Spring growth, changes, and updates

Happy Spring to you. May your flowers bloom and grow!

A note from Kris: Though I don’t usually post my news here, I’m making an exception for today’s post. I’ve been absent from this blog for a few months, but I haven’t been idle. There’s been a lot of action going on behind the scenes. Thank you to my readers and subscribers for reading my blog, and for your patience during this time of transition. New creations are here, with more on the way. Here’s my latest news.

1. I have a new website: I’ve moved my KrisCahill.com website over to WordPress.org. It’s still in transition but looking good right now. I’ll be doing the same for this blog, Psychic Everyday, later this spring.

2. New class offerings! I teach a monthly workshop with Liz McDonald at her yoga studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates, in Los Angeles. Our next workshop is tomorrow, March 25, and is called ‘Occupy Your Pelvis’. There is still room in the workshop if you want to join. You can register here: Occupy Your Pelvis.

We made a  video about this class:

3. The Sunday Meditation Teleseminar. I lead a weekly 60 minute meditation teleseminar, every Sunday at 10am PT. You only need a phone to join in on the call. You will also receive the recording from the meditation. (You can also purchase it if you can’t attend in person.)  Every Sunday meditation has a theme. Recent themes include: ‘Dreams Come True’, ‘Create Your New Life’, ‘The Energy of Love’, ‘Permission to Change and Grow’. Find out more about this meditation and sign up for the next one here.

4. Meditation Recordings. There are currently several dozen different recorded meditations available, and that list is growing. Learn more and purchase meditation recordings here.

5. Psychic Readings with me: many of you already know that I am a full time clairvoyant reader, healer, teacher and writer. Did you also know that you can have a reading by Skype or phone, as well as in person? Learn more about my readings here.

A few exciting creations that are coming soon:

– Kid’s Meditation Recordings. My first collection of kid’s meditations will be coming out this year! I’m working with a brilliant musician/producer on this one. More news coming soon about the release date.

– More audio and video classes. I’ll post them as they are ready, but here’s a link to some recent videos on my YouTube channel: Psychic Everyday on YouTube.

– My first book is also in the works. More news on that later!

Thank you so much for reading my posts, and for your interest in my work. I’m committed to communicating to others that they do indeed have the power to heal themselves deeply and profoundly, and that it can be delightful and FUN to do so. That fun part is very important!

I wish you Peace and Happiness this Spring!

©Kris Cahill

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Clairvoyance: Discerning the Truth from the Lies

This is a guest post by Billy Pacholski

“Close both eyes
to see with the other eye.” – Rumi

Clairvoyance, the art of clear seeing, allows one to look beyond the mental image pictures that inform and create one’s reality to the truth behind the layers; the essential psychic energy that is gently guiding all things in the physical world.

There is nothing magical about Clairvoyance; you don’t need a certificate or even training to do it. In fact, your inherent clairvoyance is always on, perhaps unconsciously, and if you want to turn up your awareness, all you need is a desire to “see”, a healthy dose of non-judgement or neutrality, and a lot of courage. A sense of humor helps too. 🙂

The real magic of being clairvoyant comes from allowing yourself to be seen. Once you begin to see things as they really are, in their essential truth, you cannot help but begin to grow and change. Old patterns and habits will begin to ripen and become ready to be plucked, freeing up space and energy for the new things you wish to experience. Defenses and lies that have alienated you from the world around you – and from yourself – will begin to simply fall away (some with a wimper, some with a snarl). Once you begin to see truth and be seen, you cannot help but move more quickly towards that essential truth – who you really are in spirit. Seeing yourself clearly is the beginning of the ultimate act – self-forgiveness. It allows you to step fully into your truth and power.

If you’re working clairvoyantly you cannot be controlled by others, because the lies and pictures that enslave us are simply that; when you begin to operate outside of those controls – be they familial, societal, monetary or national – you will experience encompassing freedom and the ability to choose. You can regain your will, your passion, and your desire to live an authentic and passionate life.

