Detox your energy this spring

Spring is a traditional time to go on a detox diet, which can help you to shed any leftover winter energy that, literally, weighs you down.

Why not take it a step further, and get to the core of where many of those toxins come from in the first place? Hint: it’s all energy!

When you give yourself an energy detox, you also detox physically. Everything begins with energy, and you are made of energy, body and spirit. Taking on energies that are toxic for you, such as stress, invalidation, anxiety, pain – will create an imbalance inside of you. This affects your body’s health, not to mention your overall sense of happiness and wellness, as well as your ability to create.

Each of us needs energy in order to live, be healthy, and create our lives to be how we want them to be.

If you find yourself feeling ‘full’ after being around particularly stressful people or situations, and if the energy you’ve taken on feels toxic to you, it’s not your own energy. This is like eating a meal that disagrees with you; rather than create a pleasant sense of well being within you, it may cause indigestion. If you’ve taken on energy that doesn’t agree with you, it’s not your energy to begin with. You can’t use it to create with, because it’s not yours. What’s more, it can get in the way of you enjoying the truth of your own energy.

It benefits you to become aware of which energies are yours, and which are not. This is consciousness.

Your own energy is the very best energy you could possibly run yourself on. You’d never fill an expensive sports car with the wrong grade of fuel, one that’s too heavy for the car. It wouldn’t run well, if at all. But you may have tried to run your body on energies that make it, and you, feel sluggish, tired, unhappy, invalidated, or in pain. None of those energies I just mentioned are your true vibration, by the way. If you’ve been giving your energy away all of your life, or taking on denser energies that aren’t you, you may begin to feel like there is something wrong with your energy.

Many people believe that losing their energy as they get older is a natural part of aging. They expect to have the same physical ailments that their parents did, and point to genetics as being predetermined and a given. Meanwhile, they have forgotten what it feels like to run on their own energy. They may be running on a toxic blend of stress-pain-invalidation, backed up by pain killers to dull the roar within.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can quickly and very easily begin to heal yourself deeply, by taking care of your energy in a more conscious way.

Here are some suggestions for your Spring Energy Detox:

1. Rest, especially if you never do. Listen to your body and give it enough sleep, as well as quality time off.

2. Forgive. Let go of those toxic grudges, that sickening anger, or any exhausting energies you’ve held onto while also holding onto how someone hurt or wronged you.

3. Learn to ground yourself and begin to release energies you’ve taken on that are not you.

4. Meditate daily. Turn off your phone and other distractions, give yourself some quiet time and space so that you can go within and begin getting to better know the most important person in your life – you.

5. Say nice things to yourself and to your body. If you’ve had a tape loop of negative self criticism running through you, get rid of it.

6. Listen to your intuition. Follow it, and validate yourself when your intuition is right.

7. Get rid of mean people. Why waste energy on abusive, negative, and punishing people? If you do this, others around you will also find the courage to do the same thing. When negativity no longer has an audience, it goes away.

8. Let go of what you can’t solve. Just drop it. If you’ve been unable to solve a problem, it may not be yours to begin with.

9. Stop being responsible for everyone else, except for yourself. If you are busily running around saving the world, but forgot about you, you may be avoiding doing your own work.

10. Be in present time. Everything happens now, and now is the only time you can change, choose, create, and be in your body. It’s a miracle to be in the present time!

@Kris Cahill

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Making it real is an inside job

It’s important to understand that if you want to be seen in the spotlight, it isn’t the spotlight itself that makes you look good.

It’s not because of the spotlight that you shine. Your light comes from within you. The more comfortable you are with who you are, the easier it will be for you to stand out, and to step into the light.

The better you know and love yourself, the more you allow yourself the permission and space to simply be who you are, the simpler it will be for you to fearlessly step forward and be seen.

It’s not what’s coming in from the outside world that makes it real for you, but how you choose to be, from the inside out. The power is within you already: the power to decide to become conscious, to heal yourself, to give yourself permission to be one of a kind.

No matter what others may pressure you to be, if you are grounded within your own truth, it will be effortless for you to know what you need to do next. If your loyalty is to a group, to your family or friends, or to someone else’s way of seeing, you may want to spend some quality time and sort through yourself to see if you’ve been blindly loyal at the expense of your own truth. If you’re afraid of being ostracized by the group for being yourself, you will hold yourself back from living your own life. Your life won’t belong to you, and you won’t be free.

