Imagine your way into 2012

What is your Big Dream for 2012?

How does your dream look to you? What do you see is possible for you to have, create, and become this year? Where do you want to grow? What are you willing to let go of?

As you move into the new year, it’s helpful to notice if you are still carrying energy from the old one. Any old out of date energies can get in your way as you step up to create your new creations.

2011 was an amazing year for each of us. As challenging as it may have been, it was just as necessary. 2011 is a year to be grateful for, though it might not have felt comfortable to you in the least. It may have been the year you moved past blocks to your own truth, and that is priceless.

2011 was all about spiritual growth, and a big part of growing spiritually is letting go of what no longer serves you in that growth. It’s common to have an unconscious perfect picture about how growth “should” be. Who knew that spiritual growth could be so difficult and uncontrollably messy?!

A new year is an awakening, a time for new energy and dreams. It’s fun to create the new pictures of what you want. It’s lovely to dream big dreams, to visualize and imagine huge successes, fun times, happy relationships, financial health. This is also the way you make these things real in your life – your dreams come true.

Making anything real begins with the spirit of you. When you can see what it is you want, and imagine yourself having those things in your life, you can make them real. Everything you create begins with energy, spirit. When you become conscious about working with energy and begin to use it to heal yourself and make your life work for you instead of feeling like you’re constantly in effort, miracles happen.

As you begin this journey into a new year, you may want to consider bringing some new tools with you:

  • Permission to dream big. Don’t hold back or let your dreams be made smaller by the prevailing wisdom of what is “possible”. Every time someone tried to do the impossible and make it possible, they had ‘helpful’ naysayers who constantly tried to convince them it was a waste of time. Ignore everyone else’s ‘reality’ and concentrate on yours.
  • A way to make it real. Dreaming is good but if your dreams never come down to earth, if you can’t make them real, then it’s no fun to dream. Grounding yourself is a great way to begin making your own vision a reality.
  • How much are you willing to let go of? It’s difficult to create your new reality while also trying to drag the past with you. When you can let go, forgive, and be in present time with yourself, you have more of your energy available to create with. In order to create anything, you need enough energy and space to do so.

You are the only one who can imagine what you’ll imagine. What you dream of, others may share, but you’ll always have your own spin on it, if you’re working from your own truth. What this means is that nobody else can create what you came here to create. Only you can decide to get started.

©Kris Cahill

I create guided meditations that help you to create with energy. Here is a new one I recorded live that is very much along the lines of this post: ‘Create 2012’. You can purchase it as an mp3 at this link: Create 2012 Meditation.  ~

‘The Journey Home’ ©Paul (Dex) on Flickr

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Creating a vision

This is a guest post by Elizabeth Mihelich

The idea of creating a vision always seemed like an impossible challenge. Meditating. The mere practice of breathing and imagining my life as I envisioned it seemed nearly impossible. Impossible and Staggering and Stifling, definitely all of the things that meditating is NOT supposed to be.

If I were to envision myself meditating it would play out like a scene in a movie.

Fade In

INT : Elizabeth’s lovely apartment

Elizabeth sits in the middle of the floor on a cozy pillow with a single candle lit in front of her.  She has her legs crossed like every good meditating student does with her hands facing upward on her thighs.

She takes a deep breath, and another one. She adjusts her position on the pillow. She takes a determined deep breath.

You can do this. It’s easy. Just breathe. Focus.

Elizabeth takes another deep breath. A few minutes pass. Slowly Elizabeth opens one eye, and then scrunches them both shut again.  Letting out a frustrated sigh.

Maybe if I lay down. Ya. That seems like a great idea.
Let’s try that. Good call. Much more relaxed.

Elizabeth lies flat on the ground, shifting a little, back and forth. She finally seems to relax. A few minutes pass and we suddenly hear a loud snore. She’s asleep.


You get the idea? I’ve made meditating and being able to create a vision in my head so important in the past that I’ve actually talked myself OUT of doing it. Who needs meditation if it’s so stressful? Isn’t meditation supposed to actually relax you?

Still, the subject of meditation kept coming up in my life. I’ve learned that if something continually makes an appearance in my life it’s probably something that I should be reading, studying, paying attention to, etc.  I decided that I would take one of Kris’s Grounding meditation workshops and it was through Kris that I discovered my secret to creating a vision!

Creating a Vision MUST BE FUN! When Kris first introduced the idea of a grounding cord going from my first chakra to the center of the earth to me she gave me a vital piece of information that I was missing. She told me that I could envision the grounding cord as any color, any material, and any shape that I liked! It could be red, shiny sequins, or a brilliant, blue waterfall, a strong, beaming, stream of light. It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it was fun and it made me laugh.