All this is well and good, of course, but the real healing in bringing awareness to your Clairvoyance is that you will begin to soften to yourself. The lies and controls you have placed on yourself – because of other people’s judgements, pain, invalidation and jealousies will begin to fade away. It can feel like coming home to yourself; a beautiful reclaiming of your true life force and energy. Some people begin to feel more safe; to feel more comfortable with intimacy, to feel passionate about living again. Everyone’s journey is unique, but one thing is true, seeing yourself clearly and trusting in what you see will create the change you wish to see in yourself, and in the world. Clairvoyance will be essential in healing our planet and our lives in the decades to come.

There are many forms of turning on your clairvoyance and awakening your psychic self. None are more right than another. But this ability is yours, it is your birthright, and you have the right to see the truth! Claim it!

©Billy Pacholski

Billy Pacholski is a Psychic and Director based both in San Francisco and Chicago. Find out more about him at his website: www.about.me/billyp. Image from iStock.


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Building a world begins with a picture

You can build an entire world around a picture. That’s how your own world was built.

You create pictures everyday. From the time of your birth – and long before then – you worked from pictures. Your body has pictures of how it needs to function, your emotions and feelings include many pictures. You are constantly being reminded, through pictures, of what is ‘real’, and what you should do, be, think, feel, or buy.

Life is a visual experience, even if we refuse to see. There are pictures everywhere –  inside of us and out.

You came to this lifetime with pictures of what you wanted, who you’d be with, and what you’d get to experience. If you have a sense of missing out on something in life, it may be because you aren’t having what you came here knowing you wanted to have. You could be living a life that popular wisdom says is successful, while knowing inside that you really want something else. If so, you’re living in a picture that’s not yours to begin with, one that you invested your energy, and yourself, into. You’re living a life that’s not your own.

Every new picture can lead to a new creation. Put enough energy into a picture, build on top of it, and soon you have a new reality, created from that picture. Create your own pictures, consciously, and soon you have a life you want to be living, instead of one that doesn’t feel like it’s really yours.

All you need to do is give yourself permission; the trick is to make sure that the pictures you are creating your life from, are pictures that are true for you. If you try living your life based on someone else’s view of how it should look, you might always feel like something is missing. The something that’s missing could be your own energy. When you become conscious about which pictures you are living by, it’s easier to step out of the ones that do not serve you, and may even harm you.

For example, take the well known picture, “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction”. Sound familiar? That’s how the U.S. signed onto a war in Iraq, on the basis of a picture that turned out to be a lie purposely created in order to get everyone to sign onto the Iraq war. Which we’re still not out of, even though the lie has come out.

Imagine the world we would live in now, if we had decided it wasn’t worth getting into another costly needless war, and that perhaps it would make more sense to put the money into education, infrastructure, and health care in this country instead. That’s a very different picture to live by. Apparently enough of us were in agreement that there should be a war, but the picture that we wouldn’t be safe unless we went to Iraq, was needed to take us there. Enough of us chose to believe that picture to make the lie our reality.

The picture underneath all of this is that “it’s us against them”. “They” are all of those people whose language and religion and customs we don’t understand, so they are suspect. “They” are not like us, so we have the right to go destroy their country and kill their people. And so from a picture, we have created a world that is even less safe than the one we lived in before we began this war.

Every picture you create or sign onto in your own life, can create a world that you live in. What is happening now is that many people are finding their carefully built worlds falling apart, crumbling at the seams, turning to dust. It’s a rough and tumble time for many right now. The old pictures are going away. We have a magnificent opportunity to create an entirely different way of living. Another word for this is ‘evolution’.

A suggestion: take some time this week to look at the pictures you’d like to see become real in your own world. Give yourself permission to create new pictures that you would like to live in, and that feel true for you.