If you can’t be what others want you to be, be yourself instead. Find out what that is, and make it real by becoming it, with complete honesty.

The following is from an article called ‘Nurse Reveals the Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed’: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” ~ This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. ~by Bronnie Ware

It is time to step up your game, to decide to free yourself of those old restrictions. Let go of the rules that held you back, such as the need to make sense to everyone, be perfect, or live sensibly. As you’ve no doubt noticed, a lot of things do not make sense right now. We are moving to a new time in our evolution, and yes, we are evolving. It’s happening anyway, so you might as well come along.

If you’re not sure where to start, you may want to begin by asking yourself, what makes it real for you? What do you really want? Be honest with yourself, and you’ll never need to worry about what others think. By living your truth from within, you will show them who you’ve decided to be.

©Kris Cahill
‘Morning Ant’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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It takes courage to heal

This is a guest post by Debra Taitel

It takes courage to heal with conscious awareness. When you choose to heal yourself and create change in your life you are choosing to uncover the truth and face your fears. You are choosing to face old hurts, invalidation and pain. You are choosing to peel back layers of other people’s ‘stuff’ that you’ve taken on as your own truth.

It takes courage to find freedom and be who you are because it means that you must face the fact that everyone in the world might not like you and you can’t heal or please everyone. It takes courage to decide to end taking responsibility for other people’s pain and healing process. You only have to be responsible for the choices you make, your energy and personal growth. This doesn’t make you a bad person! If someone doesn’t want to take responsibility and take the steps to heal themselves, there is really nothing you can do to help.

Those who don’t want to heal may criticize and invalidate you without ever having done the very thing that they  are criticizing you for doing. They don’t know what they’re talking about because they haven’t ever had the, “courage of their convictions.” They have not taken responsibility for their own healing and are content to live their lives in drama, judgement and according to the ‘status quo.’ It takes courage to stand out and be different; To shine and be happy; To stand up and say, “I have great value.”

When you take the steps to heal yourself you will find that any fear, invalidation, pain, failure and even sadness that you’ve held on to is full of resistance. You may also find that you haven’t wanted to fully face it. If you hold on and resist you fuel and give power to the pictures of your past which then leads to fearing what comes next and/or getting stuck.

Newsflash! Those images in your head have no power over you unless you give them power! It takes courage to face up to the fact that you have been giving power to the very thing that causes pain. It takes courage to let go of how you’ve lived and what you’ve based your life on up to this point. Healing shatters the limits  and uncovers ‘lies’ that at times are difficult to acknowledge.

Healing is a process and it takes a tremendous amount of courage to continue the process, BUT it is not so much the courage to get through the process as much as having the courage to start! Healing clears a space for you to bring more of your spirit and creativity ‘home’ into your physical body. In doing this you will have more energy AND more space to create in!

You don’t need anyone else’s permission to heal, it is your choice! All it takes is  the courage to begin the process. There is great value to taking the path of self-healing and the process is worth it. YOU are worth it! Be brave, have courage and you’ll awaken to a whole new world; A world you call home. Home of the free and the brave!~ Shine Your Light, Debbie

©Debra Taitel 2009-2011 All rights reserved

Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and intuitive coach providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. Based in Chicago, Debra also writes a spiritual blog and leads meditation workshops that help people awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. WEBSITE:

Photo courtesy of Debra S. Summers

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10 energies to heal yourself with

1. Gratitude ~ This is a powerhouse energy, in and of itself. When you adopt this one as your daily companion, it’s difficult for you to be shut down. Finding gratitude for what you have, who you know, and who you are, including gratitude for your body – can help you to see the bigger picture and greater possibilities. See it, and it can become yours.

2. Forgiveness ~ Much like gratitude, forgiveness is a powerful energy, the super anti-oxidant of energies. Just as a powerful anti-oxidant will knock bad cells out of your body and keep you healthy, forgiveness can help you knock out dark heavy unhappy energies from your spirit. When you forgive someone for anything, you take your own power back. You cease being a victim. When you forgive yourself, you no longer hold yourself back from your own life. For a beautiful example of true life forgiveness, see the documentary, ‘Forgiving Dr. Mengele’.

3. Permission ~ Permission to do or become, all begins within you. If you’ve been waiting for permission to come to you from someone else, stop waiting. All that waiting will only have you collecting dust. Meanwhile, those around you who have decided to seize permission for themselves are living their lives the way they see fit. There is no blueprint; you are making it up as you go along on your journey. If you are following a script that says to wait for someone to tell you it’s time to spring into action, you are being controlled. It’s time to burn that old script and write your own.

4. Amusement ~ Another super powerhouse of an energy, amusement is one of the highest spiritual energies you can have within yourself. When in amusement, you will allow other difficult energies to simply melt away. They won’t bother you. It’s easier to see clearly, to not take it all personally, to release the chains that bind you, spiritually. It’s difficult to be controlled or lied to, when you’re amused.

5. Self Love ~ When you decide that you are already great, just as you are; when you decide you are worthy of love just because you exist; when you accept yourself, flaws and all – that is when you have found love for yourself. Life is so much easier, even the difficult parts, when you can have this for yourself. You won’t have to create situations in which you try to prove yourself worthy of love, because you won’t need to prove it if you already know it, within.

6. Being in the present ~ Everything is happening now, in this moment. You can’t do what you want yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t here yet. You are creating tomorrow, right now in this moment, with every choice and attitude you take and make. Present time is always where your body is, and if you want to find present time for yourself, find your body. Present time is a miracle. This is where you learn, create, grow, choose, change, and actually live.

7. Letting Go ~ This is necessary in order to create space enough to create anything new. If you’ve been holding onto everything and have a difficult time with this one, you already know how hard it can be to release ties to the past – to people, jobs, and especially old self images. Letting go is another powerhouse of an energy. Becoming conscious about what you’ve been holding onto is healing for you. You may find that what you thought you needed to hold onto, is actually holding you back from your next steps, and from your life as you’d like it to be.

8. Truth ~ Make it your habit and your goal to be in your truth. Speak the truth as you know it to be, and live it too. Notice which people and situations help you to be in your truth, and which ones take you away from it. Notice the energy of honest people, and how you feel being around them. Keep a journal in which you only write the truth to yourself, and write down things that you honestly want and feel. Write down where you’ve not been as truthful as you’d like to be, and forgive yourself for it. Being honest requires strength, and we are all encouraged to lie rather than confront others with our truth, and run the risk of hurting their feelings or making them uncomfortable. Social niceties have made liars of us all, when we’ve allowed them to.

9. Happiness ~ It is truly amusing that people even debate whether happiness is possible, or practical, or desirable, or deserved, etc. Happiness is an energy, and a choice. It is possible to decide to have a happy attitude. Happiness isn’t a perfect energy, though you can find yourself perfectly happy some days, and why not? Happiness is also a present time energy. It is interesting that the pursuit of happiness is in the United States Constitution as one of our rights. Do you also have it as one of your own personal rights? What if you were to write your own Spiritual Constitution, complete with your own Bill of Rights? Do you have the right to be happy?

10. Your own energy ~ This is the best energy to heal yourself with. It’s the best energy you can have within you. It’s the energy that was made for you, and it’s unique in all of creation. Your own energy is not flawed, but sometimes you might take on other energies that get in the way of yours. The way to begin to have more of your own energy within you, is to get to know yourself – to love, accept, forgive, and be honest about what you want and who you are. Meditation is one thing that can help you with this. Everything else on this list can also help you to find your own energy. Wanting to know and have your own energy is the first step towards doing it.

©Kris Cahill
‘Rays of Sun’ on Pixdaus

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Music brings a gift of healing and peace to us all

Music is international. It speaks a language that can be understood by all. Music moves with the earth, as well as with the spirit.

Music is emotion, history, democracy, consciousness, dreams, movement, body, soul, energy, love, anger.

Music is of the human spirit.  As an ageless language, music has crossed boundaries, borders, spanned eons, united lovers, and healed the wounded spirits of countless others. Its presence has created environments of peace, and also of war and destruction.

Music itself is neutral; it’s how we each perceive it, feel it, and understand it, that gives music a particular meaning.

Music also brings the gift of healing with it. It brings memory, tears, revelation, gratitude, fleeting moments of possibilities not seen before. Songs and sounds are symbols of time and space.

