Say yes! to Peace in 2012

I’ve often said that I don’t predict the future because I find it pointless to do so. We are each able to take part in the creating of our future, individually and together, by becoming conscious and making our choices accordingly.

As 2011 wraps up its final moments, here are some important energies I see as 2012 moves into view. Happy New Year to you!

1. Peace – We are all improvisers in the art of life. The first rule of improvisation is to say ‘yes, and’. In 2012, it will become even more important that we consciously say yes to peace, to cultivating peace, and to having a peace consciousness. It’s obvious that war is extremely profitable for some. Let’s show that peace is an even more valuable commodity for all the rest of us here on earth. What do we gain from peace? Priceless things, like getting to know each other better, and creating a new happier healthier world together, to start. Peace will be one of the biggest energies to become aware of in 2012. It all begins within each of us.

2. Community – As 2011 showed the world, we are stronger when we cooperate together. Working together, people can create massive social change, without lobbyists,  expensive advertising agencies, or violence. All it takes is waking up and seeing clearly, which was another gift 2011 gave to us. After we begin to see each other in a new way, we can work to create what we do want here on earth.

3. Truth – By now it should be obvious that nobody is going to get away with telling lies anymore, at least not for long. The truth is coming out faster than ever, and truths thought long buried are surfacing. This is true not only on a global level, but deep within each of us as well. If you’ve been lying to yourself, even unconsciously so, that energy no doubt surfaced in the past year or two. Now is the time to move ahead with your own truth. Your truth includes being able to listen to and follow your own heart, which is going to be even more important in 2012.

4. Creativity – ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is how the old saying goes. Creativity will become even more valuable in 2012 as we are called on to recreate our world. Those who can visualize and imagine will be at the forefront of the new creations. The new pictures are already here, with many more on the way. Creativity includes every other energy on this list. If you’ve been unable to validate your own creativity, now is the time to learn how to do so.

5. MeditationMeditation is a tool that pays off in very big ways, even when you only have a few minutes a day to practice it. You can take it with you anywhere you go, it needs no special equipment, and helps you to learn things you can’t learn anywhere else. It’s well worth taking the time to learn how to meditate, because then you have it for life. Your health, emotions, sense of peace and well being, and body will all benefit from this practice. Find out about my meditation classes and recordings here.

6. Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance was at the top of my list for 2011, and continues to rise in importance as we human beings evolve. The ‘art of seeing clearly’ is what clairvoyance is all about. And if you are able to see yourself clearly, so much the better. You can read much more about this very human spiritual ability in the many posts on this blog about clairvoyance and being psychic.

7. Letting go – Traveling lightly, dropping your burdens, not needing to carry a load of stuff with you as you move forward in your life. What is it you insist upon carrying that makes it difficult for you to step ahead into your life as you want to live it? Though the years 2009-2011 helped us all to let go of much, there’ll be more of that in 2012. Whether it’s a way of living, an old belief or picture you have of yourself that’s not accurate, or a grudge you’ve held onto tightly, it’s all in the letting go that healing happens.

8. Self Healing – Though it seems strange to say so, one of the biggest healings we’ve had in the U.S. has been our decaying and horrid health care system, complete with the rampant greed of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. ‘Better living through chemicals’ isn’t, and being without insurance has driven many people to the edge of despair, especially when they or a loved one became ill with a serious illness. Through all of this terrible pain and destruction, people have begun waking up to the power they have within to heal, and to the many modalities available to do just that. From the common sense approach to using food as medicine and prevention, which the AMA and other so called ‘authorities’ refuse to even consider as viable, to other alternative ways to create healing – a new way of healing is being born. Look for much more of this in 2012.

9. Love – All you need is love. Love becomes a way of living, healing, creating, growing, transforming our lives, if we only give it the space to exist and grow.

