Detox your energy this spring

Spring is a traditional time to go on a detox diet, which can help you to shed any leftover winter energy that, literally, weighs you down.

Why not take it a step further, and get to the core of where many of those toxins come from in the first place? Hint: it’s all energy!

When you give yourself an energy detox, you also detox physically. Everything begins with energy, and you are made of energy, body and spirit. Taking on energies that are toxic for you, such as stress, invalidation, anxiety, pain – will create an imbalance inside of you. This affects your body’s health, not to mention your overall sense of happiness and wellness, as well as your ability to create.

Each of us needs energy in order to live, be healthy, and create our lives to be how we want them to be.

If you find yourself feeling ‘full’ after being around particularly stressful people or situations, and if the energy you’ve taken on feels toxic to you, it’s not your own energy. This is like eating a meal that disagrees with you; rather than create a pleasant sense of well being within you, it may cause indigestion. If you’ve taken on energy that doesn’t agree with you, it’s not your energy to begin with. You can’t use it to create with, because it’s not yours. What’s more, it can get in the way of you enjoying the truth of your own energy.

It benefits you to become aware of which energies are yours, and which are not. This is consciousness.

Your own energy is the very best energy you could possibly run yourself on. You’d never fill an expensive sports car with the wrong grade of fuel, one that’s too heavy for the car. It wouldn’t run well, if at all. But you may have tried to run your body on energies that make it, and you, feel sluggish, tired, unhappy, invalidated, or in pain. None of those energies I just mentioned are your true vibration, by the way. If you’ve been giving your energy away all of your life, or taking on denser energies that aren’t you, you may begin to feel like there is something wrong with your energy.

Many people believe that losing their energy as they get older is a natural part of aging. They expect to have the same physical ailments that their parents did, and point to genetics as being predetermined and a given. Meanwhile, they have forgotten what it feels like to run on their own energy. They may be running on a toxic blend of stress-pain-invalidation, backed up by pain killers to dull the roar within.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can quickly and very easily begin to heal yourself deeply, by taking care of your energy in a more conscious way.

Here are some suggestions for your Spring Energy Detox:

1. Rest, especially if you never do. Listen to your body and give it enough sleep, as well as quality time off.

2. Forgive. Let go of those toxic grudges, that sickening anger, or any exhausting energies you’ve held onto while also holding onto how someone hurt or wronged you.

3. Learn to ground yourself and begin to release energies you’ve taken on that are not you.

4. Meditate daily. Turn off your phone and other distractions, give yourself some quiet time and space so that you can go within and begin getting to better know the most important person in your life – you.

5. Say nice things to yourself and to your body. If you’ve had a tape loop of negative self criticism running through you, get rid of it.

6. Listen to your intuition. Follow it, and validate yourself when your intuition is right.

7. Get rid of mean people. Why waste energy on abusive, negative, and punishing people? If you do this, others around you will also find the courage to do the same thing. When negativity no longer has an audience, it goes away.

8. Let go of what you can’t solve. Just drop it. If you’ve been unable to solve a problem, it may not be yours to begin with.

9. Stop being responsible for everyone else, except for yourself. If you are busily running around saving the world, but forgot about you, you may be avoiding doing your own work.

10. Be in present time. Everything happens now, and now is the only time you can change, choose, create, and be in your body. It’s a miracle to be in the present time!

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When you show up and do the work…

When you show up to do the work of becoming you, you begin to put your energy back into yourself, and into your life. This is akin to investing in your own future, not to mention your present.

When you do this, you are able to perform miracles, like healing yourself from events in your past that have lingered, places where you left parts of yourself behind. By releasing your energy from those places, you can have it back now, where it can really do some good for you. Only in the present moment do you create. The more of your energy you are able to have with you now, the more resources you have to create with. You have a valuable resource – your own true energy, which cannot be replaced by any other substance.

When you decide to invest time and energy in embellishing yourself, your return is far more than you might ever expect, predict, or imagine. If you haven’t taken the time to know your own spirit, you don’t even know yet what you don’t know and what you are missing about who you are, and how great and joyful your life can be.

When you make the commitment to forgive, trust, and love – you, then you step away from anything or anyone who ever tried to make you feel that you weren’t worth it. When you decide to dive in and become completely honest with yourself, rather than play the child, victim, or powerless one to forces outside of you, you create space for yourself that cannot be taken away. The only way you can lose that space is to give it up to other energies.

