Say yes! to Peace in 2012

I’ve often said that I don’t predict the future because I find it pointless to do so. We are each able to take part in the creating of our future, individually and together, by becoming conscious and making our choices accordingly.

As 2011 wraps up its final moments, here are some important energies I see as 2012 moves into view. Happy New Year to you!

1. Peace – We are all improvisers in the art of life. The first rule of improvisation is to say ‘yes, and’. In 2012, it will become even more important that we consciously say yes to peace, to cultivating peace, and to having a peace consciousness. It’s obvious that war is extremely profitable for some. Let’s show that peace is an even more valuable commodity for all the rest of us here on earth. What do we gain from peace? Priceless things, like getting to know each other better, and creating a new happier healthier world together, to start. Peace will be one of the biggest energies to become aware of in 2012. It all begins within each of us.

2. Community – As 2011 showed the world, we are stronger when we cooperate together. Working together, people can create massive social change, without lobbyists,  expensive advertising agencies, or violence. All it takes is waking up and seeing clearly, which was another gift 2011 gave to us. After we begin to see each other in a new way, we can work to create what we do want here on earth.

3. Truth – By now it should be obvious that nobody is going to get away with telling lies anymore, at least not for long. The truth is coming out faster than ever, and truths thought long buried are surfacing. This is true not only on a global level, but deep within each of us as well. If you’ve been lying to yourself, even unconsciously so, that energy no doubt surfaced in the past year or two. Now is the time to move ahead with your own truth. Your truth includes being able to listen to and follow your own heart, which is going to be even more important in 2012.

4. Creativity – ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is how the old saying goes. Creativity will become even more valuable in 2012 as we are called on to recreate our world. Those who can visualize and imagine will be at the forefront of the new creations. The new pictures are already here, with many more on the way. Creativity includes every other energy on this list. If you’ve been unable to validate your own creativity, now is the time to learn how to do so.

5. MeditationMeditation is a tool that pays off in very big ways, even when you only have a few minutes a day to practice it. You can take it with you anywhere you go, it needs no special equipment, and helps you to learn things you can’t learn anywhere else. It’s well worth taking the time to learn how to meditate, because then you have it for life. Your health, emotions, sense of peace and well being, and body will all benefit from this practice. Find out about my meditation classes and recordings here.

6. Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance was at the top of my list for 2011, and continues to rise in importance as we human beings evolve. The ‘art of seeing clearly’ is what clairvoyance is all about. And if you are able to see yourself clearly, so much the better. You can read much more about this very human spiritual ability in the many posts on this blog about clairvoyance and being psychic.

7. Letting go – Traveling lightly, dropping your burdens, not needing to carry a load of stuff with you as you move forward in your life. What is it you insist upon carrying that makes it difficult for you to step ahead into your life as you want to live it? Though the years 2009-2011 helped us all to let go of much, there’ll be more of that in 2012. Whether it’s a way of living, an old belief or picture you have of yourself that’s not accurate, or a grudge you’ve held onto tightly, it’s all in the letting go that healing happens.

8. Self Healing – Though it seems strange to say so, one of the biggest healings we’ve had in the U.S. has been our decaying and horrid health care system, complete with the rampant greed of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. ‘Better living through chemicals’ isn’t, and being without insurance has driven many people to the edge of despair, especially when they or a loved one became ill with a serious illness. Through all of this terrible pain and destruction, people have begun waking up to the power they have within to heal, and to the many modalities available to do just that. From the common sense approach to using food as medicine and prevention, which the AMA and other so called ‘authorities’ refuse to even consider as viable, to other alternative ways to create healing – a new way of healing is being born. Look for much more of this in 2012.

9. Love – All you need is love. Love becomes a way of living, healing, creating, growing, transforming our lives, if we only give it the space to exist and grow.

10. Consciousness – The grounding for all of the rest of what it is possible to make real is becoming conscious. Becoming conscious takes courage, and a willingness to see, hear, and know. Many times when unconsciousness rules the day, we create events in order to wake up. Some of these happenings or events may not be comfortable, but they certainly do serve the purpose of waking us up. Deciding to be conscious is a lot more fun, and a lot easier than allowing oneself to be shaken awake. Why not make consciousness one of your key words for 2012?

May 2012 be a beautiful year for you!

This is the post I wrote exactly one year ago today about 2011: ‘Clairvoyance tops the list for 2011’.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~

‘Peace’ ©No Bullshit on Flickr

Amusement is a powerful energy

As a vibration of spiritual energy, amusement ranks high as one of the most valuable, powerful, and healing energies you can work with.

