Imagine your way into 2012

What is your Big Dream for 2012?

How does your dream look to you? What do you see is possible for you to have, create, and become this year? Where do you want to grow? What are you willing to let go of?

As you move into the new year, it’s helpful to notice if you are still carrying energy from the old one. Any old out of date energies can get in your way as you step up to create your new creations.

2011 was an amazing year for each of us. As challenging as it may have been, it was just as necessary. 2011 is a year to be grateful for, though it might not have felt comfortable to you in the least. It may have been the year you moved past blocks to your own truth, and that is priceless.

2011 was all about spiritual growth, and a big part of growing spiritually is letting go of what no longer serves you in that growth. It’s common to have an unconscious perfect picture about how growth “should” be. Who knew that spiritual growth could be so difficult and uncontrollably messy?!

A new year is an awakening, a time for new energy and dreams. It’s fun to create the new pictures of what you want. It’s lovely to dream big dreams, to visualize and imagine huge successes, fun times, happy relationships, financial health. This is also the way you make these things real in your life – your dreams come true.

Making anything real begins with the spirit of you. When you can see what it is you want, and imagine yourself having those things in your life, you can make them real. Everything you create begins with energy, spirit. When you become conscious about working with energy and begin to use it to heal yourself and make your life work for you instead of feeling like you’re constantly in effort, miracles happen.

As you begin this journey into a new year, you may want to consider bringing some new tools with you:

  • Permission to dream big. Don’t hold back or let your dreams be made smaller by the prevailing wisdom of what is “possible”. Every time someone tried to do the impossible and make it possible, they had ‘helpful’ naysayers who constantly tried to convince them it was a waste of time. Ignore everyone else’s ‘reality’ and concentrate on yours.
  • A way to make it real. Dreaming is good but if your dreams never come down to earth, if you can’t make them real, then it’s no fun to dream. Grounding yourself is a great way to begin making your own vision a reality.
  • How much are you willing to let go of? It’s difficult to create your new reality while also trying to drag the past with you. When you can let go, forgive, and be in present time with yourself, you have more of your energy available to create with. In order to create anything, you need enough energy and space to do so.

You are the only one who can imagine what you’ll imagine. What you dream of, others may share, but you’ll always have your own spin on it, if you’re working from your own truth. What this means is that nobody else can create what you came here to create. Only you can decide to get started.

©Kris Cahill

I create guided meditations that help you to create with energy. Here is a new one I recorded live that is very much along the lines of this post: ‘Create 2012’. You can purchase it as an mp3 at this link: Create 2012 Meditation.  ~

‘The Journey Home’ ©Paul (Dex) on Flickr

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Do you have time and space to listen to yourself?

Are you able to take the time to just sit, listen, and be?

Or has it been all about doing, being busy, and getting a lot done? Many people find their worth in production, constant improvement and busy-ness. Busy as a bee, I’m so busy, busy busy busy! There’s so much to DO. Sometimes there can be such a demand on one to prove one’s worth, as if by constantly being in movement, you won’t lose ground. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and so on.

People do need a place to put their energy, to pitch in and feel they have value. It’s important for each of us to have something we feel we can contribute. However, that isn’t the whole story of who you are and why you’re here, not by a long shot.

Remember, just because you are constantly in movement, that doesn’t mean that your energy is also.

You could be going non-stop, and still have energy that is stuck. Ever feel like no matter what you DID, things didn’t move into place for you? You feel like you’re in lots of effort and nothing’s working, it’s all stuck.

Stopping to sit and listen at those times is the very best thing you could do. That is, if you can listen to yourself with compassion and kindness, not self recrimination and criticism. Sometimes we make ourselves very busy so we don’t have to listen to our own critical internal voice. That critical voice may not even be your energy – you might have picked up the habit from others close to you who also are harsh and judgmental on themselves. If all you hear when you stop to listen is everyone else’s warnings, advice, fears, successes, sorrow, instructions… you may never learn the true beauty of your own internal voice.

If you can allow yourself to sit and be, and to let go of that internal critic as you do, you’ll be able to hear the really delightful stuff, the things you’ve been trying to hear. Your spirit has a lot to communicate, as does your body. If you allow your worrying, nagging, critical mind to take over, you’ll have difficulty hearing the rest.

How about taking the time to listen to your own heart? Your truth lies within you, and is unique to you. You can certainly be inspired by what others have to say, or how they are choosing to take action (or not) in their own lives. But it’s when you learn to listen to yourself and to move the blocks out of your way that have made it difficult to hear yourself clearly, that you can understand something about who you are.

Did you know that by simply being who you are, you are also doing? What you are doing is bringing the gift you came here to bring – yourself. Nobody else can do that but you.

©Kris Cahill
‘Rainy Season’ ©Tanakawho

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The art of flying away from perfection

Trying to achieve or maintain a state of perfection can feel like being locked in a cage – one of your own making.

When you are never enough, or can never give enough, no matter how much you give of yourself, you may be aiming for a widely sought after, popular state of being, known as Perfection.

A bird in a cage may look perfectly content and beautiful, but while in the cage can never access its greatest ability: flight.

Are you the bird who has locked yourself away, thereby preventing yourself from being able to access your own ability to fly? When you do this, you deny the rest of us the privilege of seeing you do so, which in turn may inspire still others to try it themselves. Your flight may help me realize I can fly as well. In order to fly well, you have to try, and run the risk of not doing it perfectly, of publicly failing, of hearing others who’ve not yet flown their own craft tell you in well-meaning-but-relieved-that-you-failed voices, “I told you so. Stay close to the ground where you’ll be safe!”.

The thing they (and you) may have forgotten about the alleged wisdom of staying close to the safe ground is that a) it’s not really safe – there are predators there too, and b) a bird is safer in flight, more powerful, faster, and able to find dinner more easily. Also c) it’s fun to fly, really beautiful to see birds in flight.

If you fail, they have a better excuse to not even try. If you fail publicly, they will never let you forget it if you let them get away with it. If you succeed, the lie that it can’t be done is blown up, and everyone who is too afraid to even try will be feeling the pain of your success, and reaching for another round of excuses about why they cannot even begin to try.

Another problem about all of this flying about is that if you (and the bird) take off into the air, it’s more difficult to pin either of you down, control you, or keep you in plain, controllable, view. Obviously, this isn’t a problem for you, (or the bird), just for the control freaks in your life, and anyone else who can’t see themselves flying yet so don’t you dare even try.

Birds were designed to fly. You were designed to become who you are. But you get to decide what that is and do the work involved that it takes to get there.

If you never fly, never become who you truly are, you’ll never know what you might have seen while in flight. If you can get your nerve up to take off, even in the face of resistance, invalidation, fear, and a lack of control over the outcome, if you can trust that you’ll do well in your quest to find what you are seeking – it won’t matter if you fly better than anyone else, or if you even do it with finesse. Just by trying, you succeed. The trick is to get up and try again tomorrow, to step forward, to take off, to keep yourself moving.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2011  All Rights Reserved  ~

‘Free Bird’ ©Aussiegall

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On Having

This is a guest post by Connie Rose

What is it that we really have in this life?  I’ve been thinking a lot about the verb “to have,” and two basic concepts of “having” occur to me – one being in terms of possession, the other in terms of embracing.  

The first notion, possession, is about owning stuff, accruing material things, holding on to life physically and emotionally.  It’s acquisitive, accumulative and quantitative, it’s about obtaining things in life that we attach ourselves to in some way…like relationships and families, good jobs, nice homes, big salaries, lots of friends and social activities, travel and luxuries.  

Having, as such, often leads to judgment, usually of ourselves. How much do you have?  How much do I have?  Do I measure up if I don’t have as much as you have?  Have, in the outward sense, the material sense, the quantitative sense.  But all of these things that we acquire in life are transitory – we can’t take them with us when we leave.  So in the end it doesn’t really matter how much we own.

Having as possessing is also about experiencing the world, having experiences – direct observation or participation in an event, in other words.  And in this sense, having seems like a bridge to the next idea, embracing, which is more about what’s ours intrinsically, qualitatively, spiritually.

This level of having is not about stuff, it’s about who we are underneath all the trappings and our personal evolution into the beings we were meant to be.  “I have a big heart.”  “I have depth and compassion.”  “I have vision.”  These are things you can’t see.  And maybe because qualities are essentially invisible (although their results are often not), it is these very things that define who we really are.  We are spiritual non-form soul beings originally, having a physical human experience, all the while embracing, including, containing within us non-physical soul qualities.

As I’ve aged, owning stuff in the world has lost its appeal for me, especially more stuff than I truly need in order to feel happy and contented.  We pay a dear price for all that getting and all that holding on to that we humans do.  With fewer material things in our possession, we have room to embrace our soul qualities, to let them speak for who we are, to let our inner light shine.

“The less there is, the more important all of it becomes” (source unknown).  What I have now is more important than ever and defines me far better than anything I’ve ever possessed.  I have integrity, self honesty, creativity, artistic vision, joyful solitude, a big heart, a tender soul, and so much more.  I have the ability to see how beautiful the world is, to turn away from anything in life that threatens my inner peace, to nurture my soul, to continually become myself.  

Money and possessions simply can’t take the place of the inner security that’s part and parcel of embracing who we are on the inside.  These qualities are the only things worth having in the end.

©Connie Rose

Collage by Connie Rose

Connie Rose is a textile designer and digital photographer. She has been an artist and been on a personal healing journey for over forty years. She lives in rural Humboldt County, California.

Constance Rose Progressive Textiles

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Creating a vision

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Mihelich

The idea of creating a vision always seemed like an impossible challenge. Meditating. The mere practice of breathing and imagining my life as I envisioned it seemed nearly impossible. Impossible and Staggering and Stifling, definitely all of the things that meditating is NOT supposed to be.

If I were to envision myself meditating it would play out like a scene in a movie.

Fade In

INT : Elizabeth’s lovely apartment

Elizabeth sits in the middle of the floor on a cozy pillow with a single candle lit in front of her.  She has her legs crossed like every good meditating student does with her hands facing upward on her thighs.

She takes a deep breath, and another one. She adjusts her position on the pillow. She takes a determined deep breath.

You can do this. It’s easy. Just breathe. Focus.

Elizabeth takes another deep breath. A few minutes pass. Slowly Elizabeth opens one eye, and then scrunches them both shut again.  Letting out a frustrated sigh.

Maybe if I lay down. Ya. That seems like a great idea.
Let’s try that. Good call. Much more relaxed.

Elizabeth lies flat on the ground, shifting a little, back and forth. She finally seems to relax. A few minutes pass and we suddenly hear a loud snore. She’s asleep.


You get the idea? I’ve made meditating and being able to create a vision in my head so important in the past that I’ve actually talked myself OUT of doing it. Who needs meditation if it’s so stressful? Isn’t meditation supposed to actually relax you?

Still, the subject of meditation kept coming up in my life. I’ve learned that if something continually makes an appearance in my life it’s probably something that I should be reading, studying, paying attention to, etc.  I decided that I would take one of Kris’s Grounding meditation workshops and it was through Kris that I discovered my secret to creating a vision!

Creating a Vision MUST BE FUN! When Kris first introduced the idea of a grounding cord going from my first chakra to the center of the earth to me she gave me a vital piece of information that I was missing. She told me that I could envision the grounding cord as any color, any material, and any shape that I liked! It could be red, shiny sequins, or a brilliant, blue waterfall, a strong, beaming, stream of light. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it was fun and it made me laugh.

As long as it is fun and makes you laugh. This one simple suggestion has cracked open an entire world for me. Which, when I think about it, makes sense. I LOVE to laugh. It is my number one favorite thing to do on the planet. Well, maybe kissing is number one, but laughing and making people laugh run a very close second.

With Kris’s piece of advice I moved into her Psychic Meditation Workshop and soon discovered that I could visualize a rose to put all of my stresses into, watch it turn brown and die and then delight in blowing it up! Sending all of that energy and stress back where it came from was so freeing!

Being clairvoyant and seeing visions or symbols as guidance was a whole different beast. Even though I had now found freedom in meditation, which I began to think of as daydreaming; what’s more fun daydreaming or meditating?  Daydreaming, hands down.  I suddenly found myself sitting in silence with a massive smile on my face as I imagined my wedding, or arriving on set everyday for the television show that I’m a series regular on. Once I started to open up my own psychic gifts and make an attempt at clairvoyance I thought for sure that I would not be able to do it. I was in no way, shape or form a clairvoyant.

I didn’t realize that clairvoyance has such a broad definition to it. The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses. I know that this seems like a standard definition, but another amazing teacher I stumbled upon helped me to expand my understanding of it. This January I found myself in a Psychic Mediumship Development Class taught by Marilyn Papas, one of the best Psychic Mediums out there, and it was through her class that I realized I was already clairvoyant.

I have for the past 6 months or so, consistently looked at the clock at 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc. Marilyn stressed to us that seeing repeating numbers, specific words, or a specific animal over and over again are also considered a form of clairvoyance. It’s having the wherewithal to recognize the signs and being able to interpret them that makes you a practicing clairvoyant.

As class progressed with Marilyn we were introduced to our guides. I instantly thought, there’s no way I will be able to recognize my guides, let alone be able to talk to them. Just then, Marilyn said the magic words, “It doesn’t matter if it’s actually your guides or your imagination. Run with it, run with anything you get and before long you will see that you are actually being given a guide instead of making one up.”  The freedom to have fun, the freedom to play and the freedom to imagine is all it takes to connect to your own clairvoyance.  I chose in that moment to just run with it and when a sprite like little guide appeared at my feet I thought, hmmm, that’s funny, why not? This particular guide doesn’t really make an appearance any more, so its definitely possible that he was one that I imagined. The point is, is that it doesn’t matter. If we can get back to our sense of play, vivid imaginations and getting lost in daydreams we will all be able to create the most incredible visions for our lives. The greatest thing about this is that whether we see quick results or not, we will want to keep doing it simply for the fun and the escape that it provides.

I was also introduced to my “higher self” through a meditation in Marilyn’s class. I don’t think that I would have had such a strong image or knowing of my higher self without the permission to play. When I think about what a “higher self” is supposed to be I instantly get images of Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, or someone like Mother Theresa.  My higher self is ridiculous. She’s funny, beautiful and creative. A heightened version of myself . . . or a higher one, ahhhh, now “higher self” makes SO much more sense. Just kidding.

In the meditation, Marilyn led us to a house where our higher selves lived. She asked us to walk up to the porch and climb the stairs to the front door. My higher self was standing behind the screen door of this lovely, Craftsman like house, waiting excitedly for me. She was about to open the door to greet me when Marilyn said, “Walk through the house to the sunroom where your higher self is waiting for you.” My higher self suddenly exclaimed, “Oh!” and turned and ran to the sunroom. Once I arrived there, she was sitting in a chair with her back turned to me, I entered, and she turned dramatically towards me. Such a ham!!! Since that meditation I’ve begun to call upon my higher self a lot for guidance and understanding. She never disappoints.

I know that you’re reading this thinking, “But couldn’t that still be your imagination?” I would agree with you, except for the fact that she now appears to me when I’m not trying to connect with her. For instance, I was at Cardio Barre, an intense workout that I love, but is really, really hard. One day I was feeling particularly weak and down on myself, not sure if I could continue. I suddenly had a vision of my higher self. She was dressed in a 1980’s style, insanely high cut leotard with tights, leg warmers and full on headband taming the wild hair. She was probably working out to a Jane Fonda video, but whatever it was, she was really into it, having a great time and encouraging me to do the same. I think I may have even laughed out loud in class, which always goes over extremely well in the middle of a class workout, no one looks crazier than when you’re laughing out loud doing a brutal workout. Who cares? It got me out of my momentary funk and I was able to kick ass during the class! Man, I love that crazier, higher self of mine. Her flair for the dramatic is off the charts!

Whether you’re trying to tap into your clairvoyance, struggling to meditate, visualizing the life you want or simply daydreaming, I urge you to allow fun into your practice.  If anything, it will brighten your day; give you a much needed laugh and brighter smile. My guess is it will also give you a clearer vision of your own life. Clarity is key. Happy Daydreaming!

©Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth Mihelich is an Intuitive Life Coach. She loves helping people realize their dreams and accomplish their goals. Elizabeth is also an actress, singer and writer who lives in La La Land, California and loves to make people laugh. Elizabeth has written a pilot for television, a romantic comedy feature and an action adventure movie for kids, and has endless ideas for television shows! If you are interested in buying any of them, she will happily meet with you!
To contact Elizabeth email her at

Image: ‘Higher Self’

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Making it real is an inside job

It’s important to understand that if you want to be seen in the spotlight, it isn’t the spotlight itself that makes you look good.

It’s not because of the spotlight that you shine. Your light comes from within you. The more comfortable you are with who you are, the easier it will be for you to stand out, and to step into the light.

The better you know and love yourself, the more you allow yourself the permission and space to simply be who you are, the simpler it will be for you to fearlessly step forward and be seen.

It’s not what’s coming in from the outside world that makes it real for you, but how you choose to be, from the inside out. The power is within you already: the power to decide to become conscious, to heal yourself, to give yourself permission to be one of a kind.

No matter what others may pressure you to be, if you are grounded within your own truth, it will be effortless for you to know what you need to do next. If your loyalty is to a group, to your family or friends, or to someone else’s way of seeing, you may want to spend some quality time and sort through yourself to see if you’ve been blindly loyal at the expense of your own truth. If you’re afraid of being ostracized by the group for being yourself, you will hold yourself back from living your own life. Your life won’t belong to you, and you won’t be free.

If you can’t be what others want you to be, be yourself instead. Find out what that is, and make it real by becoming it, with complete honesty.

The following is from an article called ‘Nurse Reveals the Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed’: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” ~ This was the most common regret of all. When people realize that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made. ~by Bronnie Ware

It is time to step up your game, to decide to free yourself of those old restrictions. Let go of the rules that held you back, such as the need to make sense to everyone, be perfect, or live sensibly. As you’ve no doubt noticed, a lot of things do not make sense right now. We are moving to a new time in our evolution, and yes, we are evolving. It’s happening anyway, so you might as well come along.

If you’re not sure where to start, you may want to begin by asking yourself, what makes it real for you? What do you really want? Be honest with yourself, and you’ll never need to worry about what others think. By living your truth from within, you will show them who you’ve decided to be.

©Kris Cahill
‘Morning Ant’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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Do you have to choose between freedom and approval?

Are you torn between choosing to have what you want, and needing to have others approve of you?

When you don’t have the freedom to choose to create or have what you truly want, you might be giving up your space to fears that others won’t like you if you do the things you really want to do.

If you’re afraid you’ll anger someone or hurt their feelings if you change, you are allowing your need for their approval to control you. You cannot blame somebody else for this. It’s within your power to change it, not theirs.

If you’ve allowed others to have power over you, that again isn’t their problem to solve. It’s yours. If you need others to approve of you living your life the way you see fit, and if you won’t make a move without their permission, you have nobody else to blame when you don’t get what you want.

You don’t have to make your life a democracy in which everyone else gets a vote on what can happen in your life. You may have been trying to be very nice, and to not create conflicts with others who think they know exactly who you are and what you should do. So, to keep the peace, you hold back, waiting for others to sign on to the idea of you having your own life. Perhaps you spend a lot of your energy helping them out, and they just don’t know what they would do without you! You end up feeling guilty at the thought of not being there for everyone else, and your life becomes all about keeping it together for them.

Meanwhile, what you see is possible for you, and the things you want in your life, don’t go away. You have a conflict in your space between what you think you should do, and what you really want to do.

A good dose of truth within yourself will go far in helping you to change the patterns of not making your life your own. By becoming honest with yourself, you can see yourself and your dreams more clearly. If you have no support for your dreams in your personal world, and are expected to give your energy away so that others can achieve theirs, maybe you want to change that.

If you decide that approving of yourself and being happy with who you are mean more to you than winning any popularity contests, you’re well on the way to creating your life from a place of inner freedom. This is your true job in this lifetime.

©Kris Cahill

Junk Yard Sexy’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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We are all creative beings

This is a guest post by Amadaes Baj

To be creative is to . . . dream . . . is to live . . . is to breathe . . . is to love. Creativity is not something bestowed upon a chosen few. It’s innate, it’s human, invisible, visible, manifested, and in the ether. It is everywhere – like the air – like molecules – and atoms – and water – and emotions. To be creative is to have energy . . . to express energy. And we all express energy, whether we like it or not . . . we are all creative beings.

According to an amalgam of dignified definitions: to be creative is to: “possess the ability to bring something new into form, to produce something through imaginative skill.”

Just by incarnating into the physical body that you are, you are creating, bringing something new into form. And every hour of your day, every thought and emotion you have, every decision you make, feeling that moves through you, you are producing the experience of you into form. I see you. I experience you. You see me. You experience me. We are now both imagining and creating. We are creative.

And I want to see you, experience you, for you are unlike any other energy I have ever experienced. Your expression is valid and it matters and you are creating something original in this world just by existing = YOU!!!

As an artist, I often get asked about my creativity. People want to know how I access my creative voice:  how I came up with the words to a song or a poem, or how I learned to play an instrument. They are curious to know what makes a “creative person” tick, as if somehow, I am one of the chosen few, blessed with the ability to express.

But, I am not one of the chosen few. I am just like you in that I am a living breathing human being expressing energy. And, like you, my energy is unique, imbued with all those thoughts and feelings and energies that somehow make up the tangible and intangible “me.”

My creating and creativity comes from being me, living my life, bringing out the “universe inside.” We are all creators and creative beings, all with a rich universe to be expressed. But there is nothing you need to do to be creative. It’s enough to just be, to breathe, to exist in this moment. The art of identity, of creating your life, your relationships, these things are your most magnificent creations and showcase your greatest creativity.

We live in a culture that separates “the creative” from the “non-creative, the “artist” from the “non-artist.” To be labeled “creative” is akin to being called a “genius” or “talented,” terms reserved for the special few. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard good friends, bright imaginative friends, tell me that they are “not creative.” They will defend their lack of creativity, give me examples of singing out of tune in church, or not being able to draw anything other than a stick figure . . . and I will listen patiently, because my friends seem so intent on making their point: “I am not creative!” But, as many times as I’ve been told “I am not creative” by someone I certainly believe IS creative, I never get used to the idea. I simply cannot understand why the term creative or artist gets reserved for just a few people who are born with some innate talent to sing four octaves or draw likenesses at age 5.

To be alive, is to be creative. The singularly most creative thing a person can do is live.

It seems to me that the difference between being labeled “creative” or claiming the title of “artist” lies with permission. It is difficult in this society to give oneself the permission to express and own it. It can be challenging to belong to a group and own your own unique energy, separate from the group mentality, and yet still belong.

But, I will say it again.

To be alive, is to be creative. The singularly most creative thing a person can do is live.

So, please live your life, and breathe, and dream and love, and dance. You can give yourself the permission to express. You already are creative; you already are an artist. And the more you allow yourself to embrace your energy, the more you give yourself permission to express yourself in all the ways unique to you being you, the more you will find yourself feeling creative. It’s already there, within you, around you . . . just give yourself permission to claim it!

©Amadaes Baj

Amadaes Baj is an accomplished musician, songwriter, healer, filmmaker, historian, and writer. She is currently working on an original screenplay set during the Civil War, and finishing up her first solo album. As a healer, she is helping musicians and artists to heal themselves and once more find their creative voice. Amadaes lives in West Hollywood, California. Visit her blog, Amadaes Alchemy, and her website:

‘Sunfeather’ ©Amadaes Baj

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The puzzle and the picture

What do you do when your creation doesn’t match the picture on the box that it was ‘supposed’ to look like?

What if that creation is you?

If you’re trying to put a puzzle together, the goal is to make it look like the picture on the box it came in.

If you’re trying to put your life together, there is no picture, and no box. Actually, there are loads of pictures. The trick is to find yours. You’ll know when you’re on the right track because things work better for you, life flows, and you somehow feel right.

Rather than be invalidated because you didn’t match or fit in, decide to embrace your Differentness.  It’s an opportunity to discover who you are and who you meant to become this lifetime. This is how you find your own pictures: the means to create them are already within you.

Creativity is about Discovery. It’s not about being lauded, accepted, and fitting in. Creativity is of the spirit – you already have the ability to create because you are here. In fact, even without much awareness or action on your part, you are creating all day long. Every thought, picture, message you give to yourself or others, is creating something.

The key would be to become conscious about what that thing is that you are creating. Is it what you meant to create? Is it even your truth? Does it work for you?

Invalidation can set in at a very young age when you don’t fit the picture that others have about who you are, or should be. If you arrive here, all shiny and sparkly, but just don’t match somehow, you will be told by others that there is something wrong with you. It can take years before you realize that you were born perfectly fine, just as you are. (This was amusingly illustrated in the hit television series “The Munsters”. Marilyn is the beautiful cousin who is seen as the ‘unattractive’ one in the family, because she doesn’t look like a monster.)

Life is a ‘come as you are’ party. You arrived with a mission, goals, and a plan. If it feels like you’re not living your own true life, it’s because you haven’t found your way there yet. It’s available to you now, and begins with you listening to your own truth, and following your own heart.

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Be the spark to your own fire

This is a guest post by Silvia Mick.

They say that, when you hit your lowest point, you have a few possible choices: adjust to it, dig deeper or raise up from the ground. As usual, you’re the one in charge, but getting used to something I don’t like has never been part of my plan and the only digging I advise you to do is inside of yourself, to single out what’s going on, what brought you there, and to start working on it and on yourself to be able to release your inner value, your biggest treasure, the Core of your being, and let it shine and dazzle everyone around.

Of course, you don’t have to reach your lowest point to start searching and working on your inner value, that’s a quest everyone of us can, and should, start anytime and as soon as possible. That’s THE quest, I should say, as I believe that nothing is more important than finding out who you are and what you want FOR REAL.

Now, it may seem easy, as most of us believe that self-knowledge is some “default feature” that doesn’t have to be worked upon and naturally comes with another set of “features” that cannot be changed.

“I am like this and I cannot be different”. “I can’t do that”. “I admire you because you made it, but I could never do the same because that’s just not me” and so on and so forth. Well, that’s all just non-sense. Fact is, we all seem to be pre-programmed on low or very low self-esteem, everybody around is telling us that we cannot make it on our own, that we need to find that Special Someone that makes life worth living, that we have to adjust to some “normality” or “standard way to be” or “grayness” because “that’s the way life is and you’re not that special anyway to change it, so get with the Program just like anyone else”. And then there’s family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, neighbors, TV, commercials, ads, political and religious leaders teaching and preaching the RIGHT WAY, the ONLY WAY to the truth, to happiness, to freedom, to love, and to whatever you may possibly imagine. And their message is so powerful and somehow easier to accept than working on your own path, that we end up believing that we DO REALLY WANT what we are told that we should want and that WE ARE the way we’re told we should be.

Our inner value, the Core of our being, our true potential lays under all these layers – and many more to be mentioned – layers of unnecessary. All we need is already inside of us, we don’t need confirmations from the outside, we need to know who we are and what we want FOR REAL. So often, we live in an open cage made of frustration, other people’s expectations, regrets, what ifs, fears and we leave our true potential – that powerful inner voice screaming so loud if we could only stop for a second and listen to it – rot inside of us. Cursing life and external circumstances for what we haven’t been able to achieve, for what we haven’t been strong enough to fight for and believe in.

When our only true birth right is to make a masterpiece of our life. No matter what this may possibly mean to you, that’s not the point. There are no limits, only those we impose on ourselves.

Your own value is in your eyes, not in somebody else’s. It’s running in your veins, nobody can take it from you. How can you get there? There’s no universal recipe to do that. So, just don’t believe in other people’s perfect solution because there’s no right way and no wrong way to do it. You’ll have to find your path on your own. Dive into yourself, dig into the dirt, accept all the dark spots, the so-called “unacceptable” and start from there, the real You, your Core, and fall in love with yourself, all of yourself, without judgment. Never relying on the surface or on common sense, on what is supposed to be right or wrong, but searching your own meaning, your own way.

It’s not easy, it can be a very harsh and lonesome journey, but it’s absolutely worth it. And it’s a never-ending process, not a stage you reach and you’re done forever. You cannot believe the discipline it takes to stay true to the Core of your being when everybody else is trying to sell you their own idea of perfection and how you should and are supposed to be.

Become who you are. Let your value, your Core, shine. You can change anytime, become a new You every second, reinvent yourself as much as you feel it is right for you. And that’s still You, nobody can ever accuse you of having changed, that’s a trick to break your wings and keep you in that open cage. While our possibilities are infinite.

That’s your mission.  Society is a big cage imposing standards and rules on us, but then it thrives thanks to personal initiative, and to those people who stay true to themselves and follow their own shiny path.

Be your own creator. Find your own value and forge it to give shape to your dreams and your life.

©Silvia Mick 2011
Born in Italy in 1974, and currently living in Rome, silviamick is the provocative and inspiring author of I am – Absolute Freedom, a book “not for the faint of heart”. Starting from her own personal experiences, she constantly pierces through the façade of modern society under the motto “This world needs a Revolution. You & I are the chosen ones”.


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