A gift of peace for you

In honor of the Season of Peace, I’ve created a free guided meditation for my many friends, fans, readers, and students.

It’s called ‘A Meditation On Becoming Peace’, and you can find it on my website, KrisCahill.com, in today’s post. Click here to find it.

Find a comfy spot to sit and listen, settle in, and enjoy! This is a 20 minute guided meditation, recorded at the studio of a good friend of mine, Amadaes Baj. More information about this recording is listed on my website.

Please feel free to share this with your friends. I’d also love to know if you listened, and how that was for you. You can leave me a comment about your experience if you choose.

I wish you peace, from the inside out!

Here is a list of posts on this blog about meditation.

©Kris Cahill 2011

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“Driplet’ ©Aussiegal on Flickr

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Psychic Meditation Teleseminar coming soon

Psychic Meditation 1

A six week teleseminar class

No matter where on Earth you live, you can now learn the tools and techniques taught in this fantastic and life changing class.

The Psychic Meditation Class includes many tools and techniques designed to help you to become more aware of energy, in particular your own energy.

Some of what will be taught in this class includes:

  • Grounding – how to make yourself safe and to safely release unwanted energies
  • Awareness of energy and consciousness of the energies you run into everyday
  • Replenishing yourself with your own energy
  • Neutrality, non-judgment, and how to see more clearly
  • Aura awareness: grounding and protecting your space
  • Using neutral energies to heal yourself
  • Moving stuck energy out of your way so that you are free to move forward
  • Defining and protecting your space
  • Attracting what it is you want to yourself, effortlessly
  • Letting go of the past and getting your energy back again

The next class begins in January 2012. Find the latest class schedule here.

About the teleseminar: This is the exact information from the Psychic Meditation 1 Class I’ve been teaching in Chicago and Los Angeles for over 10 years. The difference is that instead of coming to see me in person, you can take this class from your own location, anywhere you are.

Extras: Included in the class fee is a private phone meeting with me in which you will be able to ask any questions you like about the tools and information taught in this class.

Register: Call or email Kris: kris@kriscahill.com / 213-448-0503

©Kris Cahill

http://KrisCahill.com / http://PsychicEveryday.com

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Put down the remote and listen to your body

You wouldn’t think of speaking to other people the way you sometimes might speak to your own body, not if you wanted them to listen for long, that is.

It’s so much easier to ignore your body’s requests, or to make it wrong when it can’t live up to your expectations, than it is to ignore another person. You would most likely have more compassion for someone else’s need for sleep or a day off, than you do for your own body’s need for the same. You may even be angry and frustrated with your body when it can’t do everything you want it to. You might expect it to keep going and going, and when part of it breaks down or you get sick, you wonder why you have such a flawed body.

It looks like many people are trying to operate their bodies from outside of themselves, yelling orders at their body; “do this, body!”. They get angry when their body doesn’t move as fast as they want it to. They work non stop, eat poorly, and hurl insults at their beautiful body. Treating another person like this is seen as abusive, but doing this to ourselves isn’t seen as being wrong, just as long as we get our work done and show up when expected, fulfilling our roles and responsibilities.

Unless your body is a TV, garage door, or air conditioner, it doesn’t operate well by using a remote. At least not for long, though you may get away with it for a while. What people see as an inevitable breaking down of the body as one gets older, can also be seen as the inevitable result of what happens when one doesn’t listen to one’s body, and give to it what it needs.

Your body is wise beyond what you might be aware of. There is intelligence and intuition in every part of you. When you take the time to rest and listen, to meditate and heal yourself, you unlock the hidden power your body already has within it.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

The month of March, 2011, is Body Awareness Month here at Psychic Everyday. Check back often for posts throughout the month featuring this theme, including 5 incredibly beautiful posts by guest bloggers. You can also subscribe by email and receive the latest quickly. Thank you for reading!

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A meditation on making messes

Are you ready to make a mess?

If you have come to the end of needing to be perfect, if you are tired of holding yourself back, if you want to throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care, and free yourself – this meditation is for you.

Disclaimer: Practicing this meditation will not make you a better person. It will not help you to solve problems you haven’t been able to solve. However, it can help you to let go of needing to hold it all together, solve other’s problems for them, or worry about the little things.

Before we get started, find yourself a comfortable chair to sit in, one that allows you to have your feet comfortably flat on the floor. Give yourself space, ie: turn off the TV, radio, cellphone, put the cat out, etc. Have a quiet space for yourself.

Close your eyes, and allow your attention to be on yourself. Breathe, and notice your breath, notice your body, notice how you feel. Get back in touch with what is going on inside of you, now in this moment. Do this without judging any of what you notice. You are already perfect, just as you are. No need for improvement.