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com http://KrisCahill.com

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Seeing clearly

This is a guest post from Connie Rose

“The greatest clairvoyant ability is the ability to see yourself, and the greatest psychic ability is the ability to know yourself.” These opening words are from Kris Cahill, who asked me to write this guest post on “seeing clearly.”

When events conspire to bring us to a decision to change some aspect of ourselves from the inside out, often we feel faced with just one more thing to add to the list of stuff to do in an effort to “do less and be more.” How ironic this is. The busier we are, the more difficult it seems to just stop and spend time with ourselves. Like, how do we find time to do that?

How we imagine ourselves, what we allow ourselves to know about ourselves, correlate with how we’ve created our lives on the physical plane. We have an idea about who we think we are or who we want to be, and then our creative selves flesh it out, we manifest that idea and create a lifestyle around it. The inner idea of you and the outer experience of you hold your personal gestalt together.

But in order to create fundamental changes in how we see ourselves, in what we know to be our personal truths, in how we “do” our lives — it may be necessary for us to be willing to let go of many, most or even all that we think we hold dear. If we don’t surrender to letting go of time-worn ways of being, to moving the old stuff out, there’s simply no room for anything new to come into our experience. There’s no way we can even imagine life being any different because we’ve become locked into trying to live a life that might have worked at some earlier point but doesn’t anymore. And we’re stuck.

Examine all those self-created structures that have defined you until now. Big change could mean divorce or separation from a partner, moving to a much smaller home and/or relocating, a shift in the work you do or how or even if you work, getting rid of every single thing that’s extraneous to the life you really want and need to be living now, giving up addictions to substances or shopping or media, letting go of stale relationships and people who no longer bring you joy. If it feels like time for you to make big changes and you’re clueless where to begin, you could start by methodically going through every single thing you own and committing to sell or freecycle anything that smacks of holding on to the past. Where you’re headed, you simply won’t need it.

For the last six months I’ve been at the tail end of a 5-year major life change, a downsize of probably 80 percent from the way my life used to be, in every aspect. The short story is that I had been holding on to a lifestyle that was no longer who I was becoming and probably never had been, I couldn’t afford it financially or psychically but wasn’t able to see that while I was still striving to succeed at it. The years of energy I’d put into various attempts to support this false lifestyle turned to naught. Absolutely nothing was working. It seemed as though I had no choice, then, but to let go.

Fast forward five years and everything is different ~ where and how I live, how much stuff I own, when and how I work, what I drive, the art I make, how I spend my time. It’s all working now, and one thing is certain ~ in letting go of so much on so many levels, I created the time and space to find out who I really am, how I operate, what my life is really about, what works for me and what doesn’t. I had no room inside to realize any of this previously. Now I have the space to clearly see and know who I am and what my life is about.

Without the unnecessary trappings of living someone else’s idea of how my life should be, I’ve been able to see that my life is about healing myself. It always has been. I recognize earlier times in my life when I began down this path, and I see where it got frightening and I chose to give up on myself, thinking I would/could/should fit the proffered lifestyle “dream” if I just tried hard enough. I was off course for 25 years.

I’m back on track now. Life is a lot simpler when lived from within. How this looks for me is that I spend the majority of my time being an artist. I live and make art in the same tiny studio. I have everything I really need and I’m rigorous about unnecessary spending. I’m no longer in debt and I live comfortably on what I bring in each month. I won’t overcommit myself to anyone or anything, especially if it doesn’t feed my soul. I spend most of my time alone, in solitude, making art and healing.

If you want to see clearly, you have to begin to remove the distractions and delusions from your life. If you want to know who you are, you need to embrace life at the most fundamental levels. It takes courage. It’s sometimes painful. And it’s worth it.

©Connie Rose

Collage by Connie Rose

Connie Rose is a textile designer and digital photographer. She has been an artist and been on a personal healing journey for over forty years. She lives in rural Humboldt County, California.

Constance Rose Progressive Textiles


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The visionaries get to create the future

Everything begins with energy. An idea is energy, as is a vision. A strong image is a powerful thing. If you don’t believe me, go ask the advertising industry.

