Detox your energy this spring

Spring is a traditional time to go on a detox diet, which can help you to shed any leftover winter energy that, literally, weighs you down.

Why not take it a step further, and get to the core of where many of those toxins come from in the first place? Hint: it’s all energy!

When you give yourself an energy detox, you also detox physically. Everything begins with energy, and you are made of energy, body and spirit. Taking on energies that are toxic for you, such as stress, invalidation, anxiety, pain – will create an imbalance inside of you. This affects your body’s health, not to mention your overall sense of happiness and wellness, as well as your ability to create.

Each of us needs energy in order to live, be healthy, and create our lives to be how we want them to be.

If you find yourself feeling ‘full’ after being around particularly stressful people or situations, and if the energy you’ve taken on feels toxic to you, it’s not your own energy. This is like eating a meal that disagrees with you; rather than create a pleasant sense of well being within you, it may cause indigestion. If you’ve taken on energy that doesn’t agree with you, it’s not your energy to begin with. You can’t use it to create with, because it’s not yours. What’s more, it can get in the way of you enjoying the truth of your own energy.

It benefits you to become aware of which energies are yours, and which are not. This is consciousness.

Your own energy is the very best energy you could possibly run yourself on. You’d never fill an expensive sports car with the wrong grade of fuel, one that’s too heavy for the car. It wouldn’t run well, if at all. But you may have tried to run your body on energies that make it, and you, feel sluggish, tired, unhappy, invalidated, or in pain. None of those energies I just mentioned are your true vibration, by the way. If you’ve been giving your energy away all of your life, or taking on denser energies that aren’t you, you may begin to feel like there is something wrong with your energy.

Many people believe that losing their energy as they get older is a natural part of aging. They expect to have the same physical ailments that their parents did, and point to genetics as being predetermined and a given. Meanwhile, they have forgotten what it feels like to run on their own energy. They may be running on a toxic blend of stress-pain-invalidation, backed up by pain killers to dull the roar within.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can quickly and very easily begin to heal yourself deeply, by taking care of your energy in a more conscious way.

Here are some suggestions for your Spring Energy Detox:

1. Rest, especially if you never do. Listen to your body and give it enough sleep, as well as quality time off.

2. Forgive. Let go of those toxic grudges, that sickening anger, or any exhausting energies you’ve held onto while also holding onto how someone hurt or wronged you.

3. Learn to ground yourself and begin to release energies you’ve taken on that are not you.

4. Meditate daily. Turn off your phone and other distractions, give yourself some quiet time and space so that you can go within and begin getting to better know the most important person in your life – you.

5. Say nice things to yourself and to your body. If you’ve had a tape loop of negative self criticism running through you, get rid of it.

6. Listen to your intuition. Follow it, and validate yourself when your intuition is right.

7. Get rid of mean people. Why waste energy on abusive, negative, and punishing people? If you do this, others around you will also find the courage to do the same thing. When negativity no longer has an audience, it goes away.

8. Let go of what you can’t solve. Just drop it. If you’ve been unable to solve a problem, it may not be yours to begin with.

9. Stop being responsible for everyone else, except for yourself. If you are busily running around saving the world, but forgot about you, you may be avoiding doing your own work.

10. Be in present time. Everything happens now, and now is the only time you can change, choose, create, and be in your body. It’s a miracle to be in the present time!

@Kris Cahill

This week’s Sunday Meditation Teleseminar is ‘Peace From the Inside Out’, Sunday, April 1, 2012, from 10-11am PT. This is a teleseminar, entirely by phone. Join me for this live guided meditation here.  ~

‘Bamboo Forest in Japan’ on Pixdaus

10 energies to heal yourself with

1. Gratitude ~ This is a powerhouse energy, in and of itself. When you adopt this one as your daily companion, it’s difficult for you to be shut down. Finding gratitude for what you have, who you know, and who you are, including gratitude for your body – can help you to see the bigger picture and greater possibilities. See it, and it can become yours.

2. Forgiveness ~ Much like gratitude, forgiveness is a powerful energy, the super anti-oxidant of energies. Just as a powerful anti-oxidant will knock bad cells out of your body and keep you healthy, forgiveness can help you knock out dark heavy unhappy energies from your spirit. When you forgive someone for anything, you take your own power back. You cease being a victim. When you forgive yourself, you no longer hold yourself back from your own life. For a beautiful example of true life forgiveness, see the documentary, ‘Forgiving Dr. Mengele’.

