The most valuable gifts are those you can’t buy

The most sought after and precious gifts you can give won’t cost you a dime.

You can’t order them online, or wait in line for hours to buy them. But they are available to give freely, anytime you want to do so. One size fits all, and no matter who you give these gifts to, they are a good fit. There’s no worries about gift receipts, returns, or guessing whether your gift will be the right one.

And what’s even better – when you give one of these to someone else, you give the same to yourself.

Here’s a list of gifts that are sure to fit everyone on your list, for any occasion, at any time of year.

1. Non-judgment  ~  When you give the gift of non-judgment, you give one of the greatest presents ever. Once you decide to stop being in judgment, and allow others to be who they are and where they’re at, you take a load away from both them and yourself. Judgment as an energy is heavy, cold, stubborn, unyielding. Once you stop playing the judgment game, you can lighten up, instantly. Fears drop away, life is a happier place. If the person you’ve been judging most harshly is yourself, give yourself the gift of letting go of self criticism, and replace it with self love. You are then giving two gifts in one! By loving yourself, you become a gift for others, without lifting a finger. A person who accepts and loves himself or herself is a joy to be around.

2. Forgiveness  ~  When you forgive yourself, you no longer hold yourself back from your own life. By forgiving someone else, you give both them and yourself a supreme gift. You make it possible for real healing to happen, even if that person is no longer alive. Carrying the energy of forgiveness can help you to release dark heavy unhappy energies from your spirit. When you forgive someone for anything, you take your own power back. You cease being a victim. You become a beautiful example of the healing power of forgiveness. Highly recommended: watch the documentary Forgiving Dr. Mengele’ for a true life example of the healing power of forgiveness.

3. Gratitude  ~  By now the healing properties attributed to having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ are well known. It feels good to feel grateful – it’s a feeling you can feel throughout your whole spirit and body. But did you also know that when you carry this vibration with you, you become the healing for others? You do this without having to think about it, or to give your healing energy away to all those you come into contact with. You become a healing even for those you don’t know, when you’ve set your own energy at Gratitude.

4. A Positive Attitude  ~  When you choose to walk through life with a positive view, you are also embracing energies like amusement, peace, joy, and happiness. You’ve become skilled at letting go of small things that really do not matter. You are also working from a bigger picture, spiritually speaking. All who come into contact with you will benefit from being in your presence, even if it doesn’t seem like they can have the same positivity. In fact, some people may get downright ornery when you’re positive! This is where that amusement comes in handy. Keep your eyes on the prize, as the saying goes. What you prize, whatever you focus on, is where you’ll have more power to create. Having a positive view of life contributes dramatically to your overall health and well being.

These green gift ideas don’t use up resources from the planet, and leave a very low carbon footprint. In fact, they bring healing wherever they are given. When you give one of them to another person, that person is very likely going to re-gift what you gave, while also keeping it. In an exceptionally short time, your gift can double, triple, and continue to grow until it spreads like wildfire. You create real change in the world when you become conscious of the energies you allow to run through you. You become the gift.

Have a beautiful holiday! I have a gift for you: a free guided meditation called ‘A Meditation On Becoming Peace’. Find it at this page on my website: Peace Meditation. Enjoy!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011 All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Spirals and Waterdrops’ ©Tanakawho

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10 energies to heal yourself with

1. Gratitude ~ This is a powerhouse energy, in and of itself. When you adopt this one as your daily companion, it’s difficult for you to be shut down. Finding gratitude for what you have, who you know, and who you are, including gratitude for your body – can help you to see the bigger picture and greater possibilities. See it, and it can become yours.

2. Forgiveness ~ Much like gratitude, forgiveness is a powerful energy, the super anti-oxidant of energies. Just as a powerful anti-oxidant will knock bad cells out of your body and keep you healthy, forgiveness can help you knock out dark heavy unhappy energies from your spirit. When you forgive someone for anything, you take your own power back. You cease being a victim. When you forgive yourself, you no longer hold yourself back from your own life. For a beautiful example of true life forgiveness, see the documentary, ‘Forgiving Dr. Mengele’.

3. Permission ~ Permission to do or become, all begins within you. If you’ve been waiting for permission to come to you from someone else, stop waiting. All that waiting will only have you collecting dust. Meanwhile, those around you who have decided to seize permission for themselves are living their lives the way they see fit. There is no blueprint; you are making it up as you go along on your journey. If you are following a script that says to wait for someone to tell you it’s time to spring into action, you are being controlled. It’s time to burn that old script and write your own.

4. Amusement ~ Another super powerhouse of an energy, amusement is one of the highest spiritual energies you can have within yourself. When in amusement, you will allow other difficult energies to simply melt away. They won’t bother you. It’s easier to see clearly, to not take it all personally, to release the chains that bind you, spiritually. It’s difficult to be controlled or lied to, when you’re amused.

5. Self Love ~ When you decide that you are already great, just as you are; when you decide you are worthy of love just because you exist; when you accept yourself, flaws and all – that is when you have found love for yourself. Life is so much easier, even the difficult parts, when you can have this for yourself. You won’t have to create situations in which you try to prove yourself worthy of love, because you won’t need to prove it if you already know it, within.

6. Being in the present ~ Everything is happening now, in this moment. You can’t do what you want yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t here yet. You are creating tomorrow, right now in this moment, with every choice and attitude you take and make. Present time is always where your body is, and if you want to find present time for yourself, find your body. Present time is a miracle. This is where you learn, create, grow, choose, change, and actually live.

7. Letting Go ~ This is necessary in order to create space enough to create anything new. If you’ve been holding onto everything and have a difficult time with this one, you already know how hard it can be to release ties to the past – to people, jobs, and especially old self images. Letting go is another powerhouse of an energy. Becoming conscious about what you’ve been holding onto is healing for you. You may find that what you thought you needed to hold onto, is actually holding you back from your next steps, and from your life as you’d like it to be.

8. Truth ~ Make it your habit and your goal to be in your truth. Speak the truth as you know it to be, and live it too. Notice which people and situations help you to be in your truth, and which ones take you away from it. Notice the energy of honest people, and how you feel being around them. Keep a journal in which you only write the truth to yourself, and write down things that you honestly want and feel. Write down where you’ve not been as truthful as you’d like to be, and forgive yourself for it. Being honest requires strength, and we are all encouraged to lie rather than confront others with our truth, and run the risk of hurting their feelings or making them uncomfortable. Social niceties have made liars of us all, when we’ve allowed them to.

9. Happiness ~ It is truly amusing that people even debate whether happiness is possible, or practical, or desirable, or deserved, etc. Happiness is an energy, and a choice. It is possible to decide to have a happy attitude. Happiness isn’t a perfect energy, though you can find yourself perfectly happy some days, and why not? Happiness is also a present time energy. It is interesting that the pursuit of happiness is in the United States Constitution as one of our rights. Do you also have it as one of your own personal rights? What if you were to write your own Spiritual Constitution, complete with your own Bill of Rights? Do you have the right to be happy?

10. Your own energy ~ This is the best energy to heal yourself with. It’s the best energy you can have within you. It’s the energy that was made for you, and it’s unique in all of creation. Your own energy is not flawed, but sometimes you might take on other energies that get in the way of yours. The way to begin to have more of your own energy within you, is to get to know yourself – to love, accept, forgive, and be honest about what you want and who you are. Meditation is one thing that can help you with this. Everything else on this list can also help you to find your own energy. Wanting to know and have your own energy is the first step towards doing it.

©Kris Cahill
‘Rays of Sun’ on Pixdaus

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Gratefully yours

This is a guest post by Catherine Zukowski

I use to wake up each morning and roll out of bed critically assessing the looseness of my belly and the odd sagging starting in my inner thighs. 

In front of the bathroom mirror I would continue my morning “hello” by bemoaning the dark circles and lines permanently taking root under my eyes.  Well “good morning beautiful” to you too! Harshly judging my body had been a lifetime hobby. There were others that participated in my hobby. Family, friends, boyfriends, distorted media images of beauty all joined in on creating the internal dialogue of judgment. Oh I spread that judgment to others as well at my most miserable times.

Reciprocity of this judgmental energy fuels these negative perceptions.  Someone once asked me how long would I keep a friend if I picked on her as much as I pick on myself. That simple question shifted my perspective and made me realize that I treated my body as if it was the enemy of my happiness and the block to finding love. Through meditation in various forms over the years, I learned to clear this negative energy out of my system. It was not mine to begin with, but other people’s that had their own healing to do.

As the signs of aging are a little more prevalent, I won’t lie, they are not welcome, but without looking at myself though the filter of judgment I realize how very healthy and beautiful I am and how healthy and beautiful I have always been.  By embracing this body I heal the pre-teen, teenager and adult woman that wasn’t happy because they all exist in me.

Spiritual awareness must include awareness of this amazing machine that houses our spirit letting us experience this life. Daily meditation helps me to tune into my physical body as well as my energy body. Right now as I take a moment to sit and do nothing, there is a factory humming away with no misfires.

Even the cold virus that is sneaking up on me is being fought off by my immune system without me telling my body to do it. I don’t even have to know how it all works. Hair is growing while I write this blog. Cells are renewing, food is digesting, my eyes send images to my brain and I see continually, and don’t forget the breathing. Really, don’t forget the breathing. It’s easy to take for granted, but so many of us breathe shallowly or hold our breath during times of stress.  Deep breathing consciously during meditation and during the course of the day, especially during times of stress, will calm and center the body and mind. Breath is the life-force. Don’t ever underestimate its healing power.

Another underestimated power is gratitude. Gratitude is validating, thus healing.  As I ground my body during meditation so that it can release foreign energy I notice sensations such as a twinge in the lower back or needle pinch in the shoulder and neck, those typical stress areas. Sometimes I’ll feel some discomfort in areas I hadn’t noticed before. I focus my own healing energy and gratitude to those sore spots to move out the foreign energy that became stuck. I can feel my body answer back by relaxing and giving me a sense of euphoria. I now consciously send gratitude to my body in general and specific areas that need extra loving care when practicing yoga as well. I use to curse my body during certain asanas that focused at the core because it was so hard. It’s still hard, but instead of resisting and berating my weak stomach muscles I focus gratitude and find that I am better able to complete the asana or at least go longer than I thought I could.  It’s amazing how a muscle will stretch just a little further or hold a little longer when giving it gratitude. It’s the ultimate “atta girl, you can do it.”

Listen to your body. Ask it what it wants. Are you giving it enough rest, exercise, healthy food, fun, love and gratitude?  Remember how wonderful it feels to be around someone that appreciates you. Treat your body as you would a most cherished loved one, because it is the friend that is with you through thick and thin.

Catherine Zukowski is a clairvoyant energy reader/ healer, jewelry designer living in LA with her husband. She is also a regular volunteer at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles’ Skid Row District.




A meditation on value

Psychic Everyday spotlights a different energy for each month. Value has been the theme for January, 2011. This is a special meditation on Value.

Looking at what has value and meaning is a wonderful way to begin a new year, or a new era in your life, especially one filled with so much possibility and opportunity.

Value itself is a wonderful meditation theme. Having a conscious awareness of your own value, as well as valuing what it is you already have in your life, can help you to create even more of what it is you want.

A meditation on value:

Sit in a comfortable seat, with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow your attention point to come back to you from wherever it has been. As you sit and breathe, notice that there is no effort to do so. Become aware of your body doing its work, effortlessly. Create a connection from your lower body, the base of your spine, into the earth. Allow this energy connection, this grounding, to go deep into the earth, all the way to the center of the earth. Notice how this feels for your body.

Notice your lungs, heart, brain, stomach, liver – all of the organs in your body. Every organ and every gland, every tissue, bone, cell, your senses – every part of your body is priceless. Many people don’t even notice the miracles of their bodies until forced to, whether by illness, injury, or something else.

Begin by thanking your body for its miraculous abilities. Find gratitude and value for each part of you, from your toes all the way up to the top of your head. Especially if part of your body has been challenged in some way, find gratitude. Notice the value of having a beating heart, a brain that is working, lungs that breathe – it is through the miracle of this body of yours that you can even do anything that you do each day.

If you’ve been in the habit of invalidating your own body, if you’ve been angry at your body, if you’ve been ignoring it, if you don’t like it and are hypercritical of it, now is a good time to get over that, and become friends with your body. Allow yourself to release any body invalidation that has been sitting inside of you, down to the earth. The earth will neutralize the old uncomfortable energy you let go of. As you continue to communicate with your body, continue to release these other unhappy energies that have been sitting inside of you. Notice how it feels to do so.

Notice your own abilities, talents, things you like to do. What are you attracted to, what do you love, what is fun for you? Find value for these abilities, even if nobody else around you can value them. Allow yourself to release any invalidation that comes up and gets in the way of you having what it is you love. If you’ve been holding yourself back from creating something because you’re afraid it won’t have value to others, let go of that fear. It’s just resistance, getting in your way.

Notice if there is something else you want to value more – perhaps your work, relationships, home, choices in life. It is up to you, not others, to find what has meaning for you. Release any energy that gets in the way of you having this for yourself.

Notice how this feels, and what you experience while doing all of this. Finish the meditation by replenishing yourself with your own energy. Create a big beautiful golden sun above your head, and allow this to be the source of your own unique energy. Let it shine down and fill yourself back in again with your own healing energy. Let the gold sun help you remember your own value. Enjoy!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  ~
‘De Gotas De Agua’ ©Lilly on Pixdaus

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Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings!

Can you imagine the ad – if the Earth had a real estate agent?

“A stunningly beautiful place to live. A place of great wealth, packed with natural resources. Can support billions of beings at once, effortlessly. Great variety of species, flora, fauna.”

We all saw this beautiful planet and wanted in.

It’s easy to forget this while in the midst of the constant activity that is the average human being’s daily experience: we live on an immensely beautiful planet. Our wealthy earth provides plenty to keep every one of us happy and healthy. Earth didn’t make stipulations about who could have more and who, less.

Earth Day was created 40 years ago by people who had become aware that it was time to become more conscious about the earth, and to show gratitude for this place we all call home.

Thank you, Earth, for all that you give so graciously, every day!

Thank you for the atmosphere that protects us, the oxygen we can breathe, the rain, snow, sleet, and ice, the forests, lakes, oceans, and rivers. Thank you for the many plants, animals and insects we share this place with and learn so much from. Thank you for your hospitality, and your poetic beauty.

Why not take a moment on this day to sit with the earth? You may remember why you are here.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Earth Day Embrace’ ©Jurvetson on Flickr

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