If you’re interested in influencing and changing the way people see things, and how they’ll act as a result, you’ll need a compelling vision or image to show them. People respond to imagery, and often do so unconsciously, emotionally, or instinctively.

You might have an original idea, a vision you are committed to, whether it’s your art, business, or a service you offer. Perhaps your vision is a new way to teach, heal, create peace on earth, or inspire people to think and behave differently. Maybe you have a vision for the future that isn’t a reality yet but you know it could be. You feel it deeply, and you have a passion for this vision. You are the only one who can bring your original vision to the world, so keep at it.

Some people are so inspired by the greatness of a true visionary that they work from this person’s vision, and find their own truth within it. This is a brilliant way that we influence and help each other continue to move forward. So again, if you have a vision of healing, peace, and love, we all need you to bring it forward.

I am a clairvoyant, and it’s my job to see energy, to read spirit. I see that every human being has free will and the power to create the future. This is far more interesting than making predictions, in my book. It’s also what we already do, as human beings – we create. We are evolving constantly, because we change, create, and grow.

You also have the ability to visualize, and to create what you see. So, with all this power to visualize, why not use it to actually create change? It’s up to each of us to do so – instead of waiting for others to step forward, why not you?

I would like to suggest that, beginning now, today, you start to create your new vision. Every second you spend seeing what you’d like to become, do, and have, is valuable. Imagine life as you’d like to live it. Imagine the world you want to live in. Be ready to change your own attitudes, as well as yourself. Change of any kind always begins with the spirit, it begins within.

No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars or sailed an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. ~Helen Keller

©Kris Cahill  2007-2011  All Rights Reserved.

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
‘Just a Butterfly’ on Pixdaus

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Growing like a Joshua tree

Several years back, I went to Joshua Tree State Park to see the annual blooming of the trees. I joined a talk given by one of the park rangers, called ‘Meeting the Joshua Tree’, and was fascinated to learn about how Joshua trees grow.

Each tree is unique and different, often markedly so. There is no genetic predisposition to become a perfect Joshua tree shape – each tree is a perfect Joshua tree and each is one of a kind, like fingerprints.

Ranger Dar, whose joyful enthusiasm for his job made it a pleasure to listen to him speak, explained that each tree’s growth is affected by its immediate environment. In order to grow and spread, the individual branches must split, and split again, to create the unusual form of a Joshua Tree.

Different factors figure into how this happens, animals chewing on a branch can begin the process, so can fire or lightening, and so on. Stress on a tree creates the tree, in other words. Without that stress, the tree does not spread.

In order to become beautiful, each Joshua tree must experience small endings, cuts, destruction, letting go of the old shape. Each one is designed by nature as it grows.

Wow! I thought to myself. What a gift to hear this, and what a great picture for how human beings grow. How else would we know how strong or capable we are, unless tested? We all need challenges and tests in our lives, in order to become all we can be. Like the Joshua tree, there is only one of each of us. We are all unique.

It is a mystical and healing experience indeed, visiting the desert.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2011  All Rights Reserved

Image: ‘Joshua Tree in Bloom’ ©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com

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My new American Dream has room for everyone

There is a big rescue effort underway now in the United States to bring back the American Dream and save that endangered species known as the middle class.

According to sources, this species has been under attack since approximately 1980, and is in danger of becoming extinct.

The middle class has apparently had its version of the American Dream stomped on and severely damaged by strong opponents. The attacks continue to this day, and the Middle Class is fighting for its life.

A note to the Middle Class in America: It is never an easy thing to go through such big growing pains. Life has changed very radically for you in such a short time. When you were just a generation or so into your evolution, you created an idea, a Dream that every generation would achieve and have More than the previous one did. It became very important to show that you had what it took, including all of the accompanying Stuff.

Somehow along the way, paying homage to that Dream may have gotten you off course a bit. All of that unconscious conspicuous consumption hasn’t really paid off in ways you can take to the bank right now, unfortunately. Interestingly, consumption, or tuberculosis, is a disease in which the body wastes away. How different is that from the over-consumption of the earth’s resources that has wasted away so much irreplaceable natural wealth and beauty?

On top of all of this, we are reminded that  Democracy is an all-in process. It’s  not somebody else’s job: it’s yours, and mine. A healthy democracy needs our attention in order to stay healthy. The environment is screaming for our attention, expensive and unnecessary wars are eating up the resources we need to keep our citizens educated, healthy, and truly safe, and we need campaign finance reform NOW. Along with so many other issues. Where to begin to heal this mess?

These are soul searching times, times in which new Dreams can be dreamed, and new visions created. I have been dreaming my own new American Dream, and I’d like to share it with you now. Let me know what you think, and maybe we can create something new and beautiful together.

Here’s how my American Dream looks: Multi Colored! International! All languages and races and religions and genders are welcome, in peace. Everyone has a voice in my dream, and it is the job of each of us to welcome every other one of us into the dream, no matter where we come from. In my dream, there is no hatred or judgment of anyone who is different. We live together in acceptance and peace.

One way that we got sucked into where we are now is that we forgot about Love. Or maybe we’re still learning? We forgot about the intelligence of the earth. We forgot to trust our own instincts and the wisdom of our own bodies, and began looking outside of ourselves to ‘designated experts’ for our answers, to religious, military, and political leaders, medical and scientific experts. We decided that we needed some Big Daddy to care for us, and make sure we were okay. It was easier to let somebody else be responsible for everything.

So if we go back to The Way We Were, and forget that we are creating a new world, we will stay stuck. If we are fighting this fight to go back to the way it all was, we won’t get anywhere worth going to. If we continue to insist on having ‘One of your own kind! Stick to your own kind!’ as our theme song, we. will. get. stuck. again. The old ways are gone – long live the old ways! What do we want to create now?

In my new dream, we can no longer afford the following:

Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, hatred, greed, intolerance of other’s views. Unconscious conspicuous consumption is so 20th century. We need to wean ourselves away from oil consumption, crappy food, pesticides and chemicals. Corporations are not people. If you’ve been busy complaining about how hard things are instead of making a difference, now’s your chance.

It’s time to visualize a new world. Begin with yourself: how do you see you in this new world? What do you want to give, what is your truth, what do you have passion for doing or becoming? Maybe it’s time to go there, and fearlessly go for it. There is nothing to lose if you are in your own truth. You are needed in this new American Dream. There is no other you. Does this sound like your dream?

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com ~ http://KrisCahill.com
‘Peace Flag’ ©Coalition For World Peace

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I’d kill for my body!

How years of a healing journey culminated into one fantastic shopping trip

This is a guest post by Erin Hoopes

I remember the moment it started.  I was sitting on the swing set with my best friend Lauren outside of her house, on a picturesque Connecticut summer day.  We were 8.

Lauren was sitting on the swing and looked down at her thighs in shorts.  “Look at how big my thighs are!” she said in disgust. “What?!” I said “get up, let me try.”…”oh my god, they are huge!”  I felt a deep sadness and emptiness flow through my body; I have been familiar with this energy since.  It was that same feeling that eventually lead to binging and purging, drugs, alcohol and an ugly inner dialog.  I remember thinking that I would never be OK.  I would never be without this evil voice in my head that said horrible things. I would never love my body or myself.

I have battled an eating disorder since that day.  I cringe writing these words because I really hate saying “eating-disorder”.  Mostly because labeling things “Disorders” can have the connotation of it being something you can never be rid of. It’s as if you are powerless to the disorder, no one knows where it came from and you can’t fix it. It also fails to encompass what is really going on. What I have noticed going on, is a huge amount of energy around having a body as a woman.

