Posts about clairvoyance and being psychic

I’ve been working and teaching as a psychic since 2000. I’m fully committed to helping others learn about their own power and abilities.

To that end, I began my first blog in 2007, and have evolved it over the years to this one, Psychic Everyday. Here is a list of the posts on this blog that are about clairvoyance and being psychic. Enjoy!

A psychic spills the beans about the power of clairvoyance

Clairvoyance can help you to dream up your own reality

The visionaries get to create the future

Living in a time of clairvoyance

A clairvoyant looks at your aura

Why is clairvoyance so impolite?

The making of a psychic

Curiosity and the clairvoyant

Why ‘psychic’ doesn’t need to be proved, and why you can’t

Clairvoyance tops the list for 2011

What if there was a clairvoyance app?

Which psychic abilities are you creating with?

More psychic abilities to enjoy

The greatest psychic ability: know yourself

Is it just your imagination, or are you really psychic?

How clairvoyance helps you to transform yourself

Clairvoyance is using your imagination in a wonderful way

On being clairvoyant

You are psychic

How to control your own psychic abilities

Being psychic

Being safe enough to be psychic

Psychic Question Mondays: Predictions

Trusting your intuition

How to be safe while being psychic

Using your clairvoyance to see yourself

Clairvoyance and how to see yourself clearly

How to be clairvoyant: you have to want to see

Clairvoyance: the ability to see yourself

Three fun things you can do with your clairvoyance

Four interesting facts to know about clairvoyance

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