When you dive in and begin to get it, to really see – you! – you’ll be awestruck at your power. If you’ve believed that your power and value came from outside of yourself, you are in for a treat when you learn where they really come from. Look no further than your own true home – yourself.

©Kris Cahill /
Image on Pixdaus

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Making it real is an inside job

It’s important to understand that if you want to be seen in the spotlight, it isn’t the spotlight itself that makes you look good.

It’s not because of the spotlight that you shine. Your light comes from within you. The more comfortable you are with who you are, the easier it will be for you to stand out, and to step into the light.

The better you know and love yourself, the more you allow yourself the permission and space to simply be who you are, the simpler it will be for you to fearlessly step forward and be seen.

It’s not what’s coming in from the outside world that makes it real for you, but how you choose to be, from the inside out. The power is within you already: the power to decide to become conscious, to heal yourself, to give yourself permission to be one of a kind.

No matter what others may pressure you to be, if you are grounded within your own truth, it will be effortless for you to know what you need to do next. If your loyalty is to a group, to your family or friends, or to someone else’s way of seeing, you may want to spend some quality time and sort through yourself to see if you’ve been blindly loyal at the expense of your own truth. If you’re afraid of being ostracized by the group for being yourself, you will hold yourself back from living your own life. Your life won’t belong to you, and you won’t be free.

If you can’t be what others want you to be, be yourself instead. Find out what that is, and make it real by becoming it, with complete honesty.

The following is from an article called ‘Nurse Reveals the Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed’: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” ~ This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. ~by Bronnie Ware

It is time to step up your game, to decide to free yourself of those old restrictions. Let go of the rules that held you back, such as the need to make sense to everyone, be perfect, or live sensibly. As you’ve no doubt noticed, a lot of things do not make sense right now. We are moving to a new time in our evolution, and yes, we are evolving. It’s happening anyway, so you might as well come along.

If you’re not sure where to start, you may want to begin by asking yourself, what makes it real for you? What do you really want? Be honest with yourself, and you’ll never need to worry about what others think. By living your truth from within, you will show them who you’ve decided to be.

©Kris Cahill
‘Morning Ant’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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Do you have to choose between freedom and approval?

Are you torn between choosing to have what you want, and needing to have others approve of you?

When you don’t have the freedom to choose to create or have what you truly want, you might be giving up your space to fears that others won’t like you if you do the things you really want to do.

If you’re afraid you’ll anger someone or hurt their feelings if you change, you are allowing your need for their approval to control you. You cannot blame somebody else for this. It’s within your power to change it, not theirs.

If you’ve allowed others to have power over you, that again isn’t their problem to solve. It’s yours. If you need others to approve of you living your life the way you see fit, and if you won’t make a move without their permission, you have nobody else to blame when you don’t get what you want.

You don’t have to make your life a democracy in which everyone else gets a vote on what can happen in your life. You may have been trying to be very nice, and to not create conflicts with others who think they know exactly who you are and what you should do. So, to keep the peace, you hold back, waiting for others to sign on to the idea of you having your own life. Perhaps you spend a lot of your energy helping them out, and they just don’t know what they would do without you! You end up feeling guilty at the thought of not being there for everyone else, and your life becomes all about keeping it together for them.

Meanwhile, what you see is possible for you, and the things you want in your life, don’t go away. You have a conflict in your space between what you think you should do, and what you really want to do.

A good dose of truth within yourself will go far in helping you to change the patterns of not making your life your own. By becoming honest with yourself, you can see yourself and your dreams more clearly. If you have no support for your dreams in your personal world, and are expected to give your energy away so that others can achieve theirs, maybe you want to change that.

If you decide that approving of yourself and being happy with who you are mean more to you than winning any popularity contests, you’re well on the way to creating your life from a place of inner freedom. This is your true job in this lifetime.

©Kris Cahill

Junk Yard Sexy’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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An attitude of certainty will get you there

Certainty can be defined as the energy of ownership. What you are choosing to own in your life, is up to you.

Being certain doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or prove your case to anyone else. Certainty has more to do with your confidence level. Do you believe what you are saying? Are you able to be certain about your own next step? Have you cleared the doubt out of your way?

Certainty is an energy. If you have your certainty about something, you are pretty clear as to what’s going on, what your next move is, what you need to leave behind, and who your real friends are.

When things are uncertain, cloudy, unfocused, or unconscious, it can be difficult to manifest or make it real for yourself. And, if you’ve been giving up your truth to someone else’s certainty, you may become invalidated as you go looking for your own.