Music is ageless, timeless, of no particular generation. New generations are born and come into being, and while each forms their own music preferences, it’s wonderful when old songs are given a fresh interpretation with new musicians and new ways of creating music.

Music heals the soul, forms the brain, speaks to the spirit. All at once, it is private, public, loud, quiet. One can enjoy music alone in peace, or in the company of many others. It unites us. Music can create a movement, unify a people.

Whether you listen to music consciously or not, there is no getting away from it. Even if you’re unable to hear the words, or make out the tune, the beat will get you. That rhythm, that beat, speaks to your heart and soul and can heal your body, if you let it.

Music can move into every molecule of your being, spread throughout your cells, changing every part of you as it does. A song you hear can bring back complete memories of another place and time, even a past life memory, and what you might have been doing there.

Cultures and groups identify with their own particular music – Irish, Scottish, African, Middle Eastern, and so on. The miracle of modern travel and communication has allowed us to create greater and more brilliant fusions of the ancient and traditional forms than we ever could have imagined, way back when we were individual tribes who never knew each other. The fusion of our music is also the fusion of our spirits. This leads us to know each other, instead of fear each other, and to learn to love each other, through our music.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Roses, The Musical’ on Pixdaus

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Self-healing with self-awareness: positive steps to take on your personal journey

This is a guest post by Alexis Bonari

When we’re self-aware, often it’s because we’re allowing negative thoughts to influence the way we perceive ourselves. For example, you’re self-aware when you’re at work and realize that you’ve left your cell phone on the kitchen table. But for most people, what results from that self-awareness is a string of negative self-talk that seems to come out of nowhere, berating you for being forgetful and careless.

That’s not the kind of self-awareness that contributes to healthy energy, success, happiness, or a sense of inner peace. However, you can prevent this kind of negative self-talk: not by ceasing to make mistakes, but by increasing your sense of positive self-awareness. Once you accept your humanity and learn to appreciate its qualities in your mind, body, and spirit, you’ll be less likely to experience your own subconscious attacks.

Becoming aware of you

Everyone has positive and negative attributes, but for now, it will be most helpful to focus on the positive. Think back through your personal and professional experiences and try to remember whether or not anyone has ever written you a recommendation letter. Many people have them from at least one point in life when it was necessary to have another person list their positive attributes. If you can find any of these, read through them and get an idea of what people really notice about you. You should be able to pull out several key elements of your personality, work ethic, attitude, abilities, and skill sets that can serve as a starting place to define yourself in a positive way.

If you can’t find any recommendation letters, try birthday cards, personal letters, e-mails, social media pages, and anywhere else you might find a kind and sincere word from a friend or colleague. This is a great way to build up your self-confidence, which will be helpful in becoming positively self-aware.

Liking what you see

Once you have enough material to inspire you, start writing down your positive attributes. It doesn’t matter how generic they are because you can always get more specific, so you can start with words like “kind” and “friendly” if you need to. Spend enough time on this to write a full page of your best qualities, then get to know yourself. You might be surprised at how much you didn’t know or didn’t acknowledge about the way you improve the world around you. Work toward reaching a deeper level of consciousness, trying to determine how you really perceive yourself. Try to build that image into a more positive one that reflects your best qualities instead of projecting external frustrations onto your inner self.

Staying empowered

In addition to remembering that you have so many good qualities, there are several things you can do to maintain positive self-awareness.

List your good and bad habits. Acknowledging the fact that you have positive habitual behaviors can improve the quality of your self-awareness, and when you take the initiative to change any bad habits, this is also empowering. When you can prove to yourself that your impact on the world is positive, your self-awareness will benefit.

Take good care of yourself. If actions speak louder than words, the way you treat yourself is the biggest indicator of your self-awareness. Do what’s right for your mind, body, and spirit by eating well, exercising, and engaging in reflection or meditation.

Stay out of ruts by trying new things. If you view yourself as a dynamic person, you’re more likely to maintain self-awareness, so learn something new every day, try different foods, engage in a new sport or outdoor activity, or change your surroundings.

Find some mentors. It’s easy to identify people with positive self-awareness, so spend time with them and learn from the way they live. Watch for people who are honest, truthful, patient, sensitive, and open-minded. When you’re around people with positive self-awareness, you’ll benefit from their company and be less likely to experience negativity yourself and in others.