As long as it is fun and makes you laugh. This one simple suggestion has cracked open an entire world for me. Which, when I think about it, makes sense. I LOVE to laugh. It is my number one favorite thing to do on the planet. Well, maybe kissing is number one, but laughing and making people laugh run a very close second.

With Kris’s piece of advice I moved into her Psychic Meditation Workshop and soon discovered that I could visualize a rose to put all of my stresses into, watch it turn brown and die and then delight in blowing it up! Sending all of that energy and stress back where it came from was so freeing!

Being clairvoyant and seeing visions or symbols as guidance was a whole different beast. Even though I had now found freedom in meditation, which I began to think of as daydreaming; what’s more fun daydreaming or meditating?  Daydreaming, hands down.  I suddenly found myself sitting in silence with a massive smile on my face as I imagined my wedding, or arriving on set everyday for the television show that I’m a series regular on. Once I started to open up my own psychic gifts and make an attempt at clairvoyance I thought for sure that I would not be able to do it. I was in no way, shape or form a clairvoyant.

I didn’t realize that clairvoyance has such a broad definition to it. The term clairvoyance (from 17th century French with clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to refer to the ability to gain information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses. I know that this seems like a standard definition, but another amazing teacher I stumbled upon helped me to expand my understanding of it. This January I found myself in a Psychic Mediumship Development Class taught by Marilyn Papas, one of the best Psychic Mediums out there, and it was through her class that I realized I was already clairvoyant.

I have for the past 6 months or so, consistently looked at the clock at 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc. Marilyn stressed to us that seeing repeating numbers, specific words, or a specific animal over and over again are also considered a form of clairvoyance. It’s having the wherewithal to recognize the signs and being able to interpret them that makes you a practicing clairvoyant.

As class progressed with Marilyn we were introduced to our guides. I instantly thought, there’s no way I will be able to recognize my guides, let alone be able to talk to them. Just then, Marilyn said the magic words, “It doesn’t matter if it’s actually your guides or your imagination. Run with it, run with anything you get and before long you will see that you are actually being given a guide instead of making one up.”  The freedom to have fun, the freedom to play and the freedom to imagine is all it takes to connect to your own clairvoyance.  I chose in that moment to just run with it and when a sprite like little guide appeared at my feet I thought, hmmm, that’s funny, why not? This particular guide doesn’t really make an appearance any more, so its definitely possible that he was one that I imagined. The point is, is that it doesn’t matter. If we can get back to our sense of play, vivid imaginations and getting lost in daydreams we will all be able to create the most incredible visions for our lives. The greatest thing about this is that whether we see quick results or not, we will want to keep doing it simply for the fun and the escape that it provides.

I was also introduced to my “higher self” through a meditation in Marilyn’s class. I don’t think that I would have had such a strong image or knowing of my higher self without the permission to play. When I think about what a “higher self” is supposed to be I instantly get images of Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, or someone like Mother Theresa.  My higher self is ridiculous. She’s funny, beautiful and creative. A heightened version of myself . . . or a higher one, ahhhh, now “higher self” makes SO much more sense. Just kidding.

In the meditation, Marilyn led us to a house where our higher selves lived. She asked us to walk up to the porch and climb the stairs to the front door. My higher self was standing behind the screen door of this lovely, Craftsman like house, waiting excitedly for me. She was about to open the door to greet me when Marilyn said, “Walk through the house to the sunroom where your higher self is waiting for you.” My higher self suddenly exclaimed, “Oh!” and turned and ran to the sunroom. Once I arrived there, she was sitting in a chair with her back turned to me, I entered, and she turned dramatically towards me. Such a ham!!! Since that meditation I’ve begun to call upon my higher self a lot for guidance and understanding. She never disappoints.

I know that you’re reading this thinking, “But couldn’t that still be your imagination?” I would agree with you, except for the fact that she now appears to me when I’m not trying to connect with her. For instance, I was at Cardio Barre, an intense workout that I love, but is really, really hard. One day I was feeling particularly weak and down on myself, not sure if I could continue. I suddenly had a vision of my higher self. She was dressed in a 1980’s style, insanely high cut leotard with tights, leg warmers and full on headband taming the wild hair. She was probably working out to a Jane Fonda video, but whatever it was, she was really into it, having a great time and encouraging me to do the same. I think I may have even laughed out loud in class, which always goes over extremely well in the middle of a class workout, no one looks crazier than when you’re laughing out loud doing a brutal workout. Who cares? It got me out of my momentary funk and I was able to kick ass during the class! Man, I love that crazier, higher self of mine. Her flair for the dramatic is off the charts!