10. Consciousness – The grounding for all of the rest of what it is possible to make real is becoming conscious. Becoming conscious takes courage, and a willingness to see, hear, and know. Many times when unconsciousness rules the day, we create events in order to wake up. Some of these happenings or events may not be comfortable, but they certainly do serve the purpose of waking us up. Deciding to be conscious is a lot more fun, and a lot easier than allowing oneself to be shaken awake. Why not make consciousness one of your key words for 2012?

May 2012 be a beautiful year for you!

This is the post I wrote exactly one year ago today about 2011: ‘Clairvoyance tops the list for 2011’.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~

‘Peace’ ©No Bullshit on Flickr

Music brings a gift of healing and peace to us all

Music is international. It speaks a language that can be understood by all. Music moves with the earth, as well as with the spirit.

Music is emotion, history, democracy, consciousness, dreams, movement, body, soul, energy, love, anger.

Music is of the human spirit.  As an ageless language, music has crossed boundaries, borders, spanned eons, united lovers, and healed the wounded spirits of countless others. Its presence has created environments of peace, and also of war and destruction.

Music itself is neutral; it’s how we each perceive it, feel it, and understand it, that gives music a particular meaning.

Music also brings the gift of healing with it. It brings memory, tears, revelation, gratitude, fleeting moments of possibilities not seen before. Songs and sounds are symbols of time and space.

Music is ageless, timeless, of no particular generation. New generations are born and come into being, and while each forms their own music preferences, it’s wonderful when old songs are given a fresh interpretation with new musicians and new ways of creating music.

Music heals the soul, forms the brain, speaks to the spirit. All at once, it is private, public, loud, quiet. One can enjoy music alone in peace, or in the company of many others. It unites us. Music can create a movement, unify a people.

Whether you listen to music consciously or not, there is no getting away from it. Even if you’re unable to hear the words, or make out the tune, the beat will get you. That rhythm, that beat, speaks to your heart and soul and can heal your body, if you let it.

Music can move into every molecule of your being, spread throughout your cells, changing every part of you as it does. A song you hear can bring back complete memories of another place and time, even a past life memory, and what you might have been doing there.

Cultures and groups identify with their own particular music – Irish, Scottish, African, Middle Eastern, and so on. The miracle of modern travel and communication has allowed us to create greater and more brilliant fusions of the ancient and traditional forms than we ever could have imagined, way back when we were individual tribes who never knew each other. The fusion of our music is also the fusion of our spirits. This leads us to know each other, instead of fear each other, and to learn to love each other, through our music.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Roses, The Musical’ on Pixdaus

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Creating new pictures to live by

You might say that each of us is a camera.

The images you carry with you about your body, health, relationships, career, money, power, talents, value – are pictures you captured yourself, often unconsciously. Some of them were given to you – pictures about culture, society, religion, class, race, gender, are found in every nook and cranny in your daily life.

A picture says considerably more than words can, and does so instantly. Captured in one image are the emotions, challenges, fears, joy, and possibilities inherently present in a situation. A picture has great power.

You put your energy into the pictures you have. Where you focus is where you create. If you’re focusing on a positive self image picture, it will have a different effect on your life than if you focus on a negative one. What you create and your experience of it will change, as you are beginning from a different place.

Taking responsibility for your growth means taking a look at the pictures you’ve agreed to live by. Since you’re constantly living from pictures, it’s helpful to become conscious of which pictures determine what you’re able to create and have. How you see yourself and the world determines what you can create here.

We’re living in a time of clairvoyance. Everything is about seeing and being seen, creating new pictures to live by. What you see, you can create. If you can imagine the possibilities that can exist, even if they seem a long way off, you can create them.

Possibly you’ll find that the old pictures you’ve had, are no longer working. You might need to ask some deep, tough questions about whose pictures have been running your life, and then make choices about whether to keep them or make up your own. It gets messy when you do this, so be sure to give yourself permission to destroy what’s not working. If you want to have your own Renaissance, it’s up to you to get it going.