©Alexis Bonari

Alexis Bonari is currently a resident blogger at College Scholarships, where recently she’s been researching  environmental science grants as well as  national student loans data. Whenever this WAHM gets some free time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking with the freshest organic in-season fare, and practicing the art of coupon clipping.

‘Molley Meditating On a Rock” ©avlxyz on Flickr

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Self healing your way to freedom

Is there anything better than feeling well, happy, and enthusiastic about your life?

Is good health worth more to you than money, power, or prestige? Financial wealth doesn’t guarantee you’ll be healthy, and it’s difficult to enjoy it freely if you’re not feeling well, isn’t it?

It all begins with energy, spirit. Good health, illness, enthusiasm, joy, happiness, depression – all begin with energy.

Every disease, illness and imbalance that shows up in the body, began as energy. Everything you manifest physically, started in your spirit. Healing begins in the spirit, and so does illness. When your spirit is well and healthy, your body can heal. Heal the spirit, and the spirit can heal the body.

The better the communication is between your body and spirit, the easier it is to create health for yourself, on all levels of being. If you want to heal yourself deeply, learn the difference between your energy and other energy. Your own energy is unique to you, not duplicated anywhere else. When you know the difference between what is yours and what isn’t, you can make choices that create health, and a deeper sense of freedom within yourself.

Often people create illness or disease in order to learn this difference. Stressful energies can create an imbalance in the body. When you’re running anxiety, invalidation, and other people’s pain through yourself, your body will be affected. Your energy level, freedom to create, ability to be safe enough to do what you want to do, and more, will all be controlled by the kind of energy running through you at any given time.

When you are conscious of, and able to have your own energy within you, it’s easier for you to create what it is you want to have in your life. If, on the other hand, you’re running on guilt, over responsibility, and invalidation, it’s going to be hard to create anything for yourself. You’ll be driven to respond to those energies, and may end up using your energy to create things you don’t really want.

When you begin to see this clearly for yourself, you can decide to change it. Making any change for the better also begins within your spirit. You decide to change, and change can happen as a result. You decide to heal, and you can heal. You decide you’d prefer to be free, and you can have freedom.

©Kris Cahill
Photo: Pixdaus

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The healing power of anger

Who had permission to get angry in the household you grew up in?

Was it you, your mother or father,  or someone else? Was anger seen as natural and a way of releasing? Or was it judged as being a negative and unsafe emotion?

It may be that only the women in your family were allowed to get angry, or only the men. There simply wasn’t room for anyone else ‘to express their feelings of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility’ – (Webster’s definition of anger). It may have been unsafe for someone else, if you got angry. Maybe there was a lot of unconscious anger being thrown around already, and everyone else was expected to stuff theirs. Children who get angry are often viewed as being bad or disobedient.

If you grew up with this kind of energy, your natural ability to use anger constructively without judging yourself, may have become tainted. You may have learned to fear your own natural anger. Chances are that if you had no permission to get angry when you were young, you didn’t have any space either. If someone else couldn’t have you getting angry, your natural range of emotions was controlled. A judgment was placed in your space about anger. You learned to avoid ‘making’ someone else angry. People lie all of the time to each other to avoid an angry response. The fear of anger makes us into liars.

When anger is used unconsciously, and thrown at anyone who happens to be in the way, it isn’t constructive or healing. It can actually be punishing for those on the receiving end, who may have done nothing to cause the anger. If someone is always angry, running on anger, that may just be their style. But if they misdirect it into your space, or at others, this is when it becomes a negative energy.

When your feelings haven’t been acknowledged by others as being important, you may need to get angry to move that invalidation out of your way. If you’re being honest with yourself about what you’re expressing, and it still isn’t heard, anger can help you to get stuck energy moving again. If you repress your true natural anger for long enough, it will come out in other ways, whether in your body’s health, your emotional health, or your energy levels. Repressed anger can lead to depression.

Being honest with yourself helps you to avoid having to stuff your own anger. If you’ve been trying to fit into the small amount of space others have decided you’re allowed to have, anger is a natural response. Like a volcano, once you release that energy, you can cool down and create something new, something more true for you.

©Kris Cahill
‘Angry Sky’ on Pixdaus

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Sometimes the unraveling is the healing

When everything in your world seems to be unraveling, it’s not easy to see how healing is taking place.

If you’ve held tightly onto what has been, to the things you thought were real, it’s even more painful when those things begin to fall apart.

It’s in the holding on tightly that you might have, unwittingly, held back the new growth. By holding onto what’s familiar to you, you make it difficult for that which needs to go away, to do so. You’re holding it all together when it needs to fall apart. You lose your energy when you do this, when you act as if you have any control over the outcome. There is a bigger picture, and you might be trying to do a job that was never yours to begin with.

If you think you’re responsible for keeping it all together, think again. It may have been the job you agreed to do, but is it still working for you now?

A few points to consider if you suspect you may be holding it all together:

  • You are tired much of the time, even though you never seem to be doing what it is you want to do. Yet, you are always available to take care of details for others and feel guilty if you say no to any requests for your time.
  • You always feel bad for the pain others are in or the hardships they are going through. You attract people in crisis to yourself like moths to a flame.
  • You lie awake at night dreaming up solutions to help others out of a jam.
  • You resist any changes in your external world.
  • You’re the one who is the place holder for all of the stuff the rest of your family doesn’t want. You feel responsible for the family heirlooms, history, and relationships.

You might like your place as the hub of the wheel, the one who takes care of it all. But if you’re wondering why you don’t have what it is you want in your life, look no further. The culprit, the one holding you back, is none other than yourself. You can’t blame the others if you choose to be responsible for them. You trained them to expect this from you, so it’s no wonder that they do.

By the same token, you can retrain everyone in your life, to see you as someone who deserves respect and space. In order to do this, you must begin with yourself. Draw your new line in the sand for you, and don’t cross it. Allow the things that need to fall apart, to do so. Look at what is honestly your responsibility, and what isn’t. Act accordingly.

If you can find the peace and strength within yourself to let go of what needs to go, you’ll have more of your own energy available to heal yourself, and to create your life. This is your true responsibility.

©Kris Cahill
‘Tendril’ ©Hamid on Flickr

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Just gimme the truth

This is a guest post by Noel Olken

May is Healing Month here on Psychic Everyday, and I offered to write a guest post for Kris about truth and honesty and healing. I thought it would be a good way to practice telling the truth.

Truth and honesty are healing. Very healing, for you and for the world around you. If you are in truth, everyone around you will match to that truth. But if you are in a lie, you will attract liars to you like a turd attracts flies.

When you tell the truth, when you are honest with your self, you will never regret it. You will never hurt yourself. And though they say that the truth hurts, I think it hurts less than a lie revealed.

You work out on running machines and lift weights to get strong and have more muscles. But what if I told you that truth is a muscle too?

If you tell the truth, you will never have to remember what you said. Mark Twain said that, and it’s true.

If you tell the truth, you will never lie awake at night wondering about what could have been if only you told a lie that day when you told the truth about that thing that never turned into a big deal because you told the truth.  Do you really think you’ll one day regret not having all the problems that would have come about if you had lied and got caught? No, I doubt you will. The truth just feels good.

Here is a hypothetical situation that comes up in my world sometimes. Say you go hear some friends play music, or perform in a play, or see their movie, and if you don’t like it, what do you say afterward when they ask you, “So? Whadjya think?”

If you really liked it, then it’s easy, say it. Or even if you didn’t like all of it, you can talk about the parts you really did like. But even here you are starting to get into a gray area: is a lie of omission still a lie? Well, if you hated the costumes, and your friend was an actor, and no one specifically asks you what you thought about the costumes, then you are not really lying if you don’t say anything about the costumes, right?

But what if your friend is the costumer? Then you have to say something. If you hated it, you have to say so. Your friend may get mad, or might completely agree with you, but if you just lied and said everything was great, they wouldn’t know what you really thought and you would both lose a great opportunity.

My point is, telling the truth is like a muscle. The more you practice, the stronger it grows. Try working out your truth muscles this month. Try to tell only the truth, every day, every hour, every minute. See how that goes for a month.

Can you do it? Start right now by telling me what you thought about this post.

And tell the truth. I can take it.

©Noel Olken

Host: The Noel Olken Show. (Who the F*CK is Noel Olken?)

‘Blue Foundation live’ ©Stig Nygaard on Flickr

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