I have remained present with this energy and noticed it in my life.  I’ve become interested in it, become friends with it and patiently (or not so patiently) gotten to know its habits over the years. This approach has been the only thing that has worked for me, allowing me to unravel it and get to places where greater understanding and peace exist. In doing so, I have seen the large, small and often unconscious behavior that manifests around this energy in my life. One of these behaviors I’ve been present with for a while and recently healed in a deep way.

Since I was 16 or 17, I’ve bought clothes that are too small for my body. I’ve even bought shoes and underwear that were too small for me because I didn’t want to put on a larger size. I developed this habit out of thinking that I would, or should, lose weight in order to fit into the smaller size.  Sound familiar, fellow sister with a closet full of old clothes?

It became a daily reminder that I didn’t have the body I wanted.  I was constantly uncomfortable in everything I put on.   But when you are young, living in the Abercombie/American Eagle sartorially challenged mall-scapes of the small town midwest, you really don’t have a chance.  True self expression is not seen as a good thing when you’re a teenager.  I also did not know how to dress a C cup woman’s figure at 12 years old in an age appropriate manner. The things one is attracted to wearing as a teen and or twenty something are not necessarily classy. There are some sexual revolution/society pressures going on that make you want to look like some version of a hooker.  At that age I just wasn’t strong enough or sure enough of myself to not compare myself to other bodies. So, there was something wrong with me, not the energy I was battling with.

Now, all of this is not to say that I didn’t LOVE clothes.  I have always been extremely visually aware.  Which was just some kind of cruel joke. Fast forward through a decade of training as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Esthetician, Massage Therapist, and Psychic.  Collectively all of these influences have helped me heal my relationship to my body over the years. But recently, fashion blogs have really been a healing. There are so many great personal style blogs with women of all shapes and sizes expressing their unique energy in ways I never thought possible.

It has been nothing short of inspirational and the missing piece in the journey back to loving my body.

I have learned: that a curated closet will produce a more cohesive style statement.  This translates to only wearing what you love and makes you feel great! After all, why have a massive closet of clothes that don’t validate you?  I used to buy things on sale so I could get more. I slowly broke my habits and began to realize that less is more – more economical and earth friendly too. I also began to realize that cut and fabric really matter; both make a world of difference on the body. Plus, a luxurious fabric is such a fantastic way to appreciate your body!

I know now that a two hundred dollar dress is two hundred dollars for a reason. It fits much better than a 50 dollar dress.  And if it’s two hundred dollars, you’re gonna make sure you love it, it goes with the rest of your wardrobe and can be enjoyed many ways. I never used to think I was worth that much money. And I’ve learned that as a woman gets older she accepts her body more, becomes much more comfortable in her skin, becomes more knowledgeable about what clothing flatters her figure and is less likely to choose something for the sake of it being fashionable. This natural progression was something I both fought and secretly longed for when I was at the height of lost in that nasty energy.  This new feeling has settled in quietly and peacefully, but also profoundly in the last few weeks.

So what have I done with all of these newfound truths, you ask?  I promptly removed 2/3 of my closet: the clothes that were not validating my body or my energy anymore, had to go. I took my gorgeous self and a girlfriend shopping. I had an amazing time.  Complete with dancing to awful music in H&M under the horrible florescent lighting, in an all-way mirror in my underwear.  And you know what, I looked amazing!! I tried on everything that looked interesting to me. Some things looked great, most didn’t. And when it didn’t, it wasn’t because of my body. It was the clothes.

I can’t tell you the joy I get from expressing my creativity, personality, and energy through the art of dressing. I love my body, mind and spirit and for the first time in my life I feel like a woman. It only took me 20 years 🙂


P.S.   My hope is that in sharing so openly that people will begin the conversation in their own lives around how we as women (or men) have become and maintained invalidation in our bodies.  Please do comment, I would love to hear from you.  What have you been through? What has helped you through it?  I love hearing it as it is the bulk of what I help people with in my practice!

Wanna get inspired?  Here are a few of my favorite style blogs:

Have Q’s…Awesome!  You can reach Erin at www.erinmhoopes.com.

©Erin Hoopes

Erin Hoopes is a multi trained healer.  She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician as well as a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach.  She is also a trained Clairvoyant and Energy Healer.  She mushes all those together to create an interesting blend information for her clients.  She lives in Hollywood with her boyfriend James and her cat Moo.  She is currently learning to be an adult and looks forward to redefining what that means.

Photo: Crystal Renn in an Elle photo


Social change is a consciousness issue

Photo by Steinar Hugi Sigurdarson

The personal is political, is spiritual. Before anything comes into being, it is spirit, energy.

It may begin with a wish, a new picture for a better way of living. Perhaps there is a deep desire to let go of the status quo, because it simply doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to get out of the way – here comes the future. It’s evolution, baby!

Revolution comes from within. Before any change is created in the outer world, (see ‘Egypt’, ‘Libya’, ‘Wisconsin’…. and many more), it first of all begins within. True revolution is not imposed on us from some force ‘out there’. We create it; when we are ready for new growth and change, it comes easily. If there is resistance to change, or controls in the way of change happening, it will happen anyway, but less peacefully.

As we’ve seen throughout human history, when people no longer put up with despotic rulers, lies, and greedy motives, revolution happens. Young people in particular, seeing themselves as having less to lose and being less entrenched in their self images, stuff, bills, etc… are often the ones to stand up and demand change.

From Wikipedia: A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

People become accustomed to what they know, to the status quo. Art, music, and fashion don’t do this; the marketplace can’t survive long on old ideas. Why then should we continue to live under old ways of doing things, when it is obvious that they no longer serve us? It is difficult to live up to our true potential as human beings while living in a climate of fear and hatred. Did that, check!

It’s time to move on to what is present time. How about a nice big serving of social justice for starters?

Get enough folks together who are done with war, and there will be no more war. We’ll spend all of that money on education, health, art, and making peace instead. Gather enough of us who want to live sustainably and in peace, and it will happen. When a large number of people wake up and decide that it’s time to value what really has value, like a healthy earth, peaceful human relationships, and being able to live happy lives, that will all be created, by us.

Most interesting of all is the spiritual evolution that arises and helps to bring on the revolutions human beings create and experience. When you’ve reached your saturation point, when you’re through buying into the unconsciousness and lies that have been ruling over you, you are in the midst of your own personal revolution.

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‘Protestors Downtown Reykjavik’ ©Steinar Hugi on Flickr

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Change your energy and change your life

You are made of energy. Every part of you is energy: body and spirit. Your intellect, emotions, creativity, abilities, and all the rest, are energy.

There’s energy in everything you do, say, feel, and decide to have. The way you communicate with the world around you has a certain energy. Your creative expression, your personal taste, your relationships with others, your health, finances, you name it – all have energy.

Everyone else has their own energy too, different from yours. We are each unique, each of us has a distinctive energy. This is one good reason why each of us is valuable, why we are all needed and wanted here. You came to this lifetime to bring something, and you give valuable gifts to everyone when you learn how to become who you truly are. You don’t need to match to or become, anyone else.

When you know and have your own true energy working for you, you can have your life the way you want it much more effortlessly. If you have been challenged, if it’s been hard to know who you are, if you feel overwhelmed and inundated by the energy of others, you can change this.

By becoming aware of energy, and especially your own, you change the energy that you are in, and the energy that is in you. You can start to make your own energy the most important energy inside of you. After all, your energy is intended to be with you, not scattered all about in everyone else’s space. When more of your own energy is inside of you and validated, creating your own life becomes more fun and less effort to do.

Having meditation as a regular part of your life can really get things rolling in the right direction for you. When you commit to a regular meditation practice, you are in effect saying to yourself that you want to become more conscious and present. The present time is where your body is, and the more of your energy you can bring here to be with your body, the easier things get.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~   http://KrisCahill.com
‘Sounds of Silence’ ©Nature Photo Monique on Pixdaus

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