Visualize, imagine, create a connection from your lower body at the base of your spine, to the earth, and allow this connection to go all the way to the very center of the earth. This is a grounding cord. You can visualize your grounding cord to be anything you like: a tree trunk, a vine, waterfall, beam of colorful light – what ever feels good to your body. Make sure it’s firmly connected to your lower body.

Now give yourself a deep breath, and allow the grounding to be real for you and for your body. Allow it to help you to feel safe and connected to the earth. Ask your body how it likes this grounding cord, and adjust it if your body requests that you do, so that your body likes it too. This is healing for your body. Your body takes on all of that energy you handle, and this will help your body to let it go.

Now breathe again, and notice that you can release any energy you want to let go of, and you can use the grounding cord to help you to release it to the earth. In other words, you can get it out of you. When you release energy to the earth, it can no longer do any harm. The earth neutralizes it. So now you have a tool that allows you to let go of anything you are DONE with. It’s completely up to you what you hold onto, and what you let go of.

Ready? Let’s begin!

Notice any energy that’s been sitting inside of you demanding that you solve it. You may have been in failure because you couldn’t solve it. Or perhaps you’ve been making nice, trying to keep it together for others. Maybe the energy is a fear that things might fall apart and then you’d be responsible because you didn’t hold it together.

Begin to release the energy that demands you use your energy to hold it together, to make it nice, to stop messes from happening. If you’ve been wanting to make a mess, to create big changes in your own life, release the energy that wants to hold you back from destroying the old ways of doing things. Just let it go down the grounding cord back to the earth.

Keep releasing and notice how it feels to get this old stuck resistance energy out of you. Let go of the demand that you be perfect. Allow yourself to be exactly who you already are by releasing energy that says that isn’t good enough.

Keep releasing, and notice how you feel, what you are experiencing, and what your body has to say about this. Notice there is no effort, that you can do this just because you want to.

Finish the meditation by filling back in with your own energy. Create a gold sun above your head, and allow it to be the source of your own unique energy. Shine the gold sun down into yourself, and allow your own energy to come right back to you, and to fill you up again. Replenish yourself with the energy that is truly and beautifully, all yours. Notice how you feel, and how your body feels.

Relax and enjoy yourself, just as you are.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com
‘Tungarahua Volcano, Ecuador’ on Pixdaus

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The value of a daily meditation habit

If you are looking for one good habit to add to your life, try meditating regularly. You’ll benefit in more ways than you might imagine you can from such a simple practice.

A grounded meditation practice will help you to know who you are and where you’re at. If you’ve been running and running, and expect to continue doing so every day, meanwhile fueling yourself on caffeine, stress, guilt, worry, or some other toxic energy, your body and health will suffer. You will lose your precious energy by treating yourself this way. It can be much harder for you to create what it is you want if you don’t have enough energy or space to do so.

You can try something different today. Or tomorrow, or anytime. There is never a bad time to begin to meditate, and every time you do it helps you to do it again. If you practice grounding as part of your meditation, you have a way to release all of those toxic energies you’ve been taking on.

If you think you’re already too busy and don’t have the time to begin doing this, if you just can’t see adding one more thing to your list, consider this. The time you spend meditating will pay off in big ways, and in parts of your life you may not even imagine it doing so.

Meditation can help you to do the following: gain perspective, calm down, sleep better, let go, hear yourself, value your body, have more energy, heal yourself, think more clearly, create your new creations, manifest, let go of pain, enjoy being in the moment, be able to be present, hear music clearly, have more fun.

It also helps you to: come back to your senses, know yourself, give yourself permission to stop constantly doing, trust yourself, feel your feelings, know your own thoughts, ground yourself, communicate with the earth, become aware of your body, find peace within, relax, know what’s truly important to you. You may not be aware of the vast riches to be found within yourself, until you begin looking for them.

Meditation is not perfect, doesn’t need to be practiced perfectly, and you don’t need to be perfect to practice it. All you need to do is begin. Do it on your own, find a teacher, listen to a cd, create your own practice. There is no one right way to meditate. The trick is just to start.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
‘Broken Landscapes’ ©Roberto Ivan Cano on Photography Served

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Do you know your own worth?

If you know that you have value, just by being you, your life will flow in an easier way for you. If you know yourself and love what you know, all of it, even the rough bits, you’ll be able to create a positive self image.

If you allow your value to be determined by others, by how useful you are to them, you may find yourself constantly running around taking care of them, trying to prove your worth. You are allowing your validation to come from outside of yourself. Your energy will be spent proving your worthiness to others. The problem with this is that you still won’t know it for yourself.

You have the power completely within you to decide how to see and treat yourself. If you decide you are talented, capable, intelligent, it will be easier for others to see these parts of you. They will have permission to see this, instead of seeing you ‘being’ invalidated or wrong.

This power is self determined – you don’t need permission from someone else to love yourself, for example. If you are waiting around for someone else to tell you it’s okay to be you, you may be waiting a long time. It’s easier to control a person who is invalidated and doesn’t know his or her own worth. Many people will be only too willing to take advantage of your lack of self awareness.

Some people are terrified of not fitting in. They will generally have the most difficult time finding out who they are, and then validating that uniqueness. Their fear of being ostracized by the group for being different has overcome their own curiosity about being themselves, finding out what makes them tick, and enjoying that. Group mentality will control those who surrender their spirits to the group, as in “we’re all in this together, sink or swim!”. What happens then to the brilliance and invention that only individuals working from themselves can find?

Many famous artists and creators of all stripes mention having always been a bit different from others, not quite fitting in. This can be painful when one is young, depending on the circumstances one is in, and how much creative freedom one has. However, once you reach adulthood, it is your job to do this for yourself. You can no longer blame others for your failure to fully become yourself.

The way forward to your own true life, is from the inside of you. Get to know and love yourself. Meditate, take time to breathe, spend time asking yourself the good questions, listen to your body. If you decide to make your own inner truth real, it will become so. By redefining how you see yourself, others will follow.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
‘My Heart In Your Hands’ ©Aussiegall on Flickr

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Everything happens in the present time

It isn’t happening yesterday, and it’s not tomorrow yet. What is happening is doing so now, in this moment.

Some event may have happened yesterday that is affecting this moment now. As a matter of fact, every event that happened yesterday does affect now. Every choice made, every word said, every thought, is having its effect on you in this moment. Whatever you chose: from the food you ate to the quality of sleep you had last night, to whether you’ve been able to let go of stress and worries, and so on.

You are reading this article now. While doing so, you may be thinking about what is going to happen 5 minutes from now, or have your energy still in an event from last year. The only time you can actually be reading is right now. In this moment, you are breathing, your heart is beating, your eyes are blinking. With no effort on your part whatsoever, your body is doing its thing, in present time.

Your body is always in the present. You the spirit have the capability to be in endless places at once. Your energy can be in your childhood, your present job, any of your past relationships, out in the future, on the astral plane, with a friend, to name a few.

The more of you that is able to be here in present time, with your body, the richer your experience. The more present you are, the more real things can be for you. When your spirit is in friendly communication with your body, it’s easier to create more of what you want, effortlessly.

Sometimes you might leave your energy somewhere else because you went through something difficult, and it hasn’t been safe to bring yourself back again. Or you might be so busy that you leave your energy everywhere, only stopping to collect yourself back again when you get sick, or because you are exhausted.

The only time in which you can create is now. In order to create anything, you need enough energy to do so. If your energy is stuck all over time, it’s not available for you. There are easier ways to stay in the present time, and here are a few of them.

  • Remember to speak kindly to your body. It has much valuable information for you. However, in order to access that information, you will need to have kind communication with yourself. If you make your body wrong, it will be difficult for you to be in it.
  • Meditation will help you to find yourself, become aware of your energy, and bring it back into present time, in a safe and validating way. Grounding yourself is especially helpful.
  • Forgiveness will help you safely pull your energy out of a past time situation in which you were hurt in some way. If you can forgive all parties involved, especially yourself, you’ll be more present now. This is a choice.
  • Let go of trying to solve anything that happened that you had no control over. This includes people. If you’re still solving and fixing, you won’t be here now, creating what you really want.
  • Give yourself time off to play. No matter what is happening in your life, make sure you get time for yourself. Give to your body, take yourself out for fun with friends, or by yourself. Drop the responsibility, let go of the demands.

Every moment brings another opportunity to become present. Every moment brings another choice with it.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com

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Who or what are you trying to control?

Trying is the key word here, because that’s all you can really do with most beings and situations, try to have control. If you are trying to have control of yourself, however, that’s another matter.

You really have no control over anything outside of yourself. It’s not your job to control others, though you may have agreed to do so. When you are trying to control others, you are also in their space, ie: invading them.

When you try to control the actions of another, or the outcome of a situation, you are in danger of losing your own energy, and of forgetting that you actually have much more of an effect on the situation by staying in your own space.

Many of us have tried to be in control in order to feel safe. However well intentioned we may have been, this doesn’t work so well as a tactic. We could fool ourselves into believing that we were safer by controlling what is happening. This is a cycle that never ends:

  • You may feel responsible for everyone and everything that crosses your path in certain situations, so you try to control.
  • You might have been punished when something didn’t go well, blamed for an outcome you had no control over, so now you try to control.
  • You may have been programmed from the time you were quite young, if only because all of the people around you were so out of control that someone had to be the grown-up. And you weren’t yet 3 years old at the time.
  • You may have a hard time letting go, and see it as some kind of failure, so you control. You might have no separation between the thing you are trying to hold onto and yourself, so it’s painful to let go.