‘Renaissance’ is a French word meaning “rebirth”, which about sums up where we’re at right now. This time in our evolution on this planet is about renewing, becoming conscious, releasing the old, and creating new pictures to live by.

Between 1300 and 1600 the Western world was transformed. An extraordinary wave of artistic and cultural innovation shattered medieval society and brought European culture reluctantly into the modern era. This was the Renaissance. ~Medici

What happened during that Renaissance? People began looking outside to the world around them. No longer content to just accept the teachings of the Church, they began to explore for themselves, to expand human knowledge. The arts flourished; artists made incredible discoveries during this time. So did science and medicine, with earth shattering discoveries about the human body, the planet, the solar system. A new kind of freedom ruled, possibilities increased. So did upheavals; plagues, war, the burning of heretics.

Apparently this is how we humans have chosen to evolve. Lots of resistance to new ideas, over and over again. Fear and hatred of the new, the outsiders, those who are ‘not like us’. People with different names than us. Sound familiar?

The 21st Century Renaissance brings a different kind of evolution. It is the time to go within, to make great discoveries about the worlds within ourselves. When humans begin to gain greater command over their inner worlds, the outer world will change dramatically. This new Renaissance brings with it the opportunity to heal from the inside out, complete with dramatic changes in the arts, spiritual practices, scientific discoveries, human relationships, value systems, and too much more to name, as a result. People will begin to validate and use their psychic abilities for themselves.

What if, by doing all of this within, we can each help to create a world where peace, love, and a healthy planet are what’s real? This is a splendid new picture to live by.

©Kris Cahill
‘Books Not Bombs’ ©TJ Harron on Flickr

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With a smile on your face

You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart
Then people gonna treat you better
You’re gonna find, yes you will
That you’re beautiful as you feel ~’Beautiful’ ©Carole King

Some people seem to be waiting for that magical day to arrive when all of the problems are solved everywhere, and they are now free to (finally) be happy. Or for someone to give them permission, and allow happiness to exist as an option – a fairy godmother, perhaps? News flash: it isn’t going to happen. Challenges and problems are a part of life, and only you can give yourself permission.

Have you put being happy on hold because you think it comes from outside of yourself? Perhaps you’ve been going at it backwards. If you’ve been waiting for some Happiness Delivery Service to show up and bring it to your door, you are missing the point. Only you can decide to be happy. You can start right now, in this moment. Or in 15 minutes, if you prefer. Add it to your to-do list for the day: ‘Happiness Hour’.

If you don’t yet have the things that you just know will make you happy, and are depending on having the right job, home, relationship, weight loss, vacation, time off, etc…. to do this for you, you may have forgotten that you already know how to be happy.

Happiness is an energy, and also a choice. If you’re going through a challenging and difficult time, as so many people are now, it can feel impossible to become happy in the midst of it. If you sink yourself into constant worrying about your present time conditions, you may forget the power you have within to change your reality energetically. Sometimes all it takes is a big belly laugh, forgiveness, an attitude adjustment, finding gratitude, listening to your body, doing something different – to remember how quickly ‘reality’ changes. Also remember, when it comes down to it, some things are just out of your control. If you’re worrying about those things, you’re spending valuable energy on conditions you simply cannot change.

Ten happy things to do instead of worrying:

1. Laugh out loud, even if you don’t really mean it. At the very least you’ll get some fresh air.
2. Make up silly riddles. (Do vegetarians wear fishnets?)
3. Eat expensive and amazing dark chocolate. Savor every bite.
4. Breathe, drink tea, and meditate on what’s right in your life. Do this before letting the rest of the world into your space – first thing in the morning is highly recommended.
5. Stop trying to make sense to everyone. While you’re at it, let go of needing to be perfect too.
6. Turn OFF the TV, especially the news.
7. Listen to music that feels good, and dance to it.
8. Try on hats you never thought you’d ever wear. Or just the ones that you haven’t let yourself wear yet.
9. Write country song titles. My newest ones are “Take the Chains Off My Heart, (It’s Not a Snow Tire)” and “Designated Driver For the Pain”.
10. Sit still for 5 minutes. When you begin to fidget after the first 20 seconds, really get into it. Fidget loudly and like you mean it.