Having your certainty allows you the autonomy to take your own steps without worrying whether others approve of you doing so. Being certain of yourself is helpful when you are making a big change in your life, or taking a chance on yourself.

Trust and faith in yourself are big here. Knowing and loving who you are to begin with, can make it easier to also be certain that you can trust your own choices and instincts. Many people have a hard time forgiving themselves for mistakes they’ve made, and as a result cannot make clear choices without doubting them.

Being certain doesn’t mean you are right, perfect, or that you have to prove anything to anyone else. It just means that you know what you want to have, do, feel, let go of, now. You can always change your mind later.

©Kris Cahill /

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The value of learning to heal yourself

You can decide to heal yourself.

You may have forgotten that you already have this power. You might not even be aware that you know how to do this.

All healing is self healing, so you really are the only one who can decide that you will heal. Yes, it’s helpful to have good healing practitioners of all kinds to go to. Not everyone responds in the same way to the same kinds of healing techniques. It’s wonderful that healing techniques and body work of all kinds are widely available now. Massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, energy healing, meditation, astral body healing, and nutritional therapy, are but a few of the many healing choices available in 2011.

For too many generations now, we have been programmed into thinking that we need to go outside of ourselves in order to be well. When something goes wrong inside of the body, we are told to go to the doctor to get it checked out. The doctor becomes the expert of you, rather than you learning how to listen to your body and become the expert of yourself. It is because of the invalidation that says you can’t possibly know for yourself, that many people believe they don’t know their own bodies.

If you learn to listen to your own intuition, and to your body, it may tell you, “go to the doctor and get this checked out” and it may also say “get more sleep, learn to meditate, let go of stress, have more fun”.

Meanwhile, very few people have been taught how to make healthy choices for themselves. The tendency in our culture is to reward people for working too much and putting their own needs last. One is considered unselfish and virtuous for doing this; as a result many people work themselves into sickness. It’s only when the body is suffering and in distress that many of us even listen to its cries.

Your body may have been politely ringing the doorbell for some time, trying to get you to answer its calls and pay attention. If you ignored it, it might be blaring loud alarms now to get you to respond.

The inhumane and horrific practice of making profits for the few more important than the health of the earth and all of its living creatures, is forcing us to wake up. There is a skewed and unbalanced value system in place, that only our conscious participation can change. As our health is being compromised more each day by our unconscious ways of choosing to use our most precious resources, we are finding new and better ways of living. By deciding to heal yourself, you will begin to find your own answers as to what this means.

©Kris Cahill 2011 /
‘Butterfly’ on Pixdaus

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How do your past lives help you in this one?

You have many past lives, and are accessing any number of them at one time.

It all depends on what you want to learn, achieve, accomplish, heal, and have, in this one. The experiences you’re having in this lifetime are part of your plan.

A past life reading is a hello to your spirit, that part of you that created all of those lifetimes. This is validating for you on all levels, and can help you to remember who you actually are, not just who you think you are.

What if you really do have more power than you’ve been able to know you have? What if you’re much more than you’ve been able to validate? What if this is true for everyone you meet?

Do you feel like you’ve known certain people in your life from before? Is there a time in history you are fascinated by? You have the feeling you were there, or do you fantasize or dream about it? You are probably accessing that lifetime, now. There may be something you want to remember, bring back, or complete.

This present moment is truly miraculous, because it’s the one you are living in. Your body is always in the present, while your spirit can be endless places at once. You as a spiritual being have been many places, throughout many lifetimes. You came to this lifetime with some goals you wanted to achieve, growth you wanted to experience.

Maybe this time around you want to create, to be seen, or to develop your healing abilities. You might be accessing those lifetimes in which you did those things, and perhaps also the ones in which you didn’t have the same opportunities you do now.  By consciously creating your experiences in this lifetime, you can make your dreams real. You have the opportunity to grow, and to have what you want, to become real.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

Would you like to get a Past Life Reading from me? Here are the details.  ~
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Is your own truth real?

Even when others can’t, or won’t, validate your truth, is it still real?

Do you need your truth to be understood and agreed to by others? Can you have knowing it for yourself alone? Can you have your own version of life without needing a group consensus?

You might have a different way of seeing choices, challenges, and opportunities, than anyone else you grew up with. You might see the cup as full already, with endless opportunities to have even more of what you want. Your father might look at it as being selfish or asking for too much, while your friend might see it as impossible, your mother thinks it should all be shared, and your third grade teacher thought it was better to always follow the rules. Which version is correct? Which one should you line up to? And, if you don’t follow other’s rules about what’s real, are you wrong?