Contrary to popular belief, being in touch with your spirit does not require you to be serious, as in ‘not amused’. Actually, the opposite is true. When you begin to find amusement with yourself and your life, as well as other people, you are getting somewhere. Seriously.

As a spiritual energy, here’s what amusement gives to you; your body likes this energy, so it makes it easier for your body to feel good. You can even find your amusement with having a body. Emotionally, amusement is a far easier energy to be in than stress, pain or drama. It is very difficult for outside forces to control you when you are amused. Challenges can seem a bit easier if you can find your amusement with them. The bigger picture is more evident, perspective has been regained.

Especially, and this cannot be stressed enough, though not at all seriously… especially if you are in resistance to someone or something, you can free yourself with a simple dose of amusement. When you are able to laugh at the ridiculousness of any situation you are “in to win”, any battle you’ve sunk your teeth into and are having a hard time releasing yourself from, anywhere you know you’ve been ‘gotten’ by someone who is throwing a game on the table and it’s not yours: you have found your amusement, and suddenly you can see more clearly.

You might want to get started on your own amusement portfolio today. A good place to start is to find out: what makes you laugh out loud? What gives you joy, makes you happy, helps you get away from the prevailing miserable wisdom? What helps you to stay in your body, remember why life is good, find your gratitude for being alive?

Laughter is healing, and a smile does wonders for your health, relationships, looks, AND personality. If you don’t believe me, ask the people who you are around all day long.

©Kris Cahill

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The healing power of anger

Who had permission to get angry in the household you grew up in?

Was it you, your mother or father,  or someone else? Was anger seen as natural and a way of releasing? Or was it judged as being a negative and unsafe emotion?

It may be that only the women in your family were allowed to get angry, or only the men. There simply wasn’t room for anyone else ‘to express their feelings of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility’ – (Webster’s definition of anger). It may have been unsafe for someone else, if you got angry. Maybe there was a lot of unconscious anger being thrown around already, and everyone else was expected to stuff theirs. Children who get angry are often viewed as being bad or disobedient.

If you grew up with this kind of energy, your natural ability to use anger constructively without judging yourself, may have become tainted. You may have learned to fear your own natural anger. Chances are that if you had no permission to get angry when you were young, you didn’t have any space either. If someone else couldn’t have you getting angry, your natural range of emotions was controlled. A judgment was placed in your space about anger. You learned to avoid ‘making’ someone else angry. People lie all of the time to each other to avoid an angry response. The fear of anger makes us into liars.

When anger is used unconsciously, and thrown at anyone who happens to be in the way, it isn’t constructive or healing. It can actually be punishing for those on the receiving end, who may have done nothing to cause the anger. If someone is always angry, running on anger, that may just be their style. But if they misdirect it into your space, or at others, this is when it becomes a negative energy.

When your feelings haven’t been acknowledged by others as being important, you may need to get angry to move that invalidation out of your way. If you’re being honest with yourself about what you’re expressing, and it still isn’t heard, anger can help you to get stuck energy moving again. If you repress your true natural anger for long enough, it will come out in other ways, whether in your body’s health, your emotional health, or your energy levels. Repressed anger can lead to depression.

Being honest with yourself helps you to avoid having to stuff your own anger. If you’ve been trying to fit into the small amount of space others have decided you’re allowed to have, anger is a natural response. Like a volcano, once you release that energy, you can cool down and create something new, something more true for you.

©Kris Cahill
‘Angry Sky’ on Pixdaus

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Sometimes the unraveling is the healing

When everything in your world seems to be unraveling, it’s not easy to see how healing is taking place.

If you’ve held tightly onto what has been, to the things you thought were real, it’s even more painful when those things begin to fall apart.

It’s in the holding on tightly that you might have, unwittingly, held back the new growth. By holding onto what’s familiar to you, you make it difficult for that which needs to go away, to do so. You’re holding it all together when it needs to fall apart. You lose your energy when you do this, when you act as if you have any control over the outcome. There is a bigger picture, and you might be trying to do a job that was never yours to begin with.

If you think you’re responsible for keeping it all together, think again. It may have been the job you agreed to do, but is it still working for you now?