3. Permission ~ Permission to do or become, all begins within you. If you’ve been waiting for permission to come to you from someone else, stop waiting. All that waiting will only have you collecting dust. Meanwhile, those around you who have decided to seize permission for themselves are living their lives the way they see fit. There is no blueprint; you are making it up as you go along on your journey. If you are following a script that says to wait for someone to tell you it’s time to spring into action, you are being controlled. It’s time to burn that old script and write your own.

4. Amusement ~ Another super powerhouse of an energy, amusement is one of the highest spiritual energies you can have within yourself. When in amusement, you will allow other difficult energies to simply melt away. They won’t bother you. It’s easier to see clearly, to not take it all personally, to release the chains that bind you, spiritually. It’s difficult to be controlled or lied to, when you’re amused.

5. Self Love ~ When you decide that you are already great, just as you are; when you decide you are worthy of love just because you exist; when you accept yourself, flaws and all – that is when you have found love for yourself. Life is so much easier, even the difficult parts, when you can have this for yourself. You won’t have to create situations in which you try to prove yourself worthy of love, because you won’t need to prove it if you already know it, within.

6. Being in the present ~ Everything is happening now, in this moment. You can’t do what you want yesterday, and tomorrow isn’t here yet. You are creating tomorrow, right now in this moment, with every choice and attitude you take and make. Present time is always where your body is, and if you want to find present time for yourself, find your body. Present time is a miracle. This is where you learn, create, grow, choose, change, and actually live.

7. Letting Go ~ This is necessary in order to create space enough to create anything new. If you’ve been holding onto everything and have a difficult time with this one, you already know how hard it can be to release ties to the past – to people, jobs, and especially old self images. Letting go is another powerhouse of an energy. Becoming conscious about what you’ve been holding onto is healing for you. You may find that what you thought you needed to hold onto, is actually holding you back from your next steps, and from your life as you’d like it to be.

8. Truth ~ Make it your habit and your goal to be in your truth. Speak the truth as you know it to be, and live it too. Notice which people and situations help you to be in your truth, and which ones take you away from it. Notice the energy of honest people, and how you feel being around them. Keep a journal in which you only write the truth to yourself, and write down things that you honestly want and feel. Write down where you’ve not been as truthful as you’d like to be, and forgive yourself for it. Being honest requires strength, and we are all encouraged to lie rather than confront others with our truth, and run the risk of hurting their feelings or making them uncomfortable. Social niceties have made liars of us all, when we’ve allowed them to.

9. Happiness ~ It is truly amusing that people even debate whether happiness is possible, or practical, or desirable, or deserved, etc. Happiness is an energy, and a choice. It is possible to decide to have a happy attitude. Happiness isn’t a perfect energy, though you can find yourself perfectly happy some days, and why not? Happiness is also a present time energy. It is interesting that the pursuit of happiness is in the United States Constitution as one of our rights. Do you also have it as one of your own personal rights? What if you were to write your own Spiritual Constitution, complete with your own Bill of Rights? Do you have the right to be happy?

10. Your own energy ~ This is the best energy to heal yourself with. It’s the best energy you can have within you. It’s the energy that was made for you, and it’s unique in all of creation. Your own energy is not flawed, but sometimes you might take on other energies that get in the way of yours. The way to begin to have more of your own energy within you, is to get to know yourself – to love, accept, forgive, and be honest about what you want and who you are. Meditation is one thing that can help you with this. Everything else on this list can also help you to find your own energy. Wanting to know and have your own energy is the first step towards doing it.

©Kris Cahill
‘Rays of Sun’ on Pixdaus

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Psychic Meditation Teleseminar coming soon

Psychic Meditation 1

A six week teleseminar class

No matter where on Earth you live, you can now learn the tools and techniques taught in this fantastic and life changing class.

The Psychic Meditation Class includes many tools and techniques designed to help you to become more aware of energy, in particular your own energy.

Some of what will be taught in this class includes:

  • Grounding – how to make yourself safe and to safely release unwanted energies
  • Awareness of energy and consciousness of the energies you run into everyday
  • Replenishing yourself with your own energy
  • Neutrality, non-judgment, and how to see more clearly
  • Aura awareness: grounding and protecting your space
  • Using neutral energies to heal yourself
  • Moving stuck energy out of your way so that you are free to move forward
  • Defining and protecting your space
  • Attracting what it is you want to yourself, effortlessly
  • Letting go of the past and getting your energy back again

The next class begins in January 2012. Find the latest class schedule here.

About the teleseminar: This is the exact information from the Psychic Meditation 1 Class I’ve been teaching in Chicago and Los Angeles for over 10 years. The difference is that instead of coming to see me in person, you can take this class from your own location, anywhere you are.

Extras: Included in the class fee is a private phone meeting with me in which you will be able to ask any questions you like about the tools and information taught in this class.

Register: Call or email Kris: / 213-448-0503

©Kris Cahill /

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Self-healing with self-awareness: positive steps to take on your personal journey

This is a guest post by Alexis Bonari

When we’re self-aware, often it’s because we’re allowing negative thoughts to influence the way we perceive ourselves. For example, you’re self-aware when you’re at work and realize that you’ve left your cell phone on the kitchen table. But for most people, what results from that self-awareness is a string of negative self-talk that seems to come out of nowhere, berating you for being forgetful and careless.

That’s not the kind of self-awareness that contributes to healthy energy, success, happiness, or a sense of inner peace. However, you can prevent this kind of negative self-talk: not by ceasing to make mistakes, but by increasing your sense of positive self-awareness. Once you accept your humanity and learn to appreciate its qualities in your mind, body, and spirit, you’ll be less likely to experience your own subconscious attacks.

Becoming aware of you

Everyone has positive and negative attributes, but for now, it will be most helpful to focus on the positive. Think back through your personal and professional experiences and try to remember whether or not anyone has ever written you a recommendation letter. Many people have them from at least one point in life when it was necessary to have another person list their positive attributes. If you can find any of these, read through them and get an idea of what people really notice about you. You should be able to pull out several key elements of your personality, work ethic, attitude, abilities, and skill sets that can serve as a starting place to define yourself in a positive way.

If you can’t find any recommendation letters, try birthday cards, personal letters, e-mails, social media pages, and anywhere else you might find a kind and sincere word from a friend or colleague. This is a great way to build up your self-confidence, which will be helpful in becoming positively self-aware.

Liking what you see

Once you have enough material to inspire you, start writing down your positive attributes. It doesn’t matter how generic they are because you can always get more specific, so you can start with words like “kind” and “friendly” if you need to. Spend enough time on this to write a full page of your best qualities, then get to know yourself. You might be surprised at how much you didn’t know or didn’t acknowledge about the way you improve the world around you. Work toward reaching a deeper level of consciousness, trying to determine how you really perceive yourself. Try to build that image into a more positive one that reflects your best qualities instead of projecting external frustrations onto your inner self.

Staying empowered

In addition to remembering that you have so many good qualities, there are several things you can do to maintain positive self-awareness.

List your good and bad habits. Acknowledging the fact that you have positive habitual behaviors can improve the quality of your self-awareness, and when you take the initiative to change any bad habits, this is also empowering. When you can prove to yourself that your impact on the world is positive, your self-awareness will benefit.

Take good care of yourself. If actions speak louder than words, the way you treat yourself is the biggest indicator of your self-awareness. Do what’s right for your mind, body, and spirit by eating well, exercising, and engaging in reflection or meditation.

Stay out of ruts by trying new things. If you view yourself as a dynamic person, you’re more likely to maintain self-awareness, so learn something new every day, try different foods, engage in a new sport or outdoor activity, or change your surroundings.

Find some mentors. It’s easy to identify people with positive self-awareness, so spend time with them and learn from the way they live. Watch for people who are honest, truthful, patient, sensitive, and open-minded. When you’re around people with positive self-awareness, you’ll benefit from their company and be less likely to experience negativity yourself and in others.

©Alexis Bonari

Alexis Bonari is currently a resident blogger at College Scholarships, where recently she’s been researching  environmental science grants as well as  national student loans data. Whenever this WAHM gets some free time she enjoys doing yoga, cooking with the freshest organic in-season fare, and practicing the art of coupon clipping.