Nobody else really knows what it takes for you to be you. Remember that you don’t completely understand what it takes for them to be them, either. We each have a unique spirit, a unique energy. You are one of a kind, and so is everyone else.

Not everyone is comfortable being one of a kind. If you are truly unique, you might stand out, and then you will Be Seen. Are you safe enough for this? Do you even want it? You’ve made choices throughout your life because of this, consciously or not.

If you’re confident that you are safe enough to be seen, yet aren’t getting what you want, it’s time to ask yourself if perhaps you’ve taken on someone else’s desire to remain hidden. In other words, if you need to heal others and be responsible for keeping them safe, this tendency may be getting in your way.

If you try to step out into the limelight and this energy is in your space, others won’t be safe about you being seen. Your self image may have been partly about keeping them safe and protected. If you see yourself as a star, it’s time to become conscious about the other energies you are allowing to hold you back. Only you can decide to change those agreements, move the energy out of your space, and go out and get what you want to have.

If you feel guilty every time you succeed because your friend isn’t having the same success, or your family is struggling, your version of reality is once again clashing with other people’s versions. This doesn’t make your version selfish or wrong. Your job is to succeed – at being you.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Amazing Tree’ ©Richard A. Hardt

Bringing your relationships into present time

One of the best ways to get your relationships with others into the present time, is to bring your relationship with yourself there first.

You may have been working with some old ideas of who you are and what you are capable of becoming, having, and creating. Some of those ideas might have been handed to you by others, or you willingly adopted them as your own. Perhaps you felt more comfortable keeping yourself small. Maybe you didn’t want to hurt anyone else by stepping away to have more. So you chose to be less than you could actually be.

When you decide to hold back, whether from fear, invalidation, or shyness, you aren’t just withholding from yourself. You’re actually holding back from each of us. You become the gift by deciding to step up and become. When you bring your relationship with yourself into the present time, all other relationships will follow, effortlessly. You’ll no longer want to deal with those who cannot have you being here and now, in your own life.

If you decide to get into the present time with yourself first, you’ll make more conscious choices about what serves you, what you need to do for yourself, and what you no longer want to have, without making those choices based on what others want for you. You might have held yourself back from following your own heart’s desire because of an old out of date belief about what is possible. Perhaps this belief was originally based on someone else’s fears, and not on your own truth.

One of the best ways to get your relationship with yourself into the now is to have communication within yourself. Meditation is an effective and wonderful way to go about improving your communication with yourself. When you have validating communication within, it’s hard for any problems or doubts to creep in. When you open up and listen to your own inner voice, you can decide more clearly what is true for you now.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have, and all other relationships you create are based on this one. It’s worth taking the time to bring it into the present time.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘French Kiss’ ©^riza^

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You are also a star

Some people don’t think there’s very much to see when you look at them.

They believe that they’re kind of small and plain, without much talent or ability at anything special. They are often invisible, and can’t be easily seen behind the invalidating energy that is hiding them. This energy is the thing that says ‘there’s not a whole lot to see here, so don’t bother to look’.

Though they long to creatively express themselves, these people are held back from doing anything of the kind. It’s not safe, makes no sense, is a waste of time, takes them away from their ‘real’ work, and anyway it’s never going to go anywhere so why bother doing it in the first place? This is the kind of judgment some people handle when trying to step out of the shadows and become their true selves.

Sometimes people find that as they try to step up, to find more time and space to become themselves, they hit walls that seem to come from everywhere. If you’ve ever decided to create more space for yourself to write that book, learn to play the guitar, or create more for yourself and pick up after others less, you may have hit an energy wall at times. Sometimes the energy is a lie that tells you that you don’t really have much to say or express, so why not just play it safe and not try in the first place?

Though it may be easy to think up any number of reasons why you shouldn’t take time to embellish yourself, there are many more reasons to actually step up and do it. The main one is this; if you don’t do this for yourself, nobody else will.

This is the real reason why you are here – to do your work. You are the only one who can do what you can do. You become a gift and a great example to others when you embrace your gifts, develop them, and use them in the world. You are helping to create a new world by doing so.

So you are actually helping to move others along toward their own truth, when you embrace yours. Another way to say this is that by giving to yourself, you give to the rest of us. Thank you!

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Starry Sky’ Photography Served

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