A few points to consider if you suspect you may be holding it all together:

  • You are tired much of the time, even though you never seem to be doing what it is you want to do. Yet, you are always available to take care of details for others and feel guilty if you say no to any requests for your time.
  • You always feel bad for the pain others are in or the hardships they are going through. You attract people in crisis to yourself like moths to a flame.
  • You lie awake at night dreaming up solutions to help others out of a jam.
  • You resist any changes in your external world.
  • You’re the one who is the place holder for all of the stuff the rest of your family doesn’t want. You feel responsible for the family heirlooms, history, and relationships.

You might like your place as the hub of the wheel, the one who takes care of it all. But if you’re wondering why you don’t have what it is you want in your life, look no further. The culprit, the one holding you back, is none other than yourself. You can’t blame the others if you choose to be responsible for them. You trained them to expect this from you, so it’s no wonder that they do.

By the same token, you can retrain everyone in your life, to see you as someone who deserves respect and space. In order to do this, you must begin with yourself. Draw your new line in the sand for you, and don’t cross it. Allow the things that need to fall apart, to do so. Look at what is honestly your responsibility, and what isn’t. Act accordingly.

If you can find the peace and strength within yourself to let go of what needs to go, you’ll have more of your own energy available to heal yourself, and to create your life. This is your true responsibility.

©Kris Cahill
‘Tendril’ ©Hamid on Flickr

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Creating new pictures to live by

You might say that each of us is a camera.

The images you carry with you about your body, health, relationships, career, money, power, talents, value – are pictures you captured yourself, often unconsciously. Some of them were given to you – pictures about culture, society, religion, class, race, gender, are found in every nook and cranny in your daily life.

A picture says considerably more than words can, and does so instantly. Captured in one image are the emotions, challenges, fears, joy, and possibilities inherently present in a situation. A picture has great power.

You put your energy into the pictures you have. Where you focus is where you create. If you’re focusing on a positive self image picture, it will have a different effect on your life than if you focus on a negative one. What you create and your experience of it will change, as you are beginning from a different place.

Taking responsibility for your growth means taking a look at the pictures you’ve agreed to live by. Since you’re constantly living from pictures, it’s helpful to become conscious of which pictures determine what you’re able to create and have. How you see yourself and the world determines what you can create here.

We’re living in a time of clairvoyance. Everything is about seeing and being seen, creating new pictures to live by. What you see, you can create. If you can imagine the possibilities that can exist, even if they seem a long way off, you can create them.

Possibly you’ll find that the old pictures you’ve had, are no longer working. You might need to ask some deep, tough questions about whose pictures have been running your life, and then make choices about whether to keep them or make up your own. It gets messy when you do this, so be sure to give yourself permission to destroy what’s not working. If you want to have your own Renaissance, it’s up to you to get it going.

‘Renaissance’ is a French word meaning “rebirth”, which about sums up where we’re at right now. This time in our evolution on this planet is about renewing, becoming conscious, releasing the old, and creating new pictures to live by.

Between 1300 and 1600 the Western world was transformed. An extraordinary wave of artistic and cultural innovation shattered medieval society and brought European culture reluctantly into the modern era. This was the Renaissance. ~Medici

What happened during that Renaissance? People began looking outside to the world around them. No longer content to just accept the teachings of the Church, they began to explore for themselves, to expand human knowledge. The arts flourished; artists made incredible discoveries during this time. So did science and medicine, with earth shattering discoveries about the human body, the planet, the solar system. A new kind of freedom ruled, possibilities increased. So did upheavals; plagues, war, the burning of heretics.

Apparently this is how we humans have chosen to evolve. Lots of resistance to new ideas, over and over again. Fear and hatred of the new, the outsiders, those who are ‘not like us’. People with different names than us. Sound familiar?

The 21st Century Renaissance brings a different kind of evolution. It is the time to go within, to make great discoveries about the worlds within ourselves. When humans begin to gain greater command over their inner worlds, the outer world will change dramatically. This new Renaissance brings with it the opportunity to heal from the inside out, complete with dramatic changes in the arts, spiritual practices, scientific discoveries, human relationships, value systems, and too much more to name, as a result. People will begin to validate and use their psychic abilities for themselves.

What if, by doing all of this within, we can each help to create a world where peace, love, and a healthy planet are what’s real? This is a splendid new picture to live by.

©Kris Cahill
‘Books Not Bombs’ ©TJ Harron on Flickr

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Become friends with your body this spring

The thaw is on, winter is at an end. How lovely it can be to have a body in the spring!

The optimism of new spring growth in the natural world, is restorative to our bodies and spirits. This is but one reason of a gazillion why we need to consciously protect and cherish our earth. We are nothing without it.

One could say the same thing about that body of yours – can’t do much without it, can you? Everything you work on, create, experience, requires a body to do so. Yet so few remember to listen to their own bodies, and to validate them. So many people bemoan the state of their own bodies and are ashamed of or angry at them. This does not improve the likelihood of you being able to become friends with your body.

By spring, many of us have gotten over the fervent declarations of self improvement that we all jump into in January, after several months of colder weather, and lots of holiday celebrations have left their mark on our bodies. We decide to exercise, diet, change our lifestyles. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing to embark on, how about sweetening the pot by throwing something in that many forget about?

How about creating a new Spring Resolution, one in which you declare that you already love your body, just as it is. Here’s my version of this new resolution:

Your body is already perfect, and you cherish it, are grateful for it, and love it. You are calling off all declarations of war, and if there has been a Cold War going on, one in which you simply ignore your body or don’t take its calls, you are ending that too. You are forgiving your body, and realize it is never wrong, nor do you need to make it wrong, ever again.

You can choose to begin a new habit: the habit of listening to the wisdom of your body. Your body is very smart; every part of it has something to teach you, if you just learn to listen. This is healing for your body; once you decide to go down this path, it will be difficult to go back again to a time when you ignore your body.

You weren’t born disliking or being angry at your own body – you took that on later. Perhaps you don’t physically fit the current body fashion, or you don’t look like others think you should look, or you’ve read too many fashion magazines that have uber-skinny models who all look like they need a good healthy fattening lunch. Maybe your mother hated her body, maybe your grandma was critical of zaftig women, or afraid of gaining an ounce herself. You might have been made fun of as a kid for the kind of body you had. Perhaps the need to be perfect runs through your town, or the fear of not fitting in.

Know this: if you decide to love your own body, and make it your business to follow through, your life will become a lot more fun. Your body will be happy when you learn to listen to it, and to give to it what it actually needs and wants in order to be well. You can make a new agreement with your body, one in which neither it nor you are ever wrong. When you begin to move in this direction, you will heal yourself and your body in ways you can’t imagine doing so now.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

The energy theme for March 2011 at Psychic Everyday is Body Awareness. You can join in the monthly energy challenge, and participate by leaving your own comments and your story. You can also sign up to receive the latest post by email. Thanks for reading!
Photo: Geek Philosopher



My new American Dream has room for everyone

There is a big rescue effort underway now in the United States to bring back the American Dream and save that endangered species known as the middle class.

According to sources, this species has been under attack since approximately 1980, and is in danger of becoming extinct.

The middle class has apparently had its version of the American Dream stomped on and severely damaged by strong opponents. The attacks continue to this day, and the Middle Class is fighting for its life.

A note to the Middle Class in America: It is never an easy thing to go through such big growing pains. Life has changed very radically for you in such a short time. When you were just a generation or so into your evolution, you created an idea, a Dream that every generation would achieve and have More than the previous one did. It became very important to show that you had what it took, including all of the accompanying Stuff.

Somehow along the way, paying homage to that Dream may have gotten you off course a bit. All of that unconscious conspicuous consumption hasn’t really paid off in ways you can take to the bank right now, unfortunately. Interestingly, consumption, or tuberculosis, is a disease in which the body wastes away. How different is that from the over-consumption of the earth’s resources that has wasted away so much irreplaceable natural wealth and beauty?

On top of all of this, we are reminded that  Democracy is an all-in process. It’s  not somebody else’s job: it’s yours, and mine. A healthy democracy needs our attention in order to stay healthy. The environment is screaming for our attention, expensive and unnecessary wars are eating up the resources we need to keep our citizens educated, healthy, and truly safe, and we need campaign finance reform NOW. Along with so many other issues. Where to begin to heal this mess?

These are soul searching times, times in which new Dreams can be dreamed, and new visions created. I have been dreaming my own new American Dream, and I’d like to share it with you now. Let me know what you think, and maybe we can create something new and beautiful together.

Here’s how my American Dream looks: Multi Colored! International! All languages and races and religions and genders are welcome, in peace. Everyone has a voice in my dream, and it is the job of each of us to welcome every other one of us into the dream, no matter where we come from. In my dream, there is no hatred or judgment of anyone who is different. We live together in acceptance and peace.

One way that we got sucked into where we are now is that we forgot about Love. Or maybe we’re still learning? We forgot about the intelligence of the earth. We forgot to trust our own instincts and the wisdom of our own bodies, and began looking outside of ourselves to ‘designated experts’ for our answers, to religious, military, and political leaders, medical and scientific experts. We decided that we needed some Big Daddy to care for us, and make sure we were okay. It was easier to let somebody else be responsible for everything.

So if we go back to The Way We Were, and forget that we are creating a new world, we will stay stuck. If we are fighting this fight to go back to the way it all was, we won’t get anywhere worth going to. If we continue to insist on having ‘One of your own kind! Stick to your own kind!’ as our theme song, we. will. get. stuck. again. The old ways are gone – long live the old ways! What do we want to create now?

In my new dream, we can no longer afford the following:

Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, hatred, greed, intolerance of other’s views. Unconscious conspicuous consumption is so 20th century. We need to wean ourselves away from oil consumption, crappy food, pesticides and chemicals. Corporations are not people. If you’ve been busy complaining about how hard things are instead of making a difference, now’s your chance.

It’s time to visualize a new world. Begin with yourself: how do you see you in this new world? What do you want to give, what is your truth, what do you have passion for doing or becoming? Maybe it’s time to go there, and fearlessly go for it. There is nothing to lose if you are in your own truth. You are needed in this new American Dream. There is no other you. Does this sound like your dream?

©Kris Cahill ~
‘Peace Flag’ ©Coalition For World Peace

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Gratefully yours

This is a guest post by Catherine Zukowski

I use to wake up each morning and roll out of bed critically assessing the looseness of my belly and the odd sagging starting in my inner thighs. 

In front of the bathroom mirror I would continue my morning “hello” by bemoaning the dark circles and lines permanently taking root under my eyes.  Well “good morning beautiful” to you too! Harshly judging my body had been a lifetime hobby. There were others that participated in my hobby. Family, friends, boyfriends, distorted media images of beauty all joined in on creating the internal dialogue of judgment. Oh I spread that judgment to others as well at my most miserable times.

Reciprocity of this judgmental energy fuels these negative perceptions.  Someone once asked me how long would I keep a friend if I picked on her as much as I pick on myself. That simple question shifted my perspective and made me realize that I treated my body as if it was the enemy of my happiness and the block to finding love. Through meditation in various forms over the years, I learned to clear this negative energy out of my system. It was not mine to begin with, but other people’s that had their own healing to do.

As the signs of aging are a little more prevalent, I won’t lie, they are not welcome, but without looking at myself though the filter of judgment I realize how very healthy and beautiful I am and how healthy and beautiful I have always been.  By embracing this body I heal the pre-teen, teenager and adult woman that wasn’t happy because they all exist in me.

Spiritual awareness must include awareness of this amazing machine that houses our spirit letting us experience this life. Daily meditation helps me to tune into my physical body as well as my energy body. Right now as I take a moment to sit and do nothing, there is a factory humming away with no misfires.

Even the cold virus that is sneaking up on me is being fought off by my immune system without me telling my body to do it. I don’t even have to know how it all works. Hair is growing while I write this blog. Cells are renewing, food is digesting, my eyes send images to my brain and I see continually, and don’t forget the breathing. Really, don’t forget the breathing. It’s easy to take for granted, but so many of us breathe shallowly or hold our breath during times of stress.  Deep breathing consciously during meditation and during the course of the day, especially during times of stress, will calm and center the body and mind. Breath is the life-force. Don’t ever underestimate its healing power.

Another underestimated power is gratitude. Gratitude is validating, thus healing.  As I ground my body during meditation so that it can release foreign energy I notice sensations such as a twinge in the lower back or needle pinch in the shoulder and neck, those typical stress areas. Sometimes I’ll feel some discomfort in areas I hadn’t noticed before. I focus my own healing energy and gratitude to those sore spots to move out the foreign energy that became stuck. I can feel my body answer back by relaxing and giving me a sense of euphoria. I now consciously send gratitude to my body in general and specific areas that need extra loving care when practicing yoga as well. I use to curse my body during certain asanas that focused at the core because it was so hard. It’s still hard, but instead of resisting and berating my weak stomach muscles I focus gratitude and find that I am better able to complete the asana or at least go longer than I thought I could.  It’s amazing how a muscle will stretch just a little further or hold a little longer when giving it gratitude. It’s the ultimate “atta girl, you can do it.”

Listen to your body. Ask it what it wants. Are you giving it enough rest, exercise, healthy food, fun, love and gratitude?  Remember how wonderful it feels to be around someone that appreciates you. Treat your body as you would a most cherished loved one, because it is the friend that is with you through thick and thin.

Catherine Zukowski is a clairvoyant energy reader/ healer, jewelry designer living in LA with her husband. She is also a regular volunteer at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles’ Skid Row District.




Social change is a consciousness issue

Photo by Steinar Hugi Sigurdarson

The personal is political, is spiritual. Before anything comes into being, it is spirit, energy.

It may begin with a wish, a new picture for a better way of living. Perhaps there is a deep desire to let go of the status quo, because it simply doesn’t work anymore. It’s time to get out of the way – here comes the future. It’s evolution, baby!

Revolution comes from within. Before any change is created in the outer world, (see ‘Egypt’, ‘Libya’, ‘Wisconsin’…. and many more), it first of all begins within. True revolution is not imposed on us from some force ‘out there’. We create it; when we are ready for new growth and change, it comes easily. If there is resistance to change, or controls in the way of change happening, it will happen anyway, but less peacefully.

As we’ve seen throughout human history, when people no longer put up with despotic rulers, lies, and greedy motives, revolution happens. Young people in particular, seeing themselves as having less to lose and being less entrenched in their self images, stuff, bills, etc… are often the ones to stand up and demand change.

From Wikipedia: A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.

People become accustomed to what they know, to the status quo. Art, music, and fashion don’t do this; the marketplace can’t survive long on old ideas. Why then should we continue to live under old ways of doing things, when it is obvious that they no longer serve us? It is difficult to live up to our true potential as human beings while living in a climate of fear and hatred. Did that, check!

It’s time to move on to what is present time. How about a nice big serving of social justice for starters?

Get enough folks together who are done with war, and there will be no more war. We’ll spend all of that money on education, health, art, and making peace instead. Gather enough of us who want to live sustainably and in peace, and it will happen. When a large number of people wake up and decide that it’s time to value what really has value, like a healthy earth, peaceful human relationships, and being able to live happy lives, that will all be created, by us.

Most interesting of all is the spiritual evolution that arises and helps to bring on the revolutions human beings create and experience. When you’ve reached your saturation point, when you’re through buying into the unconsciousness and lies that have been ruling over you, you are in the midst of your own personal revolution.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~
‘Protestors Downtown Reykjavik’ ©Steinar Hugi on Flickr

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Communication Nation

This is a guest post by Debra Taitel.

The very first words spoken on the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant in 1876 were “Mr. Watson, come here I need you.” 

In 1928 my Grandfather, Maurice Bank, completed a design for the first two-way speaker system then invented and held the first patent for the intercom in 1933.  “Press a button and you’re there” was the ad. These things along with many others were invented to make communication easier and more efficient. Of course, we’ve come a long way since then. Now if you need someone or something, you simply send a text from your phone! Our world has truly become one big communication nation.

Although we have the ability to connect and communicate with people in ways we never thought possible this has also moved our attention and focus outside of ourselves. We have become a world nation of “first responders” instead of responding to ourselves first! Yes, communication is easier but we are now more disconnected than ever. There are more filters in place and it is easy to misunderstand someone or be misunderstood. With so much of our time communicating through something else we have moved away from our most valuable connection; the connection that creates body/spirit communication.

When was the last time you said “Hello” to yourself and asked YOU how you are doing? The simple act of saying hello to yourself  opens a line of communication within. It starts a process of you discovering who you really are. When you  acknowledge yourself as spirit, you pave the way to give and receive a spirit to spirit hello from others! The best way I know to begin re-connecting is with meditation.

Meditation is a time for you to communicate with YOU.  It’s about re-booting, so to speak; separating from those other things shouting for your attention and discovering not only what your spirit wants you to know but what your body needs. It is a time to connect to and be in communication with the earth and the God of your heart. A time to connect with your body. A time to listen quietly for the messages you receive on a daily basis. How you communicate with others is directly related to how you communicate with yourself. Can you hear you? Do you take time out of your day to find out how you are and what YOU need? If you ever have communication challenges with others, take a moment to look at how you are communicating with yourself.

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention but to be in communication with YOU there is nothing to invent! There are no filters, no waiting for response, nothing to buy, no misunderstandings. There is however, clarity, awareness and a sense of peace.  All that is necessary is for you to turn you attention within. Think of it this way; no one has ever said it’s dangerous to have clarity, awareness and a sense of peace while driving.  .~Shine Your Light Debbie

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Debra is a gifted clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and intuitive coach providing insight and guidance to clients around the world. Based in Chicago, Debra also writes a spiritual blog and leads meditation workshops that help people awaken to their own truth and spiritual gifts. WEBSITE: