The most valuable gifts are those you can’t buy

The most sought after and precious gifts you can give won’t cost you a dime.

You can’t order them online, or wait in line for hours to buy them. But they are available to give freely, anytime you want to do so. One size fits all, and no matter who you give these gifts to, they are a good fit. There’s no worries about gift receipts, returns, or guessing whether your gift will be the right one.

And what’s even better – when you give one of these to someone else, you give the same to yourself.

Here’s a list of gifts that are sure to fit everyone on your list, for any occasion, at any time of year.

1. Non-judgment  ~  When you give the gift of non-judgment, you give one of the greatest presents ever. Once you decide to stop being in judgment, and allow others to be who they are and where they’re at, you take a load away from both them and yourself. Judgment as an energy is heavy, cold, stubborn, unyielding. Once you stop playing the judgment game, you can lighten up, instantly. Fears drop away, life is a happier place. If the person you’ve been judging most harshly is yourself, give yourself the gift of letting go of self criticism, and replace it with self love. You are then giving two gifts in one! By loving yourself, you become a gift for others, without lifting a finger. A person who accepts and loves himself or herself is a joy to be around.

2. Forgiveness  ~  When you forgive yourself, you no longer hold yourself back from your own life. By forgiving someone else, you give both them and yourself a supreme gift. You make it possible for real healing to happen, even if that person is no longer alive. Carrying the energy of forgiveness can help you to release dark heavy unhappy energies from your spirit. When you forgive someone for anything, you take your own power back. You cease being a victim. You become a beautiful example of the healing power of forgiveness. Highly recommended: watch the documentary Forgiving Dr. Mengele’ for a true life example of the healing power of forgiveness.

3. Gratitude  ~  By now the healing properties attributed to having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ are well known. It feels good to feel grateful – it’s a feeling you can feel throughout your whole spirit and body. But did you also know that when you carry this vibration with you, you become the healing for others? You do this without having to think about it, or to give your healing energy away to all those you come into contact with. You become a healing even for those you don’t know, when you’ve set your own energy at Gratitude.

4. A Positive Attitude  ~  When you choose to walk through life with a positive view, you are also embracing energies like amusement, peace, joy, and happiness. You’ve become skilled at letting go of small things that really do not matter. You are also working from a bigger picture, spiritually speaking. All who come into contact with you will benefit from being in your presence, even if it doesn’t seem like they can have the same positivity. In fact, some people may get downright ornery when you’re positive! This is where that amusement comes in handy. Keep your eyes on the prize, as the saying goes. What you prize, whatever you focus on, is where you’ll have more power to create. Having a positive view of life contributes dramatically to your overall health and well being.

These green gift ideas don’t use up resources from the planet, and leave a very low carbon footprint. In fact, they bring healing wherever they are given. When you give one of them to another person, that person is very likely going to re-gift what you gave, while also keeping it. In an exceptionally short time, your gift can double, triple, and continue to grow until it spreads like wildfire. You create real change in the world when you become conscious of the energies you allow to run through you. You become the gift.

Have a beautiful holiday! I have a gift for you: a free guided meditation called ‘A Meditation On Becoming Peace’. Find it at this page on my website: Peace Meditation. Enjoy!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011 All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Spirals and Waterdrops’ ©Tanakawho

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Amusement is a powerful energy

As a vibration of spiritual energy, amusement ranks high as one of the most valuable, powerful, and healing energies you can work with.

Contrary to popular belief, being in touch with your spirit does not require you to be serious, as in ‘not amused’. Actually, the opposite is true. When you begin to find amusement with yourself and your life, as well as other people, you are getting somewhere. Seriously.

As a spiritual energy, here’s what amusement gives to you; your body likes this energy, so it makes it easier for your body to feel good. You can even find your amusement with having a body. Emotionally, amusement is a far easier energy to be in than stress, pain or drama. It is very difficult for outside forces to control you when you are amused. Challenges can seem a bit easier if you can find your amusement with them. The bigger picture is more evident, perspective has been regained.

Especially, and this cannot be stressed enough, though not at all seriously… especially if you are in resistance to someone or something, you can free yourself with a simple dose of amusement. When you are able to laugh at the ridiculousness of any situation you are “in to win”, any battle you’ve sunk your teeth into and are having a hard time releasing yourself from, anywhere you know you’ve been ‘gotten’ by someone who is throwing a game on the table and it’s not yours: you have found your amusement, and suddenly you can see more clearly.

