3D Technicolor . . . instead . . . I hear words and then fill in the black screen of my mind with what I “hear” and then “see” . . . I have never felt comfortable considering that I might have clairvoyant abilities. It wasn’t until Kris Cahill pointed out to me one day, during one of my long and colorful cinematic explanations of an energy – replete with angles and lighting and motion – that I was most certainly using my clairvoyant abilities. I tried to protest that I couldn’t draw much more than a stick figure – realizing as I was saying this, how absurd I sounded. Next, I tried to explain that I close my eyes and see black at first, and then comes the picture of the knowledge I see. . . and Kris looked at me with her sparkling blue eyes and . . . I had to admit to myself . . .

I see pictures, and speak of images . . . my psychic ability has always been fueled by “things I see” in the center of my head. I am clairvoyant and have been using clairvoyant abilities my whole life, my whole intuitive life. In fact, these images helped steer me into the path of a film career.

I believe that everyone has the ability to be clairvoyant – to see beyond the “normal” – here I’d like to say “accepted” – range of human vision. As a human “being” here on this planet, we experience realities in varied ways: we hear, we see, we taste, feel, intuit (accepted word), touch, smell, dream . . . and take in our environments seen, and not seen, with all the creativity of our senses and souls.

I think the problem many of us have, myself included, with owning our knowledge and experiences outside some “agreed upon reality” has to do with the claiming of the words themselves: psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient – and no wonder! In writing this piece, I looked up clairvoyant in my Encarta dictionary. Here’s the definition: “PSYCHIC PERSON: somebody supposedly able to see things beyond the range of normal human vision.” When the dictionary defines an ability as “supposed” what is that saying to the public, to you, to me, about our inner knowing and clear-sightedness? It’s not real, it’s fluffy, not to be taken seriously?

No wonder I’ve had problems claiming the words psychic and clairvoyant!

Anyone who has ever had an image of something in their minds – and then seen it made manifest – anyone who has had a picture flash in their mind’s eye, knowledge about something or someone come to them like a movie or a photograph – anyone who has had a dream and then seen it come to be . . . is clairvoyant.

I would like to encourage all of us to reclaim this beautiful word and ability. Clear-sightedness is a gift, a gift we all can access to aid our journey on this planet.

I see pictures, and this knowledge fuels my existence and guides me with clarity.

©Amadaes Baj

Amadaes Baj is an accomplished musician, songwriter, healer, filmmaker, historian, and writer. She is currently working on an original screenplay set during the Civil War, and finishing up her first solo album. As a healer, she is helping musicians and artists to heal themselves and once more find their creative voice. Amadaes lives in West Hollywood, California. Visit her blog, Amadaes Alchemy, and her website: AmadaesCreative.com.

All photos ©Amadaes Baj

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com

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Clairvoyance and non-judgment go hand in hand

The ability to see clearly begins with the ability to look without judgment.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly, and it’s available to anyone who wants to use it. Clairvoyance is also a skill you can develop and build, kind of like learning to play a musical instrument. You may have musical talent to begin with, but you need to practice and hone that talent in order to develop it. It takes work. The same is true for your clairvoyance; it’s an ability you were born with, and you can learn to develop and use it.

If you can learn to look at people, places, and events without judging them, you are more likely to see them. Once you begin judging is when you stop seeing clearly. If you can learn to see without fearing or resisting what you’re looking at, you’ll see more. If you don’t need to fix every problem you see, or become responsible for it, you’ll see more deeply into a situation and find it easier to know what to do. If you don’t judge that the person in front of you is good or bad, or needs to be healed, you’ll see that person’s spirit clearly.

When you enter into a situation already ‘knowing’ what is happening because someone else told you what to think or how to feel, or you are expected to behave in a certain way out of loyalty, you miss out on seeing what is really happening. You are pre-judging, or prejudiced. The same goes for when you see the color of a person’s skin, or the cut of their clothes, and expect them to be a certain way. If you’re in fear of them or in judgment of their beliefs, accent, clothing, or ways of being, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to learn something true, make a friend, or let go of an old prejudice or fear. You’ll remain ignorant of what’s happening around you in the world. You miss out on seeing the spirit of that person.

When you can see the energy of another person clearly, you’ll be able to communicate with him, or to give a true ‘hello’ to her spirit. This is the healing we bring to each other. This is where we really begin to communicate deeply: when we can see each other clearly. This is what we are evolving into right now, as beings in bodies. This is what will help us to heal ourselves and create a happy healthy planet.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011 All Rights Reserved.

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
‘A Blue Rose’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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Seeing clearly

This is a guest post from Connie Rose

“The greatest clairvoyant ability is the ability to see yourself, and the greatest psychic ability is the ability to know yourself.” These opening words are from Kris Cahill, who asked me to write this guest post on “seeing clearly.”

When events conspire to bring us to a decision to change some aspect of ourselves from the inside out, often we feel faced with just one more thing to add to the list of stuff to do in an effort to “do less and be more.” How ironic this is. The busier we are, the more difficult it seems to just stop and spend time with ourselves. Like, how do we find time to do that?

How we imagine ourselves, what we allow ourselves to know about ourselves, correlate with how we’ve created our lives on the physical plane. We have an idea about who we think we are or who we want to be, and then our creative selves flesh it out, we manifest that idea and create a lifestyle around it. The inner idea of you and the outer experience of you hold your personal gestalt together.

But in order to create fundamental changes in how we see ourselves, in what we know to be our personal truths, in how we “do” our lives — it may be necessary for us to be willing to let go of many, most or even all that we think we hold dear. If we don’t surrender to letting go of time-worn ways of being, to moving the old stuff out, there’s simply no room for anything new to come into our experience. There’s no way we can even imagine life being any different because we’ve become locked into trying to live a life that might have worked at some earlier point but doesn’t anymore. And we’re stuck.

Examine all those self-created structures that have defined you until now. Big change could mean divorce or separation from a partner, moving to a much smaller home and/or relocating, a shift in the work you do or how or even if you work, getting rid of every single thing that’s extraneous to the life you really want and need to be living now, giving up addictions to substances or shopping or media, letting go of stale relationships and people who no longer bring you joy. If it feels like time for you to make big changes and you’re clueless where to begin, you could start by methodically going through every single thing you own and committing to sell or freecycle anything that smacks of holding on to the past. Where you’re headed, you simply won’t need it.

For the last six months I’ve been at the tail end of a 5-year major life change, a downsize of probably 80 percent from the way my life used to be, in every aspect. The short story is that I had been holding on to a lifestyle that was no longer who I was becoming and probably never had been, I couldn’t afford it financially or psychically but wasn’t able to see that while I was still striving to succeed at it. The years of energy I’d put into various attempts to support this false lifestyle turned to naught. Absolutely nothing was working. It seemed as though I had no choice, then, but to let go.

Fast forward five years and everything is different ~ where and how I live, how much stuff I own, when and how I work, what I drive, the art I make, how I spend my time. It’s all working now, and one thing is certain ~ in letting go of so much on so many levels, I created the time and space to find out who I really am, how I operate, what my life is really about, what works for me and what doesn’t. I had no room inside to realize any of this previously. Now I have the space to clearly see and know who I am and what my life is about.

Without the unnecessary trappings of living someone else’s idea of how my life should be, I’ve been able to see that my life is about healing myself. It always has been. I recognize earlier times in my life when I began down this path, and I see where it got frightening and I chose to give up on myself, thinking I would/could/should fit the proffered lifestyle “dream” if I just tried hard enough. I was off course for 25 years.

I’m back on track now. Life is a lot simpler when lived from within. How this looks for me is that I spend the majority of my time being an artist. I live and make art in the same tiny studio. I have everything I really need and I’m rigorous about unnecessary spending. I’m no longer in debt and I live comfortably on what I bring in each month. I won’t overcommit myself to anyone or anything, especially if it doesn’t feed my soul. I spend most of my time alone, in solitude, making art and healing.

If you want to see clearly, you have to begin to remove the distractions and delusions from your life. If you want to know who you are, you need to embrace life at the most fundamental levels. It takes courage. It’s sometimes painful. And it’s worth it.

©Connie Rose

Collage by Connie Rose

Connie Rose is a textile designer and digital photographer. She has been an artist and been on a personal healing journey for over forty years. She lives in rural Humboldt County, California.

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Which pictures do you invest your energy in?

How do you see yourself?

Did you know that you put your energy into the pictures you create of yourself and what it’s possible for you to have?

Where you put your energy is where you are, as a being. Where you put your energy is where you create.

So which of your creations would you rather see become real: the happy positive pictures, or the unhappy negative ones?

Don’t go pulling the ‘reality’ card out of your hat. Reality is also what you create. Again, where you put your energy is where you are, as a being. This is where you create. If your energy is in a picture of something you really do want, you’re more likely to get it than if your energy is caught in a victim picture, or helpless picture, or something else that doesn’t quite do you justice.

We all choose pictures to live and work by. Beginning from the time you were very small, you adopted pictures as your own, or created new ones. You might have admired the way the cheerleaders looked on the sidelines at a game, and perhaps you created a picture of yourself as one of them. You could see yourself doing what they were doing. Perhaps you were inspired by the way a rock guitarist played his or her guitar, and you created a picture of yourself someday doing the same.

It takes work to make your pictures real. If you see yourself as a musician, it also takes you showing up every day as the musician, practicing, studying, and so on. By investing your energy into this picture, you make it possible to create it. The pictures that you create for yourself determine what you can achieve in your life.

It also takes energy to create a picture that it’s not possible to have what you want.

For example, if you were given a picture as a child that you were clumsy, and you adopted this picture as being the truth, then you invested your energy into it, giving it more power as you grew up. If you saw yourself as clumsy, you might have limited what you could do or have, choosing to instead believe that you were too clumsy to dance, or be a cheerleader, or play baseball. By seeing yourself as clumsy, you may have become so as a result.

Then again, what if you decided to overcome the clumsy picture, pull your energy out of it, and instead invest your energy in a different picture? Perhaps one in which you could be seen in a more attractive light, a kinder light? If you saw yourself as becoming graceful, and being capable of becoming more sure footed, you might have worked to become this. by doing so, you gave yourself permission to become graceful. It began with your picture.

Do your pictures of your life include you being in a happy relationship, doing work that you love and which fulfills you? Even if your present reality doesn’t match to the picture of what you’d like to have, it helps to begin with a picture of what it is you want. This is where you want to be very honest with yourself about what you do want, and don’t want. It also helps to get the local Eyeores out of your way.

To create what it is you want takes a vision, faith, trust, and work. Honesty is also a requirement. You might have to move the old past time pictures you have of yourself out of your way first. Get into present time with who you are, what you want and need. Then go for it. Create those new pictures. Let nobody else throw a ‘can’t’ or ‘impossible’ at your pictures. These are yours, and nothing, really, is impossible if you are working from your own truth.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com

‘Family and Photography’ ©psycho_pixie on Flickr

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What does color mean to a clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly. The energy might look like color, pictures, symbols, and so on.

There isn’t really one particular meaning for each color, though certain energies may show up frequently as certain colors. A skilled clairvoyant can tell if the color they are seeing in your space is your energy, or something that isn’t you.

You may have quite a lot of energy vibrations in your space at one time, and many of them may not, in fact, be you. The vibrations that are you will work easily inside of you, while those that aren’t can create distress, effort, and discomfort in your space. (Your space is defined as your body and aura.)

Here is a list of colors in order of their vibration in the energy spectrum, from lowest to highest, and what they can represent or mean. Remember that this is an individual thing as well. Each person’s unique energy will show up as colors true to that person, and the colors may change as the person does. You probably won’t be at the same colors your entire life, but may be partial to one or several. Chances are, if you like a color and feel it emotionally, it’s also one of yours.

Brown ~ Earthy, grounded, lower vibration. Brown is often associated with the earth and earth energy. It can be a healing vibration to match to when your body doesn’t feel real.

Red ~ Fiery, anger, movement, passion. If red is one of your favorite or frequent colors, it may have to do with the level of passion you have for life. Red is also a lower vibration, closer to the earth. Some earthy energies are reddish. Red that isn’t yours can be someone else’s anger or other energy.

Orange ~ A brilliant fun happy color. Depending on its tone, it can be earthy, creative, vibrant, joyful, conscious, healing. Orange that isn’t your energy and is in your space can make you feel crowded and overwhelmed.

Yellow ~ Sunny, happy, brilliant, effortless. Your own energy at yellow can feel bright and happy. Other higher loud yellows that are in your space can feel sharp and uncomfortable.

Green ~ Growth, healing, change, movement, peaceful. When you are running a lot of green energy, it looks like you’re in the middle of big changes and growth. Green is also a big healing color. If you’re carrying green that isn’t yours, you may be being responsible for other people’s growth and changes, which can become very uncomfortable in your space.

Blue ~ Certainty, clarity, calm, peace. When you’re working with a lot of blue, it can be healing for you too. Having certainty about who you are and what you want to do, can also sometimes be seen as blue, though any color in the rainbow could be the same. Muddy blue isn’t yours.

Purple ~ As a vibration, purple is inspirational, spiritual, and also one of the highest vibrations in the rainbow. It can have to do with creativity, consciousness, high levels of growth. However, if you feel like you’re floating, you may want to move from purple down to brown or another lower vibration, in order to reground yourself to the earth and into your body.

Gold ~ This is the highest color vibration you can work with in the body. As a vibration, gold clears resistance, pain, stuck energies. It is a karma free color to work with, also protective. Gold is also the energy of forgiveness.

White ~ A higher vibration, white will take you out of the body. It can show up in your space as unconscious energy. Your own true vibration isn’t ever at white, but you can be at white or work with white, often without knowing you are doing so. Contrary to popular belief, surrounding yourself with white light doesn’t protect you. It takes you out of your body, and that isn’t protective for you or your body. Try color instead, especially gold.

Silver ~ Higher than white, silver is also not your true vibration. Silver in your space, as an energy, can be uncomfortable for you and make it difficult for your own energy to be in your space. If you find silver in your space, send it to the earth and try color.

Grey ~ Is a dull unconscious energy in your space, never your own vibration. It can create a muffled unconsciousness that makes it difficult to see or think clearly, and is harsh for your body.

Black ~ Black energy is generally pain, punishment, or some other dark uncomfortable energy that is in the way of yours. Black energy can also show up with depression. Sometimes white unconscious energy covers the black. None of this is your own truth, though it is true that you can sometimes handle it in your space. Let it go, and use happy colors instead.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com
‘Woven Color Gamp’ ©Ru Temple on Flickr

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