‘Molley Meditating On a Rock” ©avlxyz on Flickr

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Self healing your way to freedom

Is there anything better than feeling well, happy, and enthusiastic about your life?

Is good health worth more to you than money, power, or prestige? Financial wealth doesn’t guarantee you’ll be healthy, and it’s difficult to enjoy it freely if you’re not feeling well, isn’t it?

It all begins with energy, spirit. Good health, illness, enthusiasm, joy, happiness, depression – all begin with energy.

Every disease, illness and imbalance that shows up in the body, began as energy. Everything you manifest physically, started in your spirit. Healing begins in the spirit, and so does illness. When your spirit is well and healthy, your body can heal. Heal the spirit, and the spirit can heal the body.

The better the communication is between your body and spirit, the easier it is to create health for yourself, on all levels of being. If you want to heal yourself deeply, learn the difference between your energy and other energy. Your own energy is unique to you, not duplicated anywhere else. When you know the difference between what is yours and what isn’t, you can make choices that create health, and a deeper sense of freedom within yourself.

Often people create illness or disease in order to learn this difference. Stressful energies can create an imbalance in the body. When you’re running anxiety, invalidation, and other people’s pain through yourself, your body will be affected. Your energy level, freedom to create, ability to be safe enough to do what you want to do, and more, will all be controlled by the kind of energy running through you at any given time.

When you are conscious of, and able to have your own energy within you, it’s easier for you to create what it is you want to have in your life. If, on the other hand, you’re running on guilt, over responsibility, and invalidation, it’s going to be hard to create anything for yourself. You’ll be driven to respond to those energies, and may end up using your energy to create things you don’t really want.

When you begin to see this clearly for yourself, you can decide to change it. Making any change for the better also begins within your spirit. You decide to change, and change can happen as a result. You decide to heal, and you can heal. You decide you’d prefer to be free, and you can have freedom.

©Kris Cahill
Photo: Pixdaus

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On becoming a conscious healer

Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...All healing is self healing. Someone heals because she or he wants to do so.

This is a good thing to keep in mind if you think that it’s up to you whether others heal or not. It isn’t up to you, it’s up to them. You cannot do another person’s work, because it simply isn’t your job.

Many sensitive and caring people feel guilty if they don’t lend an ear when needed, do for others, even at their own expense, and give until it hurts. They even feel guilty for resenting the drama kings and queens in their lives, reminding themselves that they feel lucky to be able to give so much, and it is up to them to do so.

People like this often attract those in need or constant crisis, or who make huge demands on them and their energy. One could say that someone who is doing this is working unconsciously, as an ‘out of control’ healer.

A few guidelines to help you decide if you’ve been an out of control healer:

  • You need to fix every problem you come across.
  • You have to rescue every hurt soul.
  • You see the pain, and immediately jump into action, here to save and rescue the day.
  • You feel guilty because you are healthier than others, or have more than others do.
  • You seem to collect people in crisis. They flock to your side, spill their tales of woe, and you start mopping up / sponging up, all of that pain.
  • You continue to do this, even when people get angry because you try and try to heal them, but they don’t get healed.
  • Doing this is exhausting you, and your own health is suffering as a result. You are truly feeling the pain.

Many well meaning and compassionate people make the mistake of giving away their healing energy to others. There is giving, and giving away. If you’ve ever given until it, literally, hurts you, you may be an out of control healer. If your validation depends on how many people you’ve rescued, you may be trying to save them for yourself, not them. You are in their space, trying to change what they are experiencing, and they may not want you to do so.

Overreaching your boundaries like this has several effects on your space: your body will suffer, you will have a hard time seeing yourself clearly, and you can create karma with others by not allowing them to do their own work.

None of this is to say that those who care about others and help out when people are in need, are doing anything wrong. If anything, we need more volunteers, more people to help out, to give from the heart, on this planet. There is a more conscious way to do this, a way to give without giving away all of your energy. Because once you give it all away, it’s gone, and that won’t do you or anyone else any good at all.

Another way you could be an unconscious healer is by not having what it is you really want, if others can’t also have it. Guilt, in other words, stops you from living your life to the fullest you are able. You are healing others, even if you don’t know it, by doing this.

If you’ve held back, waiting for others to be ready to take a step, you are healing them, not yourself. Actually, nobody’s going anywhere with all of that ‘stop’ energy. If you decide to be brave enough and step up to the plate in your own game, star in your own life, you may hear more screaming than cheering at first, but persist and you’ll begin to get to where you want to go.

There is another way to be a healer.

We teach others how to treat us, by how we treat ourselves. If you’ve taught others that it’s okay to drag their muddy shoes across your floor, or throw pain and punishment into your space, you can change all of that. You can decide, right now, to begin to heal yourself. As a healer, it is up to you to do so. All healing is self healing, and if you begin with yourself, you teach others they can do it too.

Click here for a list of posts on this blog about healing.

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Never Ending Swirl’ ©Tanakawho

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Body + Spirit = Joy

20090831delicateself1Another Psychic Question Monday with an interesting question for today:

Our emotional well-being is quite important, but how do we know we have a soul, separate from the body? It seems to me that we ARE our bodies.  -Carrie

Carrie is referring to this post from last Monday, in which I state something that has become true to me after reading it in myself and others for over ten years now, body and spirit = joy.

You are more than a body, you are a spirit too. The wonderful thing about your spirit is that it is unique to you. Nobody else can know you as well as you know yourself, because you are original, one of a kind in all of time. It is the spirit of you that creates first, before you manifest the results.

There is no ‘proving’ spirit, and I will not attempt to do so here. You get to prove it to yourself by having it available to you, and by listening to that part of you. It has nothing to do with religion, or following someone else’s rules about what to believe. It has to do with knowing yourself. There is more to you than you may have allowed yourself to know, and you are bigger than you may know.

Many people need evidence that something actually exists in order to have it be real for them. Scientific proof is a popular thing these days. But what about: music that touches a part of you that is deeper than the body, art that reaches you in a similar fashion, an evening sky that creates a moment of magic within. Any healing practitioner can tell you that if someone wants to heal, they will more likely do so, while those who do not, won’t.

What about the longings deep inside of you to become, to have?  Some of these longings may not make sense to you, but they are there nonetheless. They may not be practical, or accepted by your family or group. Yet they still tug at you. This is your spirit talking.

Music, nature, beauty and art all say hello to the spirit. This is the greatest healing one can experience, the hello to the spirit. When your spirits have been lifted, it translates to healing for the body. Your emotions, which belong to the body, can heal. Heal the spirit, and the spirit can heal the body.

What I have learned from the work I’ve done for the past ten years, is that once someone begins to get his or her spirit back into present time, and into the body, life becomes more joyful and real. Healing begins to happen. Feeling scattered is being scattered: your spirit can be in many places at once. Get yourself back here into the present, which is where your body is, and you heal on every level of yourself. Body + Spirit = Joy.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Elf’ ©Debi Cates 2009

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You can heal yourself

20090903goodclouds2Years ago, right before I turned 30, I began to wake up from some of the unconsciousness I’d been in for the previous decades.

Not that those decades were a waste of time and energy, in fact I am pretty proud of the many things I did and created during my 1’s, 10’s and 20’s. I Invented Things and Made Stuff. I was a dreamer, and also a warrior. I tended to become a warrior when others were being treated unfairly, often forgetting to take care of myself. I was (and still am) a Healer. I believe in treating other people kindly.

Right around the time I entered my 30’s, I started feeling very uncomfortable with how things were going, and I started wanting More. Not more Stuff, though I’m not against it. I know today that what I was longing for was more of Me present and accounted for. I was driven, and the first place I started looking was at alternative methods of healing myself. Something inside of me just knew that there were better ways to do things than depend on the antibiotics I’d been raised on, and which I now avoided as much as possible. Still, I was often sick, getting every cold that came along. I well remember the winter I had the most miserable flu ever. My entire body hurt like hell for days.

I started learning about herbs and supplements, and better ways of eating. I also was sent by a psychic I trusted to a great naprapath who helped me with nutrition. I realized I needed to pay more attention to my body, and became fascinated with reading about and implementing new ideas regarding my health. Along the way, I began to understand that my body and energy were being adversely affected by the negative energies coming from other people, and my friendships began to change. I “broke up” with friends who I began to see as energy suckers. Black holes of negativity no longer had room in my life. This was an eye opening experience. Suddenly I wasn’t going along to get along; I was consciously leaving people in the dust. I didn’t have the same guilt tugging at me the same way, though it was still quite a force directing me.

It wasn’t until I was on the threshold of turning 40 that I stepped onto the path I’m on now, the path that has helped me heal in a deeper way than I could have imagined. I have permission to have my space in a way I didn’t have for over 40 years. To have it now is an incredible miracle. I just needed to get out of my own way, and decide to have me back again. To understand that I am more important in my own space than any other energy. To listen more carefully to my body, and to take good care of it.

I learned to meditate at 40, and have done so most every day since then. I went on to train as a clairvoyant, and to become a healer who could heal herself. Wow, such riches, and they were within me the whole time. Within a year of my training, I was teaching others that they too had the ability to do this for themselves. Meanwhile, I am continuing to grow and learn for myself what it is I know, to dig deeper for my own wealth.

These days, as a meditation teacher, I take great pleasure in turning on the light for others, showing them that it is possible to create miracles in their lives. It is up to them to do their own work. What is so much fun about my job these days is that many people are being driven, not further outside of themselves, but deeper within. They are looking for information and tools so that they can discover what it is they have inside already. Like gold miners, digging for treasure. I want to live in a world where people are working more consciously and honestly from themselves and their own truth. What a happy place that will be, once we decide to create it.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  ~
Image: Good Clouds @Debi Cates 2009

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Healer, heal yourself

teaAs we humans continue our very interesting Spiritual Revolution, we are being given many opportunities to change how we do things.

I have the most interesting job, because I get to give readings to many people who are all, without exception, being challenged in new ways.

I’ve given quite a few readings to healers who are having to become more conscious about how they are spending their own energy in the world. One can spend and spend, and kind of like the economy, end up broke. If you continue to give away your own energy to others, you will end up without any for yourself. It is a time to create a new picture for how Healing actually works in the world.

Did you know that all healing is self healing? It’s true.

No one heals without deciding that they will heal. Any honest doctor, nurse, or other healing practitioner will tell you so. I learned this for myself years ago, when I began to unravel the agreements and energies that had me giving away all of my healing energy, yet again, to someone ‘more deserving’ than I was. This does not mean that we don’t need and want good healing practitioners in the world. I am truly grateful for the many healers I’ve gone to over the years. It is important, however, to understand that you have a lot to do with how you heal.

At any rate, one day I decided to wake up and heal myself. It is then that I was able to step onto this path of self discovery. What a fascinating adventure! The beauty of this is that I became a healing force in a very different way. Simply by becoming more responsible for myself and my own energy, and letting go of responsibility for others, I gave them permission to do this for themselves. This is validating. I would much rather teach someone that they have the ability to do this for themselves than continue to do it for them.

Here’s another eye opening truth: pain cannot be solved.

It can only be let go of. Whether through forgiveness, releasing, or creating a new way of seeing, pain can be cleared by awareness that it is just energy and not a problem to solve. Your own pain you can deal with, but if you find yourself mired in pain that you can’t clear, it may not be yours. This is where becoming conscious is helpful, for by doing so you can find your own answers about what it is you are actually agreeing to take on for others.

One way I get the attention of people who are taking on others’ pain is to inform them that it will age them prematurely.

Vanity often wins out. Learning how to let go of energies one has taken on is like finding the Fountain of Youth. Your body will be happy, and when your body is happy, you will be happy. Other people’s pain in your space is like toxic energy to your body and spirit.

Often healers are not validated for their healing abilities.

Instead, they feel responsible for everyone, guilty for having enough for themselves. Many of the people I read have no idea that they are healing others. You don’t have to consciously call yourself a healer to be one. You can be a healing presence and simply not know it.

The greatest way I know of to be a healing force on this planet is to know who you are and where you are at.


My favorite way to do this is through a daily meditation practice. Meditation is a way to get to know oneself more completely, like having a conversation within. This helps you become more conscious, and more honest, about how you are spending your most valuable resource, your own energy.

©Kris Cahill  ~
Image: ©Karas Cahill on Flickr
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