Rather than over-think the idea of being happy, ask yourself, what are you giving, being, or doing to create happiness in the world? Make your own happiness list. How can you help someone else? What do you have to give to others, a smile, a hello, kindness? Perhaps it’s in the giving of yourself that you can find the keys to your own happiness.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Keep Smiling’ on Pixdaus

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Become friends with your body this spring

The thaw is on, winter is at an end. How lovely it can be to have a body in the spring!

The optimism of new spring growth in the natural world, is restorative to our bodies and spirits. This is but one reason of a gazillion why we need to consciously protect and cherish our earth. We are nothing without it.

One could say the same thing about that body of yours – can’t do much without it, can you? Everything you work on, create, experience, requires a body to do so. Yet so few remember to listen to their own bodies, and to validate them. So many people bemoan the state of their own bodies and are ashamed of or angry at them. This does not improve the likelihood of you being able to become friends with your body.

By spring, many of us have gotten over the fervent declarations of self improvement that we all jump into in January, after several months of colder weather, and lots of holiday celebrations have left their mark on our bodies. We decide to exercise, diet, change our lifestyles. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to embark on, how about sweetening the pot by throwing something in that many forget about?

How about creating a new Spring Resolution, one in which you declare that you already love your body, just as it is. Here’s my version of this new resolution:

Your body is already perfect, and you cherish it, are grateful for it, and love it. You are calling off all declarations of war, and if there has been a Cold War going on, one in which you simply ignore your body or don’t take its calls, you are ending that too. You are forgiving your body, and realize it is never wrong, nor do you need to make it wrong, ever again.

You can choose to begin a new habit: the habit of listening to the wisdom of your body. Your body is very smart; every part of it has something to teach you, if you just learn to listen. This is healing for your body; once you decide to go down this path, it will be difficult to go back again to a time when you ignore your body.

You weren’t born disliking or being angry at your own body – you took that on later. Perhaps you don’t physically fit the current body fashion, or you don’t look like others think you should look, or you’ve read too many fashion magazines that have uber-skinny models who all look like they need a good healthy fattening lunch. Maybe your mother hated her body, maybe your grandma was critical of zaftig women, or afraid of gaining an ounce herself. You might have been made fun of as a kid for the kind of body you had. Perhaps the need to be perfect runs through your town, or the fear of not fitting in.

Know this: if you decide to love your own body, and make it your business to follow through, your life will become a lot more fun. Your body will be happy when you learn to listen to it, and to give to it what it actually needs and wants in order to be well. You can make a new agreement with your body, one in which neither it nor you are ever wrong. When you begin to move in this direction, you will heal yourself and your body in ways you can’t imagine doing so now.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

The energy theme for March 2011 at Psychic Everyday is Body Awareness. You can join in the monthly energy challenge, and participate by leaving your own comments and your story. You can also sign up to receive the latest post by email. Thanks for reading!
Photo: Geek Philosopher



The peace in your heart becomes peace on earth

It wouldn’t be so very difficult to create an atmosphere of peace on earth.

If each of us decided to carry this energy with us at least part of every day, not only would our own individual loads be lighter, we’d also be bringing healing energy with us, wherever we went.

Many people already do this. Those who show up with a good attitude, ready to give of themselves, to say hello to others, who are happy to be alive, and grateful for the many gifts of life – these are the healers. They don’t even have to say a word. Just by choosing to embody a peaceful happy energy, they give others permission to choose the same.

If you want to heal the planet and make a difference, consider that your real work might begin with healing yourself. By becoming the energy you want to see become real, you have more of an impact than if you’re running around trying to convince others to do this, or judging and condemning them for not doing so. It can be easier to spend one’s energy “helping” others see the light instead of doing one’s own difficult work. It’s easier to see how others can improve than decide to do this within. Our own personal stuff can be so messy!

Many healers also feel guilty about taking their own energy back and using it to heal their own lives. There are agreements with the others that may need to be changed in order to move on and create something new. This requires consciousness, which can be so inconvenient: If I actually see what’s going on, I may have to make some big changes, and so and so won’t like it. Perhaps your consciousness is merely inconvenient for the status quo.

What if peace were to become the status quo* within you? What if you decided that no matter what anyone else decided to become, you would become peace?

*The original phrase from 14th-century diplomatic Latin was in statu quo res erant ante bellum, meaning “in the state in which things were before the war”. This gave rise to the shorter form status quo ante bellum “the state in which (it was) before war” (indicating the withdrawal of enemy troops and restoration of power to prewar leadership), as well as other variations such as status quo itself. ~Wikipedia

In this time of big change and growth,  I wish you peace in your heart, and love in your life.

©Kris Cahill /
Photo @ Photography Served

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What do you love?

What do you want to see come into existence? What are you cheering for? Are you focusing on it?

It can be so easy to focus on what’s not working, and to forget about what is, especially during challenging times. However, it is precisely during times of stress that it is important to focus on the things you want to see become real.

Where you put your attention, your focus, is where you create. It’s where you are putting your energy. It’s all happening here, right now, in this moment. Right now you are creating the future, laying the groundwork for what is to come next. It begins with your consciousness, where you are deciding to point your spirit.

If you decide to put your energy on yourself, in a positive way, you will reap the rewards from that. You are far more powerful than you might realize. When you begin choosing your direction from a place of conscious awareness within yourself, you can create far more than you might have thought possible before.

Meditation is a valuable tool to use when deciding to focus on yourself. Meditating helps you to get to know yourself better – it’s having a conversation with yourself. When you begin to do this, you become more aware of what’s going on inside of you, what it is you want, what your body has been trying to tell you.

If you’ve been ignoring yourself and focusing on the world outside, especially on the dark and difficult parts of it, you’ve forgotten that you help to create the world you live in. You have the power to change what’s happening around you. The way you do this is to visualize the world you want, and create it within yourself.

If you want to live in a world of peace, create peace within yourself. If you want to live in a world of healing, learn to heal yourself. If you want to live in a world filled with love, fill yourself with love. If you want to live in a creative world, express yourself creatively.

And on and on. It really does begin within you.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Happy Dancing Feet’ ©Karas Cahill

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With spirit there are no borders

Can you imagine a day when human beings can learn to live together without needing to judge, divide, or exploit each other?

Perhaps on that day, we won’t need to compartmentalize each other. Value judgments won’t be made based on how much wealth a person has been able to amass, or on the color of his skin, the language she speaks, the way each chooses to dress. We won’t make it our business to worry about the relationships people choose to have, and whether their choices pass judgment.

We won’t be wasting our time at security checkpoints, or in lines at the airport shoelessly waiting to put our tiny bottles of liquids and gels into small zip-lock bags, while being yelled at constantly by underpaid security guards to do so. Rather than create a warm feeling of security and safety, this system has made travel fearful and uncomfortable. It’s like a bad dream, over and over again. If we decide to end the need for such foolishness, we can.

Rather than spend most of our resources in the pursuit of war, money, and power over others, we will have discovered that it’s a lot more fun to dance, sing, create, and heal. How about creating a United States of Love, while we’re at it? Or better yet, a great big world full of love?

Can you imagine future generations in this very different world from our own, learning about the history we are each living through now? Can you imagine yourself living in that world? Wouldn’t it amaze you to think that people actually chose to live like we do?

It is not foolish dreaming to ask these questions, and to imagine another way to live. We have, each one of us, created what we have now. It wasn’t done to us from somewhere out there. We chose. And we can choose differently, if we wish to do so.

Consciousness is the key. Becoming conscious of your own everyday choices creates change. Change the ones you can, work toward making better choices as you are able. Beginning within yourself is a wonderful place to start. As you begin to look within, you become more conscious in all of your actions, and this has a profound effect on those around you. You have much more power than you may give yourself credit for.

©Kris Cahill /
Photo: ©Zillertal

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Be nice to yourself

Today is a perfect time to begin doing so. Especially if you specialize in self criticism, in which nothing you do is good enough for you, it’s good to remember that you are a human being.

You may want to give yourself a break, and to give yourself permission to make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn, and sometimes we unconsciously make big ones in order to get to a new place within ourselves. If you get stuck in having been imperfect enough to make a mistake in the first place, that would be a bigger mistake.

Others may praise you and tell you how much they appreciate and value your contribution, but if you don’t know your value for yourself, no words from anyone else can convince you of it. It’s a good idea to find neutrality with both your fans and detractors. Thank them all! But don’t get stuck in either the praise or the criticism. If you take them too seriously, it will get in the way of you doing your own true work.

Loving yourself is a good place to begin: as you already are, and no matter what you have accomplished or screwed up. Just do it. It will be the single most important choice you can make. Doing this requires patience, amusement, forgiveness, and faith. It will bring you peace. You don’t have to measure yourself against anyone else’s standards. Your own are what count.

You will need to let go of any desire to be perfect. Perfection is a dull, static state, and not much fun anyway. Remember the stories and movies that inspired you in which the hero totally screws up, is painfully human, sometimes a real jerk, yet still manages to move forward? The hero’s journey is far from perfect. This is why it rings true.

The simple act of accepting yourself as you are, while also working toward being who and how you want to be, is a much easier thing to do than constantly wishing things had been different, or you had done something differently. If you still have your energy caught in those old situations, it’s not yet available to create the new reality you want.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~Dr. Seuss

©Kris Cahill /
‘A Heart Full of Sky’ ©Jamil Soni Neto on Flickr

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Wanted: those who are capable of visualizing peace, beauty, and love

A funny thing happened on the way to building a new world. It became clear that in order to create a brand new way of doing things, a whole lot of destruction had to happen.

Some of the destruction was necessary just to wake people up so that they could remember why they even chose to be on the earth in human form to begin with.

If you are living unconsciously, it’s hard to see what is really here, or who you actually are. In the midst of the bad and worse news, you may have forgotten to see the beauty, or to remember that you are capable of creating harmony, healing, peace, here and now. If you can see the miracles that exist on the earth and in other people, you can create more of them.

The structures that currently exist on earth were all put into place, brick by brick, picture by picture, over many many years. It took a long time to evolve from walking upright to flying in the sky. It actually took less time to bring the earth to the brink of ecological disaster than it took to develop written languages. Things move a whole lot faster these days, and are not slowing down anytime soon.

The way they are falling apart is also a lot faster. Apparently we humans like it this way, since this is how we tend to do things. The problem is, once we get comfortable with how things “are”, we become certain that they’ve “always been this way”. So once they start to disintegrate, our short memories forget that this is what happens on the way to something new. The hardest part of this is the letting go of the old ways of seeing ourselves and each other, including all of those differences, categories, definitions, judgments, and so on that we have for each other.

If you believe that the differences that divide us are greater than what unifies us, if you would rather pledge your allegiance to the group and are afraid to step out of the boundaries drawn by authorities, if you want someone to tell you the rules you must follow, if you are looking for a daddy or mommy to make it all safe, if you think war and more war is the answer, if you believe that money is more important than the health of human beings, animals, and the earth itself, if you don’t want to see what’s happening, you will find it hard to create a new vision of what is possible.

If, on the other hand, you know there is more to life than mindless movement, you want peace, you see the possibilities, and you can feel in your heart that there is a better way to live here on earth, you can also be one who creates that new way.

It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.
Audre Lorde

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends. And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” – Martin Luther King, from the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech

©Kris Cahill /
‘The Same Parents’ ©Tony the Misfit on Flickr

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