A few energies that may help you to let go of control include: non-judgment, forgiveness, non-resistance, grounding yourself, getting to know yourself, honesty, trust, faith, and love.

By learning to let go, you can have your own energy back again, your precious and valuable healing energy. Once you have that back, you can use it to create more of what it is you do want to see happening around you and in your own life. It all begins within you.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
‘Victim of a Human Malice’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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Meditation gives you the energy you need for creativity

If you’ve been running around trying to take care of many details at once, you already know how difficult it can be to get clear within yourself about what’s next. Finding even 10 minutes a day to sit and meditate can seem impossible on those days that seem to run you.

For many people, the idea of fitting one more thing into their already too busy day, is overwhelming. ‘I don’t have time to meditate’, and ‘it’s just one more thing I have to do’ are some of the excuses people have for not sitting still and just being  with themselves. There is such demand on us all to be constantly producing, doing, working, and creating.

It can get to the point where all of that activity is running you, instead of you running it. This is when it becomes more about what you are Doing, and less about who you are Being. Your value is in danger of being defined by how much you are getting done. Stillness is seen as doing nothing, as in wasting time. There’s that time thing again!

All of this busyness gets in the way of your creativity. Being over extended can actually make it more difficult for you to create. Creativity doesn’t come out of a non-stop work ethic mentality. It requires having enough space and time for yourself, so that you can have the energy you need to invent the new.

We are evolving from one way of being, to another. For generations now the attitude has been that one must work very hard for long hours, in order to prove oneself and be a real adult. We’ve even begun doing this to children – in the last couple of generations children have also become over scheduled, over booked, and very busy, with constant stimulus. Is it any wonder that so many kids have attention deficit disorders? They aren’t being given a positive example of what it means to have enough space and time, to just be.

A great reason to make your own energy a priority is that by doing so, you teach everyone else around you that to you, it is. Once you do this, others will have to line up to your new boundaries, like it or not. Many will respect you for it, others will be in resistance. That isn’t your problem, it’s theirs.

You cannot expect to keep pulling rabbits out of your hat if you forget that you have magic to begin with. Meditation is a powerful tool to help you remember your own magic, that which resides deep within you, in your spirit.

©Kris Cahill

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A psychic looks at consciousness and food

As a psychic and healer, I’m very interested in food and nutrition, and I also love good food. I want to eat the foods that make me feel good, and that my body likes too.

As a healer, I know that certain foods help healing to happen, and other foods can get in the way. Processed sugar, for example, can bring a whole lot of unconsciousness with it. This can get in the way of the signals your body is trying to send you about what it wants and needs.

If you are eating healthy, fresh foods that your body likes, it will be easier to listen to your body, easier to feel well, to maintain a consistent energy level without the highs and lows that go along with eating a constant supply of sugar, caffeine, and empty factory food calories. If most of your diet comes out of a box, can, or microwave, you are setting your body up for stress, fatigue, illness. You won’t be able to perform at your best, and may not remember what it feels like to get through a day without sugar or caffeine cravings.

You also need different kinds of food and nutrients depending on what season it is, where you live, what you are going through, and whether you are sick or well. Your body is asking for what it wants and needs, constantly. The tricky part is whether you have a clear connection to your body’s true needs, or whether you have to filter through the energy of unconsciousness around food.

How much do you pay attention to the food you eat? How much do you listen to your body’s response to the food you put into your mouth? If you can, give your body the time it needs to eat well – don’t eat on the run all of the time. Sit down to eat freshly prepared food. You’ll begin to notice that the time you spend eating more consciously pays off in how much more energy and stamina you’ll have available to work, think, or just feel good.

When your body isn’t getting what it needs to function well, it will be difficult to feel safe and happy in it. As a practicing psychic, I know that my body is one of my most important tools. I want to be present and conscious, protected within my body. I wouldn’t think of giving a reading without grounding myself first. If I’m grounded and my body is safe, it is easier to safely turn on my psychic abilities and have control over them.

The modern American diet is full of convenience foods, boxes of dried stuff one just adds water to, and presto! a healthy ‘nutritious’ dinner in 15 minutes. This is factory food, and it is not your friend, no matter whether it claims to be healthy or not. Many people are malnourished, literally starving their bodies, though they might be eating all of the time. A great book to read for more information about this topic is Death By Supermarket, by Nancy Deville.

I’ll be writing more about food and nutrition in future posts. It’s an important topic to pay attention to, especially now with the increasing control by factory farms, and the genetic modification of the seeds that grow our food.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

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‘Cannes Tomatoes’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr