Detox your energy this spring

Spring is a traditional time to go on a detox diet, which can help you to shed any leftover winter energy that, literally, weighs you down.

Why not take it a step further, and get to the core of where many of those toxins come from in the first place? Hint: it’s all energy!

When you give yourself an energy detox, you also detox physically. Everything begins with energy, and you are made of energy, body and spirit. Taking on energies that are toxic for you, such as stress, invalidation, anxiety, pain – will create an imbalance inside of you. This affects your body’s health, not to mention your overall sense of happiness and wellness, as well as your ability to create.

Each of us needs energy in order to live, be healthy, and create our lives to be how we want them to be.

If you find yourself feeling ‘full’ after being around particularly stressful people or situations, and if the energy you’ve taken on feels toxic to you, it’s not your own energy. This is like eating a meal that disagrees with you; rather than create a pleasant sense of well being within you, it may cause indigestion. If you’ve taken on energy that doesn’t agree with you, it’s not your energy to begin with. You can’t use it to create with, because it’s not yours. What’s more, it can get in the way of you enjoying the truth of your own energy.

It benefits you to become aware of which energies are yours, and which are not. This is consciousness.

Your own energy is the very best energy you could possibly run yourself on. You’d never fill an expensive sports car with the wrong grade of fuel, one that’s too heavy for the car. It wouldn’t run well, if at all. But you may have tried to run your body on energies that make it, and you, feel sluggish, tired, unhappy, invalidated, or in pain. None of those energies I just mentioned are your true vibration, by the way. If you’ve been giving your energy away all of your life, or taking on denser energies that aren’t you, you may begin to feel like there is something wrong with your energy.

Many people believe that losing their energy as they get older is a natural part of aging. They expect to have the same physical ailments that their parents did, and point to genetics as being predetermined and a given. Meanwhile, they have forgotten what it feels like to run on their own energy. They may be running on a toxic blend of stress-pain-invalidation, backed up by pain killers to dull the roar within.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can quickly and very easily begin to heal yourself deeply, by taking care of your energy in a more conscious way.

Here are some suggestions for your Spring Energy Detox:

1. Rest, especially if you never do. Listen to your body and give it enough sleep, as well as quality time off.

2. Forgive. Let go of those toxic grudges, that sickening anger, or any exhausting energies you’ve held onto while also holding onto how someone hurt or wronged you.

3. Learn to ground yourself and begin to release energies you’ve taken on that are not you.

4. Meditate daily. Turn off your phone and other distractions, give yourself some quiet time and space so that you can go within and begin getting to better know the most important person in your life – you.

5. Say nice things to yourself and to your body. If you’ve had a tape loop of negative self criticism running through you, get rid of it.

6. Listen to your intuition. Follow it, and validate yourself when your intuition is right.

7. Get rid of mean people. Why waste energy on abusive, negative, and punishing people? If you do this, others around you will also find the courage to do the same thing. When negativity no longer has an audience, it goes away.

8. Let go of what you can’t solve. Just drop it. If you’ve been unable to solve a problem, it may not be yours to begin with.

9. Stop being responsible for everyone else, except for yourself. If you are busily running around saving the world, but forgot about you, you may be avoiding doing your own work.

10. Be in present time. Everything happens now, and now is the only time you can change, choose, create, and be in your body. It’s a miracle to be in the present time!

@Kris Cahill

This week’s Sunday Meditation Teleseminar is ‘Peace From the Inside Out’, Sunday, April 1, 2012, from 10-11am PT. This is a teleseminar, entirely by phone. Join me for this live guided meditation here.  ~

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Walking with the earth

This is a guest post by Susan Gale

Rhythms, cycles, lives leading to more life, interdependency, and our rightful place in the scheme of things. These are some of the lessons learned when one walks with the earth.

To walk with the earth is to be mindful of her children, our relations. When we walk with the earth, we come to the realization that all life can exist very well without human presence, but that two-leggeds cannot exist for more than a few minutes without the plant people.  This means that it is our responsibility to take care of the earth so that we can continue to exist in the natural harmony and beauty of life.

When we take time to observe, we realize that no two animals in a given species are exactly the same.  Each leaf is a unique thing.  When we take time to listen, we can hear the songs of not only the birds, but also of the wind, the water, the creepy crawlers, and the four-leggeds.  When we take time to listen, we hear the cry of the dying tree and the mourning of its brothers and sisters that surround it.  We also hear the rejoicing of the new shoots that come from the earth, growing from its ancestors who have gone before it.

The earth’s rhythms teach us that the violence of storms, floods and fires are necessary for new growth, for bringing in new nutrients, just as the challenges in our lives give us the opportunity for new spiritual growth, for new ideas.

All life is cyclical.  All is done within the pulse of the earth’s heartbeat, which you can hear if you press your ear to the ground and get really quiet. Her heartbeat is slow and strong, sustaining us all.

We cannot walk with the earth when we are noisy and busy.  We must be silent and mindful.  We walk with quiet feet so as not to disturb our relations.  We do not take more than we need, and we use all we take.  We are mindful of what we ask of our relations when we take their lives to sustain our own and do so with gratitude, honoring their gifts of life to us.  It is only when we live outside the rhythm that our brothers and sisters are seen as pests or dangers or that we abuse their sacrifices.  There is enough for us all.

To walk with the earth, we must spend time with her.  It does not matter if it is a small plot of grass in the middle of the city or the vast expanses of land in the forest, her rhythm and lessons are the same.  As our earth is shifting from so much abuse, it is important that we once again learn to walk in harmony with her truths, rather than to society’s misguided perceptions.

©Susan Gale

Susan Gale is the manager of A Place of Light in central Massachusetts
where she creates a space for people to understand, control and develop
their intuitive awareness.  Much of this is accomplished through walking
with the earth.

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The November Challenge: present time

Being in the present time is a miracle. The present time is the only place where you can create, choose, change, speak out, feel, eat, sleep, and so on…

Even so, many people are not living in the present. Their energy is caught in the past or ahead of them in a longed for future. They’ve forgotten that in order to create that beautiful future, they will need their energy with them in each moment, now, to do so. It takes energy to create anything, and if you’ve left yours all over time, you might not have enough to do your real work now.

With November 2010 beginning today, I am presenting my first Energy Challenge here on Psychic Everyday. Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to spend this month being conscious about where you have your energy. Notice for yourself if you’ve left your energy in old situations, relationships, jobs, homes, your family. Can you bring it back? Also notice if you put your energy out ahead of where you are now, in future situations, relationships, jobs, money, and so on.

I promise you that if you spend quality time every day getting your energy into the present, you will notice changes in your life. If you spend time getting your energy back to the here and now, you will have more of it available to use for yourself, to create what it is you want now.

Weekly reminders will be posted, every Monday in November. Monday seems a good day to get back into the present! I’ll report to you what is going on behind the scenes here, and write more about this topic. I’d love to hear from you too. You can leave your comment here at this blog, including any questions about this month’s challenge you have. It’s also nice to validate for yourself what is changing for you as you become more aware of being in the present.

Here is a short list of ideas for getting your own energy back into the present time.

  • 1. Meditate daily. Even if you only have a few minutes, go for it. Sit quietly with no distractions, on a comfy chair with your feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes, allow your attention to come back to yourself in this moment. Notice your body – it is always in the present time. Say hello to it and to yourself, speak kindly. Imagine collecting up your own energy and having it available again now, to use as you see fit.
  • 2. Exercise daily. Stretch, walk, dance, lift weights, do pilates or yoga, but get your body moving. This will help you to remember that you have a body, and again, your body is always in the present time.
  • 3. Forgive those who have hurt you. When you forgive, you free up your own energy again. Forgive for yourself. While you’re at it, forgive yourself too.
  • 4. Learn to let go of the things and people you cannot solve, heal, or control. Just drop the demands in your space to do the impossible. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you free up by this one action.

Much success to you as you release the past and get your own energy back again! I’m off now, to clean up my office – today’s present time exercise. Enjoy!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved. /
6:59am ©Wolfgang Staudt

The making of a psychic

I am often asked, how did I first know I was psychic? How did I become a psychic? Was I born that way? The short answer is: yes, and you were too.

Since I was very small, I was aware of energy, though I didn’t think this was unusual. I accepted it as normal, and how things are, just as many kids do. I could feel energies from other people, and often took their energy on as my own. I could walk into a room and know what everyone in there needed and how I could heal or help them. I became responsible, and tried to heal everyone’s pain.

In 4th grade, while sitting in my Catholic school classroom, I suddenly knew that I was being lied to. I knew that this religion wasn’t my answer, and so I began looking for what was. The neighborhood I grew up in wasn’t conducive to the idea of having a career as a psychic, or thinking outside of the box in any way. This was just at the end of the 1960’s, and change was only beginning to happen. In my neighborhood, ‘psychic’ simply wasn’t an option, and it also wasn’t anything I even thought of doing. But I’d walk over to the drugstore and read all the horoscope magazines they had, which was as close as I could get. I’d also read books on astrology I borrowed from the library, and look for my answers in them.

It wasn’t until I’d nearly reached 30 that I began to wake up to a different way of looking at life and what is ‘real’. I was still looking for my answers, still wondering what else there was. I became interested in natural ways of healing, in herbs, nutrition, and energy. I had my first psychic reading around then, and began to look at things differently. Still, nobody ever told me I was psychic and that I could learn to use my abilities to create my own life.

I knew, somehow, that I could learn to heal myself, and that there was an answer outside of the western medical model I was raised in. My intuition kept driving me to keep looking. I changed my diet, began taking supplements and herbs, and other things that I hoped would provide me with my answers.

It wasn’t until years later that I found a meditation class and learned how to ground myself. This was a mind blowing experience! After years of grounding everyone else and healing them with my energy, I could now have grounding for myself anytime I chose to do so. I was safe enough to let go of all of that energy I’d been saddling myself with.

The energy I’d taken on was making me sick, literally. I always had the latest cold or bug going around, and my energy levels weren’t as good as they’d been when I was younger. After learning how to ground myself, and that maybe it wasn’t my job to sponge everyone’s pain up, I began to notice a marked difference in how my own energy was feeling.

After completing a six week Psychic Meditation Class, which is the very class I regularly teach now, I joined the clairvoyant training at a school in Chicago now known as InVision. The information and techniques I learned in this training validated my own abilities, which were there the whole time, just waiting to be discovered. More importantly, I learned how to heal myself at a deep level, and to safely let go of many of the blocks in my way. I learned how to see myself more clearly, which is the greatest use of clairvoyance.

Today, many years after graduating from clairvoyant training, I work full time as a psychic reader, healer, teacher, speaker, and writer. I am still an artist, but stepped away from my art career in order to fully commit myself to this path. In doing so, I discovered how much I like to write, and am presently working on my first book.

What made all the difference for me was being told that I am psychic, and that I could learn to use my abilities so that they would work for me. As a teacher, I constantly see people who are finding more of themselves, healing themselves, and clearing out blocks that have stopped them from having their own lives. Once they have become more conscious of their own energy, they want more of it. Grounding is a great first step onto this path.

For each of us, there is a different answer, because we are each unique. Each one needs to find his or her path. It helps to get some tools to assist you in your own search. Grounding is one of the best tools I know of in that search. I teach grounding, and I write about it frequently. For more about this technique, see my posts on Meditation.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Nature’s Pearls’ ©^riza^ on Flickr

A psychic looks at consciousness and food

As a psychic and healer, I’m very interested in food and nutrition, and I also love good food. I want to eat the foods that make me feel good, and that my body likes too.

As a healer, I know that certain foods help healing to happen, and other foods can get in the way. Processed sugar, for example, can bring a whole lot of unconsciousness with it. This can get in the way of the signals your body is trying to send you about what it wants and needs.

If you are eating healthy, fresh foods that your body likes, it will be easier to listen to your body, easier to feel well, to maintain a consistent energy level without the highs and lows that go along with eating a constant supply of sugar, caffeine, and empty factory food calories. If most of your diet comes out of a box, can, or microwave, you are setting your body up for stress, fatigue, illness. You won’t be able to perform at your best, and may not remember what it feels like to get through a day without sugar or caffeine cravings.

You also need different kinds of food and nutrients depending on what season it is, where you live, what you are going through, and whether you are sick or well. Your body is asking for what it wants and needs, constantly. The tricky part is whether you have a clear connection to your body’s true needs, or whether you have to filter through the energy of unconsciousness around food.

How much do you pay attention to the food you eat? How much do you listen to your body’s response to the food you put into your mouth? If you can, give your body the time it needs to eat well – don’t eat on the run all of the time. Sit down to eat freshly prepared food. You’ll begin to notice that the time you spend eating more consciously pays off in how much more energy and stamina you’ll have available to work, think, or just feel good.

When your body isn’t getting what it needs to function well, it will be difficult to feel safe and happy in it. As a practicing psychic, I know that my body is one of my most important tools. I want to be present and conscious, protected within my body. I wouldn’t think of giving a reading without grounding myself first. If I’m grounded and my body is safe, it is easier to safely turn on my psychic abilities and have control over them.

The modern American diet is full of convenience foods, boxes of dried stuff one just adds water to, and presto! a healthy ‘nutritious’ dinner in 15 minutes. This is factory food, and it is not your friend, no matter whether it claims to be healthy or not. Many people are malnourished, literally starving their bodies, though they might be eating all of the time. A great book to read for more information about this topic is Death By Supermarket, by Nancy Deville.

I’ll be writing more about food and nutrition in future posts. It’s an important topic to pay attention to, especially now with the increasing control by factory farms, and the genetic modification of the seeds that grow our food.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Cannes Tomatoes’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr



Happy Earth Day, fellow earthlings!

Can you imagine the ad – if the Earth had a real estate agent?

“A stunningly beautiful place to live. A place of great wealth, packed with natural resources. Can support billions of beings at once, effortlessly. Great variety of species, flora, fauna.”

We all saw this beautiful planet and wanted in.

It’s easy to forget this while in the midst of the constant activity that is the average human being’s daily experience: we live on an immensely beautiful planet. Our wealthy earth provides plenty to keep every one of us happy and healthy. Earth didn’t make stipulations about who could have more and who, less.

Earth Day was created 40 years ago by people who had become aware that it was time to become more conscious about the earth, and to show gratitude for this place we all call home.

Thank you, Earth, for all that you give so graciously, every day!

Thank you for the atmosphere that protects us, the oxygen we can breathe, the rain, snow, sleet, and ice, the forests, lakes, oceans, and rivers. Thank you for the many plants, animals and insects we share this place with and learn so much from. Thank you for your hospitality, and your poetic beauty.

Why not take a moment on this day to sit with the earth? You may remember why you are here.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Earth Day Embrace’ ©Jurvetson on Flickr

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Clairvoyance: the ability to see yourself

The greatest use of clairvoyance is to see yourself clearly.

If you can see yourself clearly, with love and forgiveness, you can enjoy yourself and your life much more.

The game changes when you have the power to do this. You now have the ball in your court, rather than constantly scrambling around in a defensive posture. You can now increase your vision and aim for a larger view of what is possible for you to have.

Being safe enough is what makes it possible to enjoy having this ability. The difference between being safe and not feeling safe is enormous. If you aren’t safe enough to see, you won’t want to see a thing. Or you will feel like something else is running you, kind of like having a squatter in your space. Many people are frightened of their own natural abilities for just this reason. They think there is something wrong with them, because they are not in charge of their own energy.

You have valuable powers, valuable resources within you. It is up to you to decide to use them.

If you can be safe enough to see, you can see more. If your body isn’t safe, you will not want to see anything.

Grounding is one of the keys that can help you unlock your own abilities and use them, safely, for yourself. Learning how to protect yourself is important, as is being able to let go of things you see that are not easy to look at. Having communication with others about what you experience as you open up at this sensitive level is invaluable. Having a teacher who can help you to learn this for yourself, in a beautiful environment, is a joy.

Highly recommended is a clairvoyant school in Chicago called InVision. Located on Chicago’s north side, InVision offers a wide range of opportunities for you to unlock your own abilities and use them for yourself. From workshops to the beginning six week Psychic Meditation Class, to the Clairvoyant Training program, energy healings, astral healings, readings, and much more, InVision is a dream school made real. Find it online here.

©Kris Cahill
‘Mirror Bird’ ©J Pockele on Flickr

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The beauty of this moment

It’s easy to get lost in the Past. Some folks want to live there, in what they may remember as a happier, simpler time. Others are still trying to solve old problems, invalidations, and hurts.

Regrets, disappointments, dreams that died, old friendships and relationships, the way one looked when younger, the life unlived, the approval never given, the opportunities missed, the ‘if onlys’.

Another place people try to live is in the Future. The Past was really tough, the Present isn’t much easier, but in the Future things will be great! So they put their energy out into the future, into the dreams and hopes they have for when Someday gets here. When they win the lottery, when their ship comes in, when everyone else wakes up, when things somehow get easier.

It’s so easy to lose oneself in days past, and those yet to come. To believe that the magical possibilities that exist are either long gone or have not yet arrived.

The good news is that it’s neither too early nor too late: all possibilities exist right now, in this moment. Here is a list of things that cannot be done in the past or the future, only right now:

Scratch your nose, breathe, eat something delicious, listen to music that inspires, soothes, or makes you want to dance. Say hello to someone, take a walk, smell the earth, look at the sky, feel the sun on your face, sing a song. Call a friend, paint a picture, plant a garden, sweep the floor. Write a story, make lunch, kiss someone you love, try on the clothes in your closet. Write the letter, make the call, meditate. Notice your body, say something nice to it. Put on lipstick, ride your bike, walk the dog. Read out loud, write a poem, take a drive, hear the wind.

Notice the world, from this moment. Every moment leads to the next, and the one after that. In each moment you decide how much of you wants to be here. The great part of this is that the more of you that is here in the present time, the more you can enjoy being in the present time. If you are sitting around wondering why you’re not having fun now, maybe it’s because you’re not here yet.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Winnie’ ©Karas Cahill 2010 – Flickr

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Grounding is the miracle

Grounding is a way of connecting your body to the earth. By using this technique, you create more space within yourself, and open up a myriad of possibilities. Grounding is a technique that continues to grow for you, the more you practice it.

Some of what you can create for yourself includes the following:

1. Protect yourself from unwanted energies. When you consciously ground yourself, you can also release any energies you take on from others, just in the normal course of living your life. This is especially helpful if you happen to be sensitive to energy, if you work with people in a healing capacity, or work with the public a lot.

2. Peace within yourself. Agitation, stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety do not come from your own true energy. Your own true energy, when in health within you, creates a sense of calm and peace. Grounding can help you have this within you.

3. Have access to your own abilities. When you ground yourself, you are safe enough to have your own natural abilities working for you. Your abilities include your intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, communication, creativity, and many others.

4. Be certain about your next move. Grounding can help you clear out doubt or confusion about taking a step. Sometimes that doubt is not even yours, it comes through other people and may have nothing to do with you. By releasing that energy, you can have your own natural certainty.

5. Have permission to change. Grounding makes it safer for you to change. Even while going through times of great upheaval and change, grounding can make it easier for you to be safe while doing so.

6. Stop being a pushover. Literally, stand your ground. When you ground, it’s harder to push you in directions you don’t want to go in. It is harder to control you when you have your own grounding.

7. Heal yourself. You can use grounding to release energies that create illness, disease, fatigue. Your own true energy does not create those things. You can let go of the energies that do.

8. Trust yourself. Grounding makes it easier to know who you are, and to trust yourself. You can let go of any invalidation in the way of you having trust for yourself, when you are able to ground.

9. Sleep more soundly. Release the energy of your day before retiring for the night; you will sleep better, and wake more relaxed.

10. Know your own energy. Grounding yourself regularly will help you begin to know the difference between what is truly your energy, and what isn’t. When you have this awareness, it makes it easier for you to discern between which are your problems to solve, and which aren’t.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012
Image: ‘Desert Garden Sunrise’ ©Geek Philosopher

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Grounding your creativity

If you have many wonderful creative ideas, but have had difficulty or frustration in realizing them, it can be all too easy to blame yourself for not being capable of creating.

Your ability to manifest your own vision may be invalidated, for whatever reason. Perhaps you never thought you had any creative talent to begin with, yet there is a burning desire within you to create… something. Perhaps you were given strong hints while growing up that becoming an artist wasn’t a “real” job for actual grown-ups. This energy within you would go a long way towards squashing your natural permission to create, without effort.

Your difficulty in manifesting on a creative level may have to do with being pulled in too many directions at once. When you are trying to have it all and do it all at once, it will be hard to get any one thing real and working. If you feel you are only skimming the surface in your work, this may be why.

This may also be the reason why you work on many projects at once. If you get stuck on one, you have a good excuse to step away from it. You can let it drop, and forget all about it. The only problem with this one is that soon you will have a lot of unfinished projects, and a deep seated belief that you’re not any good at creating what it is you want.

You may have a lot of demands on your time and energy that make it hard for you to find enough time to actually create something you want. Perhaps there is a demand on you to spend your energy creating for others, and when it comes to your own vision, there often isn’t enough energy left for that.

The way to make it possible to create what you want is a lot more down to earth – literally.

Grounding is a spiritual technique used to make things real, to manifest, create stability, make it safe to take a chance. When you are able to use grounding, for yourself and your creations, it is much more possible to make those things actually happen. You can use grounding to release any invalidation and frustration, the demands that you go do something else, anything other than realize your own vision.

When you begin to ground for yourself, you create more space in which to create. Creating anything requires having enough energy and enough space to do so. By consciously choosing to give this to yourself, you are already creating!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
Image ©Kris Cahill 2010 “The Queen’s Court” sold

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