You might want to get started on your own amusement portfolio today. A good place to start is to find out: what makes you laugh out loud? What gives you joy, makes you happy, helps you get away from the prevailing miserable wisdom? What helps you to stay in your body, remember why life is good, find your gratitude for being alive?

Laughter is healing, and a smile does wonders for your health, relationships, looks, AND personality. If you don’t believe me, ask the people who you are around all day long.

©Kris Cahill

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On Having

This is a guest post by Connie Rose

What is it that we really have in this life?  I’ve been thinking a lot about the verb “to have,” and two basic concepts of “having” occur to me – one being in terms of possession, the other in terms of embracing.  

The first notion, possession, is about owning stuff, accruing material things, holding on to life physically and emotionally.  It’s acquisitive, accumulative and quantitative, it’s about obtaining things in life that we attach ourselves to in some way…like relationships and families, good jobs, nice homes, big salaries, lots of friends and social activities, travel and luxuries.  

Having, as such, often leads to judgment, usually of ourselves. How much do you have?  How much do I have?  Do I measure up if I don’t have as much as you have?  Have, in the outward sense, the material sense, the quantitative sense.  But all of these things that we acquire in life are transitory – we can’t take them with us when we leave.  So in the end it doesn’t really matter how much we own.

Having as possessing is also about experiencing the world, having experiences – direct observation or participation in an event, in other words.  And in this sense, having seems like a bridge to the next idea, embracing, which is more about what’s ours intrinsically, qualitatively, spiritually.

This level of having is not about stuff, it’s about who we are underneath all the trappings and our personal evolution into the beings we were meant to be.  “I have a big heart.”  “I have depth and compassion.”  “I have vision.”  These are things you can’t see.  And maybe because qualities are essentially invisible (although their results are often not), it is these very things that define who we really are.  We are spiritual non-form soul beings originally, having a physical human experience, all the while embracing, including, containing within us non-physical soul qualities.

As I’ve aged, owning stuff in the world has lost its appeal for me, especially more stuff than I truly need in order to feel happy and contented.  We pay a dear price for all that getting and all that holding on to that we humans do.  With fewer material things in our possession, we have room to embrace our soul qualities, to let them speak for who we are, to let our inner light shine.

“The less there is, the more important all of it becomes” (source unknown).  What I have now is more important than ever and defines me far better than anything I’ve ever possessed.  I have integrity, self honesty, creativity, artistic vision, joyful solitude, a big heart, a tender soul, and so much more.  I have the ability to see how beautiful the world is, to turn away from anything in life that threatens my inner peace, to nurture my soul, to continually become myself.  

Money and possessions simply can’t take the place of the inner security that’s part and parcel of embracing who we are on the inside.  These qualities are the only things worth having in the end.

©Connie Rose

Collage by Connie Rose

Connie Rose is a textile designer and digital photographer. She has been an artist and been on a personal healing journey for over forty years. She lives in rural Humboldt County, California.

Constance Rose Progressive Textiles

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Clairvoyance and non-judgment go hand in hand

The ability to see clearly begins with the ability to look without judgment.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly, and it’s available to anyone who wants to use it. Clairvoyance is also a skill you can develop and build, kind of like learning to play a musical instrument. You may have musical talent to begin with, but you need to practice and hone that talent in order to develop it. It takes work. The same is true for your clairvoyance; it’s an ability you were born with, and you can learn to develop and use it.

If you can learn to look at people, places, and events without judging them, you are more likely to see them. Once you begin judging is when you stop seeing clearly. If you can learn to see without fearing or resisting what you’re looking at, you’ll see more. If you don’t need to fix every problem you see, or become responsible for it, you’ll see more deeply into a situation and find it easier to know what to do. If you don’t judge that the person in front of you is good or bad, or needs to be healed, you’ll see that person’s spirit clearly.

When you enter into a situation already ‘knowing’ what is happening because someone else told you what to think or how to feel, or you are expected to behave in a certain way out of loyalty, you miss out on seeing what is really happening. You are pre-judging, or prejudiced. The same goes for when you see the color of a person’s skin, or the cut of their clothes, and expect them to be a certain way. If you’re in fear of them or in judgment of their beliefs, accent, clothing, or ways of being, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to learn something true, make a friend, or let go of an old prejudice or fear. You’ll remain ignorant of what’s happening around you in the world. You miss out on seeing the spirit of that person.

When you can see the energy of another person clearly, you’ll be able to communicate with him, or to give a true ‘hello’ to her spirit. This is the healing we bring to each other. This is where we really begin to communicate deeply: when we can see each other clearly. This is what we are evolving into right now, as beings in bodies. This is what will help us to heal ourselves and create a happy healthy planet.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2011 All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘A Blue Rose’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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The healing power of anger

Who had permission to get angry in the household you grew up in?

Was it you, your mother or father,  or someone else? Was anger seen as natural and a way of releasing? Or was it judged as being a negative and unsafe emotion?

It may be that only the women in your family were allowed to get angry, or only the men. There simply wasn’t room for anyone else ‘to express their feelings of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility’ – (Webster’s definition of anger). It may have been unsafe for someone else, if you got angry. Maybe there was a lot of unconscious anger being thrown around already, and everyone else was expected to stuff theirs. Children who get angry are often viewed as being bad or disobedient.

If you grew up with this kind of energy, your natural ability to use anger constructively without judging yourself, may have become tainted. You may have learned to fear your own natural anger. Chances are that if you had no permission to get angry when you were young, you didn’t have any space either. If someone else couldn’t have you getting angry, your natural range of emotions was controlled. A judgment was placed in your space about anger. You learned to avoid ‘making’ someone else angry. People lie all of the time to each other to avoid an angry response. The fear of anger makes us into liars.

When anger is used unconsciously, and thrown at anyone who happens to be in the way, it isn’t constructive or healing. It can actually be punishing for those on the receiving end, who may have done nothing to cause the anger. If someone is always angry, running on anger, that may just be their style. But if they misdirect it into your space, or at others, this is when it becomes a negative energy.

When your feelings haven’t been acknowledged by others as being important, you may need to get angry to move that invalidation out of your way. If you’re being honest with yourself about what you’re expressing, and it still isn’t heard, anger can help you to get stuck energy moving again. If you repress your true natural anger for long enough, it will come out in other ways, whether in your body’s health, your emotional health, or your energy levels. Repressed anger can lead to depression.

Being honest with yourself helps you to avoid having to stuff your own anger. If you’ve been trying to fit into the small amount of space others have decided you’re allowed to have, anger is a natural response. Like a volcano, once you release that energy, you can cool down and create something new, something more true for you.

©Kris Cahill
‘Angry Sky’ on Pixdaus

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Become friends with your body this spring

The thaw is on, winter is at an end. How lovely it can be to have a body in the spring!

The optimism of new spring growth in the natural world, is restorative to our bodies and spirits. This is but one reason of a gazillion why we need to consciously protect and cherish our earth. We are nothing without it.

One could say the same thing about that body of yours – can’t do much without it, can you? Everything you work on, create, experience, requires a body to do so. Yet so few remember to listen to their own bodies, and to validate them. So many people bemoan the state of their own bodies and are ashamed of or angry at them. This does not improve the likelihood of you being able to become friends with your body.

By spring, many of us have gotten over the fervent declarations of self improvement that we all jump into in January, after several months of colder weather, and lots of holiday celebrations have left their mark on our bodies. We decide to exercise, diet, change our lifestyles. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to embark on, how about sweetening the pot by throwing something in that many forget about?

How about creating a new Spring Resolution, one in which you declare that you already love your body, just as it is. Here’s my version of this new resolution:

Your body is already perfect, and you cherish it, are grateful for it, and love it. You are calling off all declarations of war, and if there has been a Cold War going on, one in which you simply ignore your body or don’t take its calls, you are ending that too. You are forgiving your body, and realize it is never wrong, nor do you need to make it wrong, ever again.

You can choose to begin a new habit: the habit of listening to the wisdom of your body. Your body is very smart; every part of it has something to teach you, if you just learn to listen. This is healing for your body; once you decide to go down this path, it will be difficult to go back again to a time when you ignore your body.

You weren’t born disliking or being angry at your own body – you took that on later. Perhaps you don’t physically fit the current body fashion, or you don’t look like others think you should look, or you’ve read too many fashion magazines that have uber-skinny models who all look like they need a good healthy fattening lunch. Maybe your mother hated her body, maybe your grandma was critical of zaftig women, or afraid of gaining an ounce herself. You might have been made fun of as a kid for the kind of body you had. Perhaps the need to be perfect runs through your town, or the fear of not fitting in.

Know this: if you decide to love your own body, and make it your business to follow through, your life will become a lot more fun. Your body will be happy when you learn to listen to it, and to give to it what it actually needs and wants in order to be well. You can make a new agreement with your body, one in which neither it nor you are ever wrong. When you begin to move in this direction, you will heal yourself and your body in ways you can’t imagine doing so now.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

The energy theme for March 2011 at Psychic Everyday is Body Awareness. You can join in the monthly energy challenge, and participate by leaving your own comments and your story. You can also sign up to receive the latest post by email. Thanks for reading!
Photo: Geek Philosopher



My new American Dream has room for everyone

There is a big rescue effort underway now in the United States to bring back the American Dream and save that endangered species known as the middle class.

According to sources, this species has been under attack since approximately 1980, and is in danger of becoming extinct.

The middle class has apparently had its version of the American Dream stomped on and severely damaged by strong opponents. The attacks continue to this day, and the Middle Class is fighting for its life.

A note to the Middle Class in America: It is never an easy thing to go through such big growing pains. Life has changed very radically for you in such a short time. When you were just a generation or so into your evolution, you created an idea, a Dream that every generation would achieve and have More than the previous one did. It became very important to show that you had what it took, including all of the accompanying Stuff.

Somehow along the way, paying homage to that Dream may have gotten you off course a bit. All of that unconscious conspicuous consumption hasn’t really paid off in ways you can take to the bank right now, unfortunately. Interestingly, consumption, or tuberculosis, is a disease in which the body wastes away. How different is that from the over-consumption of the earth’s resources that has wasted away so much irreplaceable natural wealth and beauty?

On top of all of this, we are reminded that  Democracy is an all-in process. It’s  not somebody else’s job: it’s yours, and mine. A healthy democracy needs our attention in order to stay healthy. The environment is screaming for our attention, expensive and unnecessary wars are eating up the resources we need to keep our citizens educated, healthy, and truly safe, and we need campaign finance reform NOW. Along with so many other issues. Where to begin to heal this mess?

These are soul searching times, times in which new Dreams can be dreamed, and new visions created. I have been dreaming my own new American Dream, and I’d like to share it with you now. Let me know what you think, and maybe we can create something new and beautiful together.

Here’s how my American Dream looks: Multi Colored! International! All languages and races and religions and genders are welcome, in peace. Everyone has a voice in my dream, and it is the job of each of us to welcome every other one of us into the dream, no matter where we come from. In my dream, there is no hatred or judgment of anyone who is different. We live together in acceptance and peace.

One way that we got sucked into where we are now is that we forgot about Love. Or maybe we’re still learning? We forgot about the intelligence of the earth. We forgot to trust our own instincts and the wisdom of our own bodies, and began looking outside of ourselves to ‘designated experts’ for our answers, to religious, military, and political leaders, medical and scientific experts. We decided that we needed some Big Daddy to care for us, and make sure we were okay. It was easier to let somebody else be responsible for everything.

So if we go back to The Way We Were, and forget that we are creating a new world, we will stay stuck. If we are fighting this fight to go back to the way it all was, we won’t get anywhere worth going to. If we continue to insist on having ‘One of your own kind! Stick to your own kind!’ as our theme song, we. will. get. stuck. again. The old ways are gone – long live the old ways! What do we want to create now?

In my new dream, we can no longer afford the following:

Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, hatred, greed, intolerance of other’s views. Unconscious conspicuous consumption is so 20th century. We need to wean ourselves away from oil consumption, crappy food, pesticides and chemicals. Corporations are not people. If you’ve been busy complaining about how hard things are instead of making a difference, now’s your chance.

It’s time to visualize a new world. Begin with yourself: how do you see you in this new world? What do you want to give, what is your truth, what do you have passion for doing or becoming? Maybe it’s time to go there, and fearlessly go for it. There is nothing to lose if you are in your own truth. You are needed in this new American Dream. There is no other you. Does this sound like your dream?

©Kris Cahill ~
‘Peace Flag’ ©Coalition For World Peace

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Put down the remote and listen to your body

You wouldn’t think of speaking to other people the way you sometimes might speak to your own body, not if you wanted them to listen for long, that is.

It’s so much easier to ignore your body’s requests, or to make it wrong when it can’t live up to your expectations, than it is to ignore another person. You would most likely have more compassion for someone else’s need for sleep or a day off, than you do for your own body’s need for the same. You may even be angry and frustrated with your body when it can’t do everything you want it to. You might expect it to keep going and going, and when part of it breaks down or you get sick, you wonder why you have such a flawed body.

It looks like many people are trying to operate their bodies from outside of themselves, yelling orders at their body; “do this, body!”. They get angry when their body doesn’t move as fast as they want it to. They work non stop, eat poorly, and hurl insults at their beautiful body. Treating another person like this is seen as abusive, but doing this to ourselves isn’t seen as being wrong, just as long as we get our work done and show up when expected, fulfilling our roles and responsibilities.

Unless your body is a TV, garage door, or air conditioner, it doesn’t operate well by using a remote. At least not for long, though you may get away with it for a while. What people see as an inevitable breaking down of the body as one gets older, can also be seen as the inevitable result of what happens when one doesn’t listen to one’s body, and give to it what it needs.

Your body is wise beyond what you might be aware of. There is intelligence and intuition in every part of you. When you take the time to rest and listen, to meditate and heal yourself, you unlock the hidden power your body already has within it.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

The month of March, 2011, is Body Awareness Month here at Psychic Everyday. Check back often for posts throughout the month featuring this theme, including 5 incredibly beautiful posts by guest bloggers. You can also subscribe by email and receive the latest quickly. Thank you for reading!  ~
Photo: ‘Remote (2)’ on Morgue File

March 2011 is Body Awareness Month

Throughout this month of March, Psychic Everyday will feature posts about Body Awareness.

Having a body makes it possible for you to accomplish, experience, and have so much in your life. If you’ve been critical, unkind to, or unconscious of your own body, it can be difficult to access your own abilities and senses to the fullest.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Energy Challenge, and look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for reading!

©Kris Cahill
‘Happy Dancing Feet’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr



Did you remember to bring yourself along?

Have you ever experienced having a conversation with someone who isn’t all there?

Their energy, that is. Instead of being completely present, your friend (relative, workmate, boss, acquaintance, client…) is occupied by things other than you and your present time communication. Instead of being present, his energy is wandering off into endless texting, phone calls, or other distractions. Perhaps she isn’t really listening, or giving anything back. You may have the feeling that you are talking to yourself. This can be frustrating, especially when you came to discuss something important to you, or have contact with another human being.

You can get the feeling that perhaps, to this other person, your communication really isn’t very important, not their priority at the moment. It can feel like you aren’t really being seen or listened to, which is invalidating to experience.

Many of the people who are able to effortlessly earn your attention (and your loyalty) are the ones who know how to bring spirit to their communication. They give of themselves by being present. They know how to say hello to you, and to others too. Think of the teachers, friends, workmates, acquaintances, you’ve had in your life who were special to you, or still are. Their ability to be emotionally available, real, and honest, could have been what attracted you to them. They know how to be present, how to make each person feel special and heard. They know how to give of themselves.

Some people seem naturally gifted at this – call them charismatic. But if you have a hard time doing the same, finding yourself shy or holding back for some reason, it’s a great opportunity to ask yourself, what do these outgoing people know that you don’t?

Perhaps they can see you without judgment, see your spirit, your true energy. Maybe they don’t let shyness or insecurities get in their way when they meet strangers. Perhaps they are safe enough to be in unfamiliar situations. They might not be as sensitive to rejection or other people’s energies as you are.

If there are people who continually do not show up when you meet – they send their body but forget to come with it – you may want to ask yourself some questions, such as: why do you keep making plans to meet with someone who isn’t there?

©Kris Cahill /
‘Alium in the Shadow’ ©Tanakawho on Flickr

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