Whether you’re trying to tap into your clairvoyance, struggling to meditate, visualizing the life you want or simply daydreaming, I urge you to allow fun into your practice.  If anything, it will brighten your day; give you a much needed laugh and brighter smile. My guess is it will also give you a clearer vision of your own life. Clarity is key. Happy Daydreaming!

©Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth Mihelich is an Intuitive Life Coach. She loves helping people realize their dreams and accomplish their goals. Elizabeth is also an actress, singer and writer who lives in La La Land, California and loves to make people laugh. Elizabeth has written a pilot for television, a romantic comedy feature and an action adventure movie for kids, and has endless ideas for television shows! If you are interested in buying any of them, she will happily meet with you!
To contact Elizabeth email her at

Image: ‘Higher Self’

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We are all creative beings

This is a guest post by Amadaes Baj

To be creative is to . . . dream . . . is to live . . . is to breathe . . . is to love. Creativity is not something bestowed upon a chosen few. It’s innate, it’s human, invisible, visible, manifested, and in the ether. It is everywhere – like the air – like molecules – and atoms – and water – and emotions. To be creative is to have energy . . . to express energy. And we all express energy, whether we like it or not . . . we are all creative beings.

According to an amalgam of dignified definitions: to be creative is to: “possess the ability to bring something new into form, to produce something through imaginative skill.”

Just by incarnating into the physical body that you are, you are creating, bringing something new into form. And every hour of your day, every thought and emotion you have, every decision you make, feeling that moves through you, you are producing the experience of you into form. I see you. I experience you. You see me. You experience me. We are now both imagining and creating. We are creative.

And I want to see you, experience you, for you are unlike any other energy I have ever experienced. Your expression is valid and it matters and you are creating something original in this world just by existing = YOU!!!

As an artist, I often get asked about my creativity. People want to know how I access my creative voice:  how I came up with the words to a song or a poem, or how I learned to play an instrument. They are curious to know what makes a “creative person” tick, as if somehow, I am one of the chosen few, blessed with the ability to express.

But, I am not one of the chosen few. I am just like you in that I am a living breathing human being expressing energy. And, like you, my energy is unique, imbued with all those thoughts and feelings and energies that somehow make up the tangible and intangible “me.”

My creating and creativity comes from being me, living my life, bringing out the “universe inside.” We are all creators and creative beings, all with a rich universe to be expressed. But there is nothing you need to do to be creative. It’s enough to just be, to breathe, to exist in this moment. The art of identity, of creating your life, your relationships, these things are your most magnificent creations and showcase your greatest creativity.

We live in a culture that separates “the creative” from the “non-creative, the “artist” from the “non-artist.” To be labeled “creative” is akin to being called a “genius” or “talented,” terms reserved for the special few. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard good friends, bright imaginative friends, tell me that they are “not creative.” They will defend their lack of creativity, give me examples of singing out of tune in church, or not being able to draw anything other than a stick figure . . . and I will listen patiently, because my friends seem so intent on making their point: “I am not creative!” But, as many times as I’ve been told “I am not creative” by someone I certainly believe IS creative, I never get used to the idea. I simply cannot understand why the term creative or artist gets reserved for just a few people who are born with some innate talent to sing four octaves or draw likenesses at age 5.

To be alive, is to be creative. The singularly most creative thing a person can do is live.

It seems to me that the difference between being labeled “creative” or claiming the title of “artist” lies with permission. It is difficult in this society to give oneself the permission to express and own it. It can be challenging to belong to a group and own your own unique energy, separate from the group mentality, and yet still belong.

But, I will say it again.

To be alive, is to be creative. The singularly most creative thing a person can do is live.

So, please live your life, and breathe, and dream and love, and dance. You can give yourself the permission to express. You already are creative; you already are an artist. And the more you allow yourself to embrace your energy, the more you give yourself permission to express yourself in all the ways unique to you being you, the more you will find yourself feeling creative. It’s already there, within you, around you . . . just give yourself permission to claim it!

©Amadaes Baj

Amadaes Baj is an accomplished musician, songwriter, healer, filmmaker, historian, and writer. She is currently working on an original screenplay set during the Civil War, and finishing up her first solo album. As a healer, she is helping musicians and artists to heal themselves and once more find their creative voice. Amadaes lives in West Hollywood, California. Visit her blog, Amadaes Alchemy, and her website:

‘Sunfeather’ ©Amadaes Baj

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Are you using your imagination?

Children have a very important job. By spending long hours in their imaginations, making up fantastic characters, worlds and creating all kinds of never-before-heard-of scenarios, children create through the art of play.

If a child is given toys that allow her to make it up as she goes along, so much the better. Whole worlds have been constructed with the sticks, stones, and mud he found in the backyard. A neighbor’s garden becomes a fairyland, and a tree that looks scary at night is haunted. Children don’t need a lot of stuff to create, just some unscheduled time, space, and their imaginations will do.

Isn’t that how life itself works – you get to make it up as you go along? How boring it would be to have it all laid out for you, in advance. No creativity, no problems to solve for yourself, no way to get validated by growing stronger and more capable. There is really nothing much more boring than trying to live a pre-fab life. Anyone who’s ever known their high school career counselor was wrong can be validated by what’s happening now.

Career counselors! What about following your own heart? What about what you love?

This is one reason we are going through so much destruction now. For generations we have bought the lie that we could be safe by trying to control every detail of life. Experts have stood in for our own intuition, as we gave up space to their information and statistics. Profits and politics still rule over common sense and compassion. We may have consulted our bodies last of all, another reason why we’re seeing such a high level of degenerative disease in the 21st century.

Bored children create trouble for a reason. They are not getting validated for their abilities. Bored adults often create drama and problems too. It’s time to go deeper as human beings, to live more completely. It can actually become less complicated, not more. Boredom and busyness complicate matters. Bored people make big messes.

Imagination can be messy too, and I mean that in a good way. If you are imagining how you want to be, or what you want to have in your life, it can be a bit messy getting there. You may have a few things to set aside as you move towards your true goals. It’s time to use your imagination in a big way!

©Kris Cahill /
‘Aqueous’ ©Mark Mawson

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Clairvoyance is using your imagination in a wonderful way

Without too much effort, you can probably see a miracle from where you’re sitting. One at the very least. Maybe not as spectacular as this image, but miraculous all the same.

The technology that makes it possible for you to read this now, the same day it was published, was unheard of a few decades ago. Many people on this planet now have the capacity to create and communicate using simple tools that seemed impossible years ago. Each of us can create a whole world using this technology. Imagine the possibilities, and many do, every day. This is clairvoyance in action.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see, and also to visualize. You have this ability within you, and you can unlock it and use it to create your life.

It becomes a lot more fun to see, once you decide to have your clairvoyance for yourself. Clairvoyance is not just for solving problems, or to see what’s going on beneath the surface in a situation, relationship, business deal, or other life issue, though its value in all of this is beyond measure. Clairvoyance is also the ability to create a whole new world and way of being.

Clairvoyance is using your imagination in a wonderful way, to create your dream world.

Every modern miraculous creation, began as someone’s vision. Somebody, somewhere, imagined something that became what you now have to listen to music with, or read books with, communicate with, and so on. What about the fashion, music, art, films, and other creative results of imagination? Imagination is the key to inventing miracles, within yourself as well as in the world.

Dreams can become reality. What are you imagining for yourself today?

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Fire’ ©Wolfgang Staudt on Flickr



Imagination will get you everywhere

“I can’t believe THAT!” said Alice.
“Can’t you?” said the Queen in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”
Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said, “one can’t believe impossible things.”
“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!”  –Lewis Carroll, ‘Alice in Wonderland’

Some people have a funny view of reality. Perhaps it’s not funny to them, but very serious. They believe that what they see in front of them is what is actually real, and the entire story. They may even go so far as to say that what the respected authorities approve of, is what’s real. That’s the safe stuff to believe in. I mean, how did they get to be authorities to begin with? They must know more than we do, for pete’s sake!

Some people give up their own ability to decide what’s real for them, never dreaming that perhaps they can be an authority, themselves. People often validate facts and proof, rather than look for themselves.

Anything that becomes real, is what we can imagine existing. This is how incredible scientific discoveries, fantastic art forms, and advances in our culture are created. Someone imagines something: a scientist, artist, writer, musician, teacher, entrepreneur, human rights activist, politician, creates a vision of what may be possible. It is by creating that vision, by imagining something, that it is possible to actually manifest and make the thing real. This is why one person with a strong vision can change the world. (See Barack Obama)

What’s real for one may be completely different than what’s real for another. Nobody but you knows the very real things in your own heart. Those things that you dream of, long to create, have, and achieve, wish for with all of your heart. Someone else with a different reality might come along to tell you that yours is a false reality, and that they have the answers for you. For example, did you ever have a career counselor or other authority tell you that you are perfectly suited to do something that you know you don’t even want? Meanwhile your own true dream is languishing, waiting for you to pick it up and have it.

Perhaps you even went along with this, believed them for a time. But there was always that small voice inside of you, trying to get your attention. Whether you were encouraged to explore your own imagination or not, whether it was acceptable to imagine creating out of the box or not, now it’s your turn to decide. You can be the authority inside of you, who knows you the best.

If you can imagine yourself being happy, fulfilled, and enjoying your own life, you are already on your way to having what you want.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
Photo: ‘Lanterns’ ©Karas Cahill 2010 – on Flickr

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