‘Your Psychic Abilities, Part One’ by Kris Cahill on Blog Talk Radio

I debuted my Blog Talk Radio Show tonight! It’s all about psychic abilities and being psychic.

I discuss several types of psychic abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and intuition.

Please stop by my show and listen live – I broadcast every Thursday at 7:00pm PST. You can also listen to my archived shows.

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Your Psychic Abilities Part One 01/12 by Kris Cahill | Blog Talk Radio.

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Which psychic abilities are you creating with?

Part one: Being Psychic, Clairsentience, Empathy, and Clairaudience.

Being psychic means being aware of and sensitive to, energy.

Because each human being has a unique and different energy, everyone also has a different way of experiencing energy. For example, if you were to ask 20 psychics to give a reading on the same question, each might have a different spin. How the information is being received by each also makes a difference.

Having your abilities working for you can make it easier for you to attract and create what it is you want in your life. Your own energy, your spirit, is unique in all of time. This makes you more valuable than you might imagine, since you truly cannot be replaced by any other energy.

Often a psychic will be asked in a reading what she or he is “feeling” about the client’s question. This is the psychic ability of clairsentience, which means ‘clear feeling of energy’. You may be familiar with this one, it’s been with you your whole life. You’ve gotten much valuable information if you’ve listened to what your body was sensing or feeling. This could also be called having a gut instinct.

Clairsentience is located in the second chakra, just below the naval. If you have this ability working overtime, it can be quite uncomfortable for you, because you may be feeling everyone else’s stuff, and if it isn’t yours, you can’t fix or solve it. You can learn to own this for yourself, and become more conscious about whose feelings, pain, drama, etc… is running through you. With awareness you can let go of energies that aren’t you.

Another word for people who are sensitive to feeling energy is ‘empath‘. Empaths are able to match to what others are feeling, and feel it themselves, as if it were theirs. Being an empath without control over the ability can get in the way of feeling your own feelings, which are incredible gifts when you own them. Empathic people who work as healers find themselves feeling their client’s energy, including the pain and discomfort. If this sounds like you, it could be helpful to learn how to ground yourself and safely release the energies you’ve picked up, so that you don’t have to have everyone else’s feelings running through you.

Located in your 5th chakra, or throat chakra, clairaudience is the ability to hear energy clearly. This ability is connected with hearing energy in all forms, including that which you don’t perceive with any of your other senses. Clairaudience is your ability to hear yourself, your inner voice, as well as to communicate with others both on an individual level and in groups.

Your 5th chakra also has to do with your self expression, your ability to hear and be heard. When it’s working well for you, you are able to make yourself heard and understood, and to speak out when you choose. No matter what you do, being able to communicate is a key part of your life. In 21st century modern life, many of us are expected to always be available, whether by cell phone, email, text, or in some other way. There can be a feeling of ‘overload’ on the 5th chakra as a result. Sometimes it’s best to just unplug and clear out all of the demands that you be available, in order to have your 5th chakra back for yourself. If you can’t hear yourself think because of all the noise in there, it could be time to re-own your communication space.

Tomorrow: Telepathy, Intuition, Clairvoyance.

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