Spring growth, changes, and updates

Happy Spring to you. May your flowers bloom and grow!

A note from Kris: Though I don’t usually post my news here, I’m making an exception for today’s post. I’ve been absent from this blog for a few months, but I haven’t been idle. There’s been a lot of action going on behind the scenes. Thank you to my readers and subscribers for reading my blog, and for your patience during this time of transition. New creations are here, with more on the way. Here’s my latest news.

1. I have a new website: I’ve moved my KrisCahill.com website over to WordPress.org. It’s still in transition but looking good right now. I’ll be doing the same for this blog, Psychic Everyday, later this spring.

2. New class offerings! I teach a monthly workshop with Liz McDonald at her yoga studio, Brazilian Yoga and Pilates, in Los Angeles. Our next workshop is tomorrow, March 25, and is called ‘Occupy Your Pelvis’. There is still room in the workshop if you want to join. You can register here: Occupy Your Pelvis.

We made a  video about this class:

3. The Sunday Meditation Teleseminar. I lead a weekly 60 minute meditation teleseminar, every Sunday at 10am PT. You only need a phone to join in on the call. You will also receive the recording from the meditation. (You can also purchase it if you can’t attend in person.)  Every Sunday meditation has a theme. Recent themes include: ‘Dreams Come True’, ‘Create Your New Life’, ‘The Energy of Love’, ‘Permission to Change and Grow’. Find out more about this meditation and sign up for the next one here.

4. Meditation Recordings. There are currently several dozen different recorded meditations available, and that list is growing. Learn more and purchase meditation recordings here.

5. Psychic Readings with me: many of you already know that I am a full time clairvoyant reader, healer, teacher and writer. Did you also know that you can have a reading by Skype or phone, as well as in person? Learn more about my readings here.

A few exciting creations that are coming soon:

– Kid’s Meditation Recordings. My first collection of kid’s meditations will be coming out this year! I’m working with a brilliant musician/producer on this one. More news coming soon about the release date.

– More audio and video classes. I’ll post them as they are ready, but here’s a link to some recent videos on my YouTube channel: Psychic Everyday on YouTube.

– My first book is also in the works. More news on that later!

Thank you so much for reading my posts, and for your interest in my work. I’m committed to communicating to others that they do indeed have the power to heal themselves deeply and profoundly, and that it can be delightful and FUN to do so. That fun part is very important!

I wish you Peace and Happiness this Spring!

©Kris Cahill

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How do your past lives help you in this one?

You have many past lives, and are accessing any number of them at one time.

It all depends on what you want to learn, achieve, accomplish, heal, and have, in this one. The experiences you’re having in this lifetime are part of your plan.

A past life reading is a hello to your spirit, that part of you that created all of those lifetimes. This is validating for you on all levels, and can help you to remember who you actually are, not just who you think you are.

What if you really do have more power than you’ve been able to know you have? What if you’re much more than you’ve been able to validate? What if this is true for everyone you meet?

Do you feel like you’ve known certain people in your life from before? Is there a time in history you are fascinated by? You have the feeling you were there, or do you fantasize or dream about it? You are probably accessing that lifetime, now. There may be something you want to remember, bring back, or complete.

This present moment is truly miraculous, because it’s the one you are living in. Your body is always in the present, while your spirit can be endless places at once. You as a spiritual being have been many places, throughout many lifetimes. You came to this lifetime with some goals you wanted to achieve, growth you wanted to experience.

Maybe this time around you want to create, to be seen, or to develop your healing abilities. You might be accessing those lifetimes in which you did those things, and perhaps also the ones in which you didn’t have the same opportunities you do now.  By consciously creating your experiences in this lifetime, you can make your dreams real. You have the opportunity to grow, and to have what you want, to become real.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

Would you like to get a Past Life Reading from me? Here are the details.

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‘Earth’ ©Navid Baraty on Photography Served



The making of a psychic

I am often asked, how did I first know I was psychic? How did I become a psychic? Was I born that way? The short answer is: yes, and you were too.

Since I was very small, I was aware of energy, though I didn’t think this was unusual. I accepted it as normal, and how things are, just as many kids do. I could feel energies from other people, and often took their energy on as my own. I could walk into a room and know what everyone in there needed and how I could heal or help them. I became responsible, and tried to heal everyone’s pain.

In 4th grade, while sitting in my Catholic school classroom, I suddenly knew that I was being lied to. I knew that this religion wasn’t my answer, and so I began looking for what was. The neighborhood I grew up in wasn’t conducive to the idea of having a career as a psychic, or thinking outside of the box in any way. This was just at the end of the 1960’s, and change was only beginning to happen. In my neighborhood, ‘psychic’ simply wasn’t an option, and it also wasn’t anything I even thought of doing. But I’d walk over to the drugstore and read all the horoscope magazines they had, which was as close as I could get. I’d also read books on astrology I borrowed from the library, and look for my answers in them.

It wasn’t until I’d nearly reached 30 that I began to wake up to a different way of looking at life and what is ‘real’. I was still looking for my answers, still wondering what else there was. I became interested in natural ways of healing, in herbs, nutrition, and energy. I had my first psychic reading around then, and began to look at things differently. Still, nobody ever told me I was psychic and that I could learn to use my abilities to create my own life.

I knew, somehow, that I could learn to heal myself, and that there was an answer outside of the western medical model I was raised in. My intuition kept driving me to keep looking. I changed my diet, began taking supplements and herbs, and other things that I hoped would provide me with my answers.

It wasn’t until years later that I found a meditation class and learned how to ground myself. This was a mind blowing experience! After years of grounding everyone else and healing them with my energy, I could now have grounding for myself anytime I chose to do so. I was safe enough to let go of all of that energy I’d been saddling myself with.

The energy I’d taken on was making me sick, literally. I always had the latest cold or bug going around, and my energy levels weren’t as good as they’d been when I was younger. After learning how to ground myself, and that maybe it wasn’t my job to sponge everyone’s pain up, I began to notice a marked difference in how my own energy was feeling.

After completing a six week Psychic Meditation Class, which is the very class I regularly teach now, I joined the clairvoyant training at a school in Chicago now known as InVision. The information and techniques I learned in this training validated my own abilities, which were there the whole time, just waiting to be discovered. More importantly, I learned how to heal myself at a deep level, and to safely let go of many of the blocks in my way. I learned how to see myself more clearly, which is the greatest use of clairvoyance.

Today, many years after graduating from clairvoyant training, I work full time as a psychic reader, healer, teacher, speaker, and writer. I am still an artist, but stepped away from my art career in order to fully commit myself to this path. In doing so, I discovered how much I like to write, and am presently working on my first book.

What made all the difference for me was being told that I am psychic, and that I could learn to use my abilities so that they would work for me. As a teacher, I constantly see people who are finding more of themselves, healing themselves, and clearing out blocks that have stopped them from having their own lives. Once they have become more conscious of their own energy, they want more of it. Grounding is a great first step onto this path.

For each of us, there is a different answer, because we are each unique. Each one needs to find his or her path. It helps to get some tools to assist you in your own search. Grounding is one of the best tools I know of in that search. I teach grounding, and I write about it frequently. For more about this technique, see my posts on Meditation.

©Kris Cahill
http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
‘Nature’s Pearls’ ©^riza^ on Flickr

Do you get to play fun games?

Grownups can get very serious about the games they are playing and forget that they are playing games.

Many of the consequences of the games themselves are serious, and sometimes one can forget to have fun while playing.

Games are not bad or good, they’re just games. Everything you play at is a game of some kind, with some being more fun to play than others. We make agreements to play in some of them, whether they’re fun or not. ‘Tax time’ is not necessarily a fun game for most of us, but it is a game we are in agreement to play every year. We accept it, and try to play the game better next year, or congratulate ourselves on how well we did this year. On April 16, we move on to the next game.

If the games you play in are your own, chances are they are a lot more fun, and you can even win at them from time to time. It’s not as much fun to play games you can never win – those might not be your games to begin with. For example, if you find yourself repeating uncomfortable situations, like getting into the same kinds of relationships over and over that don’t work for you, you may be caught in someone else’s game.

People like to recreate history, reliving scenes from the past. Anyone who’s ever been to a Renaissance Fair, jousting tournament, Medieval Fair, or a Civil War reenactment, and played along by dressing the part, down to the language used, becoming part of that history, is also playing a game. This can be a fun way to make that time real again, but it’s still a game to play.

Others recreate history by reliving, over and over, the parts of their own history they no longer want to play. Like a broken record, sometimes the past keeps resurfacing, even when one wants to bury it completely and move on. This is not a fun game to play, but there is a reason why you might choose to do so. You may be trying to become aware of and senior to the energies that want to keep you stuck in that past. You may be stuck in a game you cannot win.

One way to step out of this old way of doing things, is to begin the process of knowing and healing yourself. If you make the games you want to play the most important games on the table, you can begin to create in ways you might not have been able to imagine until now.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012
http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
‘Grownups Are Obselete’ ESP

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The arrival of consciousness

You may already know what I’ve been up to here at Psychic Everyday. Earlier this year, I made the decision to fully commit to my path and work as a psychic reader, healer, teacher, and writer. I decided to end creating my art career.

For many years, I walked both paths, with success in each, yet always feeling divided. I knew I would need all of my energy available to me so that I could give fully to one or the other, and that I would soon have to choose.

For me, the choice at this time in my life and on this planet was crystal clear. My work as a spiritual teacher, clairvoyant reader, and energy healer has so much more meaning to me. There is no doubt about what I want to create in this direction. An added gift has been that I’ve discovered that I love to write, and in turn writing has helped me become clearer about where I’m going next.

I am grateful to my many readers; thank you for reading my blog, and for the comments you leave here. I hear from many of you, you are also going through big changes, healing yourself, and making new choices. It is a remarkable time to be alive on this amazing planet.

We each have so much more power than we can often see. Now is the time to learn about what that means, find it, harness it, and use it to create something wonderful. Now, more than ever, we do need each other. Now is the time for all hands on deck. Everyone has something to give.

This is where clairvoyance comes in mightily handy, and why I practice it and write about it: Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly, without judgment, and also to create a new vision of what is possible. Can you imagine its power in creating a whole new world, not to mention a whole new you?

Speaking of creating the new, there are a number of new items backstage here, still being tinkered with. I’ll begin introducing them soon, beginning in June.

I also welcome your suggestions and questions about which topics you’d like to see covered on this blog. Feel free to leave me a comment here and tell me what’s on your mind.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
‘Warm Glow Captivates, As Consciousness Arrives’ ©Clearly Ambiguous on Flickr

A clairvoyant look at food and how it affects you

Becoming conscious about how and what you eat will change your life in a positive way.

If you are on auto pilot while eating, and have been so your whole life, it might be a good time to start paying attention. Simply turning on your awareness can make a big difference, without a whole lot of effort on your part.

Every part of you is affected by how you nourish yourself, as well as how consciously you do so.

Recently I’ve been focusing on the energy of food, and how it affects the body, mind, and spirit. For each person, this will be different. I’ve been giving a series of clairvoyant readings on food, called “The Spirit of Food”. Of course, I began with myself! But, as any clairvoyant knows, it’s sometimes easier to see others than to see oneself. By looking at how food issues and choices affect others, I get to learn more about how they affect me too. This is the beauty of clairvoyance, and why I highly recommend using it for yourself.

In order to see clairvoyantly, one must be neutral, not judging. This is crucial when looking at food and eating habits. There is so much emotional and unconscious energy tied up in this issue, it’s important to not judge what one sees. Many people are already invalidated when it comes to body image, weight, and food, and they don’t need any more judgment heaped upon them.

To a clairvoyant, energy is seen as pictures, vibrations, colors. When someone has an eating issue, or feels unable to control certain eating habits, there is a corresponding set of pictures that go along with these issues. One may have a set of pictures and programming that, when triggered, make it difficult if not impossible to control one’s eating habits.

Much of the junk food people eat only adds to the blanket of unconsciousness that prevents them from seeing what is there that makes them crave the junk food to begin with. Empty processed foods can contribute to and create an unnatural unconsciousness in your space.

Everything has a spirit, an energy. There is energy in the food you eat. If you consistently eat food that has no life force, no spirit, it is not feeding you on any level. You may be using it to try to muffle an unpleasant energy that lives in your space. By becoming conscious of and removing that energy, you can heal your body. This makes it easier to listen to your body and give to it what it needs to be healthy and happy.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.

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‘Orange’ ©ESP



This Week On Psychic Everyday

20090518blowinggrassAn active psychic week is planned here at Psychic Everyday. Here’s the line-up for you, so that you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Monday, October 19: Join me for another edition of ‘Psychic Question Monday’, my popular weekly post in which your questions about all things spiritual and psychic are answered. I’m still looking for tomorrow’s question, so if you’d like to leave me a comment at this blog with a suggestion, I will choose one or two for tomorrow’s post. Please note that I do not give personal readings on Psychic Question Monday, but you can ask any question you like about being psychic, energy, spiritual growth, etc.

Tuesday, October 20: Psychic Everyday’s new Blog Talk Radio show premieres today! The first episode will run from 3:30-4:00PM PST; find it here: Psychic Everyday on Blog Talk Radio. The theme for the first show is “Healer, Heal Yourself”. The show features a discussion of this topic, plus several listeners will receive free short mini readings. Don’t miss it!

Friday, October 23: The “Healer, Heal Yourself” Workshop takes place tonight, from 7:00-9:30PM, in West Hollywood, CA.  There is still room for several more attendees. Sign up in advance for this workshop on my website: Healer, Heal Yourself. For more information, please email me: kris@kriscahill.com.

Find more information about my readings here: Kris Cahill’s Psychic Readings.

Thanks for stopping by!

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved

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“Blowing Grass” ©Debi Cates  The Many Hats Of Debi Cates

Becoming the healing

There are many ways of being a healer, and not all of them are necessarily conscious ways. You may be the healer in your family, job, or group of friends, without being aware of your role.

What does this mean exactly? Well, you could be the peacemaker, or the one who keeps it together for the others. You might soak up everyone’s troubles, maybe you are the sounding board for your friends’ problems. Ever had anyone say to you, “wow, I feel so much better every time I see you!”? While meanwhile you feel worse, and are wondering why. Perhaps you are the one at your job who acts like the grown up, surrounded by a bunch of unruly kids.

You may already be a healer. You might even be an out of control healer. Without getting validated for it, or being able to use your healing ability for yourself. But that can all change, and it’s up to you to change it.

If you are waiting for the others to suddenly wake up and start taking care of themselves, don’t hold your breath. It starts with you becoming aware of what it is you are using your energy for. You are the one who gets to create this change for yourself, by being the one who decides to wake up.

What is it you are waking up to? Well, for starters, an awareness of your value. An understanding of your own energy, and your many abilities. What and who are you spending your valuable energy on? Oh yes, and why. Are you healing someone else because you feel obligated, guilty, or are you trying to be accepted? Guilt is one of the worst here. One way you might heal others is by not having the kind of life you truly want, because you feel guilty that they don’t have it. Perhaps you want to help everyone be well, thinking that if you just heal them enough they will begin to do this for themselves. Why should they, when you are doing such a good job?

Maybe you take care of others because it gives you the perfect excuse to avoid dealing with your own life, unfulfilled dreams, and problems. “They really needed me, I felt bad” is a common picture out of control healers will use to stay stuck.

All of this amounts to you giving away your own energy, sometimes to people who have no gratitude or awareness of what it is you are doing. Some of them might know they feel better when you’re around. That can be the reason you keep doing it; others tell you how great you are. Your value becomes based on what you are doing for others, instead of being for yourself. An added bonus is that if you stop healing everyone, they may learn to do this for themselves.

I am not suggesting that it is bad to help people in need. In fact, I advocate giving to others, but from a conscious, clear place. You can give without giving away. People become depleted of their energy from giving it away without replenishing themselves. You can reverse this process, and by doing so become the healing.

What do I mean by this? By becoming responsible for your own energy instead of everyone else’s, by letting go of control you really don’t have anyway, by giving to yourself, you can begin the process of recovering your own energy. It makes it easier to see clearly, and to find your own answers about what it is you truly want.

By doing this for yourself, you actually become healing to be around. Without having to Do, and just by Being, you create healing in the world. Others may try to match you, to follow your lead. What a wonderful healing for the world, a planet filled with conscious healers!

©Kris Cahill

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
“Flower 3” ©Debi Cates 2009 The Many Hats Of Debi Cates

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Psychic Question Mondays: Predictions

sprung_succulents_maui_4386_lI’ve often been asked the following question: “If you don’t predict the future, what do you do?”

Often the person asking is truly puzzled, because psychics are supposed to make predictions, right? Isn’t that what the words psychic and clairvoyant mean? Aren’t we supposed to know what’s going to happen?

The way these words have been used over many many years, one could completely forget their original meanings. Clairvoyant means ‘clear sight’, and an early meaning of the word Psychic is ‘of the soul’. Nowhere is there any mention about what’s going to happen next Tuesday or if the Cubs will ever win another World Series. (I actually got to read that one for a news station in Chicago once, but that is another tale for another day).

Many psychics will proudly proclaim their track record with making this or that prediction.

There is pressure to do this, especially these days when so much is changing so rapidly. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen. There are many others out there who do predict the future, with regularity: mainly in the financial and weather reporting sectors. How often have they been right?

It looks to me like humans need to make predictions in order to have a sense of control over events. Letting go of that need can create more space for you to actually get down to it and do your real work in the world: getting to know and love yourself.

I have had people wanting me to make predictions or tell them exactly what to do. I avoid both, and here’s why: I think it’s pointless to make predictions as you have free will and the power to create your own future.

In fact, you created what you have now. Waking up to this fact is wonderful, and opens up a lot of new possibilities for you. Anyone telling you what will happen next is getting in your way, and making it difficult for you to create what you want to happen in your own life. You have much more power to do this than you might give yourself credit for. I say hello to where you are growing, no matter what your question is. My goal is to help you see yourself more clearly, without judgment.

Recently I’ve been asked many questions about career changes. When someone asks me to look at their career, I sometimes respond with, “do you mean the career you have now or the one you want?”. I do this on purpose to open up the possibilities inherent in the question. Very often the answer is “the one I want”. Questions about relationships, creativity, health, obstacles, problems, spiritual abilities, changes, are among the many things people ask. Your question can be a very specific one.

Each person has a unique spirit and energy. I find it far more enjoyable and fascinating to read your spirit, in present time.

This is the place you make changes and choices from, the place you create from, the place you are growing. You cannot do any of those things in the past or future. Yet many of us have our energy stuck in both places. A clear reading of where you are in present time can help you remember who you are, where you are, and what you really want. After all, you are psychic too. It’s human to be so.

I have seen many people create miracles for themselves by deciding to be in charge of their own lives. This is the most courageous journey you can begin.

If you would like to know more, or have a question for a future ‘Psychic Question Monday’, please leave a comment on this blog, and I will respond in a future post. Questions about being psychic, spiritual growth and energy are all welcome.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012 All Rights Reserved.
http://PsychicEveryday.com  ~  http://KrisCahill.com
Photo ©Arkhive

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Waking up to your own value

'Poppies' ©Karas Cahill 2009

'Poppies' ©Karas Cahill 2009

Last night I gave psychic readings to many guests attending the Saban Free Clinic’s ‘Extravaganza For The Senses’, the yearly fundraiser for this wonderful free clinic in Los Angeles.

It is my second year donating my services to this event and this organization. (I also donated the use of my artwork for the Saban’s annual holiday card fundraiser, and will do so again this year.)

The Saban Free Clinic in LA is an amazing place, helping people who are without health insurance or money, to stay healthy. As you can imagine, the clinic is very busy these days. Until the day when health care is seen as a human right in this country, clinics like Saban will perform a much needed service.

I give readings at many events. It is fascinating to quickly read person after person. I have the opportunity to see what themes people in general are working on. Last year, people were asking career questions. This year, people are asking life questions.

They are beginning to wake up, to realize there is more, and to suspect that they might have something to do with it. They aren’t looking for fast answers to easy questions, something many have done in the past, putting the power outside of themselves. The more interesting thing is that for many, the questions themselves are changing, awareness is kicking in.

People are waking up spiritually in large numbers today.

Waking up to what? To themselves, their place in the world, what they’ve been agreeing to and taking on for others, what is no longer working, what they really want to do and who they really want to be. I gave readings last night to people of all ages and from all cultures, and this was the main theme. Some of them have been on a more conscious path for a while, and are working to let go of those around them who they’ve allowed to hold them back. Others are just becoming conscious that, yes, there is More, and they can choose it.

Truth is another big theme these days.

In waking up, many come to realize they have not been living truthfully. They’ve been lying to themselves, or agreeing to a lie of some kind. The lie might be ‘you can’t have what you want’ or ‘there isn’t enough to go around’.

It’s pretty hard to get away with lying these days. The big lies hit the front pages of newspapers all over the world, but the smaller lies that live within each of us are coming out also. And a “small” lie isn’t so small if it decides for you what kind of life you are allowed to have. The time to find the answers that lie within is here.

The abilities and power that live within each of us can be used consciously to create a wonderful life and thereby a happy and peaceful planet. Peace on this earth begins within each human being.

Another aspect of waking up is becoming responsible for one’s own energy, instead of running around trying to take care of everyone else. As Dumbledore says to the students of Hogwarts at the beginning of their school term in ‘Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’, “be aware, for you are the dark force’s greatest weapon”. A simple way of saying, “become aware of the energies you are allowing to come through you”.

Another way to say this is ‘know your own value’.

©Kris Cahill 

http://PsychicEveryday.com / http://KrisCahill.com
Image: ©Karas Cahill on Flickr

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