Say yes! to Peace in 2012

I’ve often said that I don’t predict the future because I find it pointless to do so. We are each able to take part in the creating of our future, individually and together, by becoming conscious and making our choices accordingly.

As 2011 wraps up its final moments, here are some important energies I see as 2012 moves into view. Happy New Year to you!

1. Peace – We are all improvisers in the art of life. The first rule of improvisation is to say ‘yes, and’. In 2012, it will become even more important that we consciously say yes to peace, to cultivating peace, and to having a peace consciousness. It’s obvious that war is extremely profitable for some. Let’s show that peace is an even more valuable commodity for all the rest of us here on earth. What do we gain from peace? Priceless things, like getting to know each other better, and creating a new happier healthier world together, to start. Peace will be one of the biggest energies to become aware of in 2012. It all begins within each of us.

2. Community – As 2011 showed the world, we are stronger when we cooperate together. Working together, people can create massive social change, without lobbyists,  expensive advertising agencies, or violence. All it takes is waking up and seeing clearly, which was another gift 2011 gave to us. After we begin to see each other in a new way, we can work to create what we do want here on earth.

3. Truth – By now it should be obvious that nobody is going to get away with telling lies anymore, at least not for long. The truth is coming out faster than ever, and truths thought long buried are surfacing. This is true not only on a global level, but deep within each of us as well. If you’ve been lying to yourself, even unconsciously so, that energy no doubt surfaced in the past year or two. Now is the time to move ahead with your own truth. Your truth includes being able to listen to and follow your own heart, which is going to be even more important in 2012.

4. Creativity – ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ is how the old saying goes. Creativity will become even more valuable in 2012 as we are called on to recreate our world. Those who can visualize and imagine will be at the forefront of the new creations. The new pictures are already here, with many more on the way. Creativity includes every other energy on this list. If you’ve been unable to validate your own creativity, now is the time to learn how to do so.

5. MeditationMeditation is a tool that pays off in very big ways, even when you only have a few minutes a day to practice it. You can take it with you anywhere you go, it needs no special equipment, and helps you to learn things you can’t learn anywhere else. It’s well worth taking the time to learn how to meditate, because then you have it for life. Your health, emotions, sense of peace and well being, and body will all benefit from this practice. Find out about my meditation classes and recordings here.

6. Clairvoyance – Clairvoyance was at the top of my list for 2011, and continues to rise in importance as we human beings evolve. The ‘art of seeing clearly’ is what clairvoyance is all about. And if you are able to see yourself clearly, so much the better. You can read much more about this very human spiritual ability in the many posts on this blog about clairvoyance and being psychic.

7. Letting go – Traveling lightly, dropping your burdens, not needing to carry a load of stuff with you as you move forward in your life. What is it you insist upon carrying that makes it difficult for you to step ahead into your life as you want to live it? Though the years 2009-2011 helped us all to let go of much, there’ll be more of that in 2012. Whether it’s a way of living, an old belief or picture you have of yourself that’s not accurate, or a grudge you’ve held onto tightly, it’s all in the letting go that healing happens.

8. Self Healing – Though it seems strange to say so, one of the biggest healings we’ve had in the U.S. has been our decaying and horrid health care system, complete with the rampant greed of the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. ‘Better living through chemicals’ isn’t, and being without insurance has driven many people to the edge of despair, especially when they or a loved one became ill with a serious illness. Through all of this terrible pain and destruction, people have begun waking up to the power they have within to heal, and to the many modalities available to do just that. From the common sense approach to using food as medicine and prevention, which the AMA and other so called ‘authorities’ refuse to even consider as viable, to other alternative ways to create healing – a new way of healing is being born. Look for much more of this in 2012.

9. Love – All you need is love. Love becomes a way of living, healing, creating, growing, transforming our lives, if we only give it the space to exist and grow.

10. Consciousness – The grounding for all of the rest of what it is possible to make real is becoming conscious. Becoming conscious takes courage, and a willingness to see, hear, and know. Many times when unconsciousness rules the day, we create events in order to wake up. Some of these happenings or events may not be comfortable, but they certainly do serve the purpose of waking us up. Deciding to be conscious is a lot more fun, and a lot easier than allowing oneself to be shaken awake. Why not make consciousness one of your key words for 2012?

May 2012 be a beautiful year for you!

This is the post I wrote exactly one year ago today about 2011: ‘Clairvoyance tops the list for 2011’.

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~

‘Peace’ ©No Bullshit on Flickr

Clairvoyance: Discerning the Truth from the Lies

This is a guest post by Billy Pacholski

“Close both eyes
to see with the other eye.” – Rumi

Clairvoyance, the art of clear seeing, allows one to look beyond the mental image pictures that inform and create one’s reality to the truth behind the layers; the essential psychic energy that is gently guiding all things in the physical world.

There is nothing magical about Clairvoyance; you don’t need a certificate or even training to do it. In fact, your inherent clairvoyance is always on, perhaps unconsciously, and if you want to turn up your awareness, all you need is a desire to “see”, a healthy dose of non-judgement or neutrality, and a lot of courage. A sense of humor helps too. 🙂

The real magic of being clairvoyant comes from allowing yourself to be seen. Once you begin to see things as they really are, in their essential truth, you cannot help but begin to grow and change. Old patterns and habits will begin to ripen and become ready to be plucked, freeing up space and energy for the new things you wish to experience. Defenses and lies that have alienated you from the world around you – and from yourself – will begin to simply fall away (some with a wimper, some with a snarl). Once you begin to see truth and be seen, you cannot help but move more quickly towards that essential truth – who you really are in spirit. Seeing yourself clearly is the beginning of the ultimate act – self-forgiveness. It allows you to step fully into your truth and power.

If you’re working clairvoyantly you cannot be controlled by others, because the lies and pictures that enslave us are simply that; when you begin to operate outside of those controls – be they familial, societal, monetary or national – you will experience encompassing freedom and the ability to choose. You can regain your will, your passion, and your desire to live an authentic and passionate life.

All this is well and good, of course, but the real healing in bringing awareness to your Clairvoyance is that you will begin to soften to yourself. The lies and controls you have placed on yourself – because of other people’s judgements, pain, invalidation and jealousies will begin to fade away. It can feel like coming home to yourself; a beautiful reclaiming of your true life force and energy. Some people begin to feel more safe; to feel more comfortable with intimacy, to feel passionate about living again. Everyone’s journey is unique, but one thing is true, seeing yourself clearly and trusting in what you see will create the change you wish to see in yourself, and in the world. Clairvoyance will be essential in healing our planet and our lives in the decades to come.

There are many forms of turning on your clairvoyance and awakening your psychic self. None are more right than another. But this ability is yours, it is your birthright, and you have the right to see the truth! Claim it!

©Billy Pacholski

Billy Pacholski is a Psychic and Director based both in San Francisco and Chicago. Find out more about him at his website: Image from iStock.

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Just gimme the truth

This is a guest post by Noel Olken

May is Healing Month here on Psychic Everyday, and I offered to write a guest post for Kris about truth and honesty and healing. I thought it would be a good way to practice telling the truth.

Truth and honesty are healing. Very healing, for you and for the world around you. If you are in truth, everyone around you will match to that truth. But if you are in a lie, you will attract liars to you like a turd attracts flies.

When you tell the truth, when you are honest with your self, you will never regret it. You will never hurt yourself. And though they say that the truth hurts, I think it hurts less than a lie revealed.

You work out on running machines and lift weights to get strong and have more muscles. But what if I told you that truth is a muscle too?

If you tell the truth, you will never have to remember what you said. Mark Twain said that, and it’s true.

If you tell the truth, you will never lie awake at night wondering about what could have been if only you told a lie that day when you told the truth about that thing that never turned into a big deal because you told the truth.  Do you really think you’ll one day regret not having all the problems that would have come about if you had lied and got caught? No, I doubt you will. The truth just feels good.

Here is a hypothetical situation that comes up in my world sometimes. Say you go hear some friends play music, or perform in a play, or see their movie, and if you don’t like it, what do you say afterward when they ask you, “So? Whadjya think?”

If you really liked it, then it’s easy, say it. Or even if you didn’t like all of it, you can talk about the parts you really did like. But even here you are starting to get into a gray area: is a lie of omission still a lie? Well, if you hated the costumes, and your friend was an actor, and no one specifically asks you what you thought about the costumes, then you are not really lying if you don’t say anything about the costumes, right?

But what if your friend is the costumer? Then you have to say something. If you hated it, you have to say so. Your friend may get mad, or might completely agree with you, but if you just lied and said everything was great, they wouldn’t know what you really thought and you would both lose a great opportunity.

My point is, telling the truth is like a muscle. The more you practice, the stronger it grows. Try working out your truth muscles this month. Try to tell only the truth, every day, every hour, every minute. See how that goes for a month.

Can you do it? Start right now by telling me what you thought about this post.

And tell the truth. I can take it.

©Noel Olken

Host: The Noel Olken Show. (Who the F*CK is Noel Olken?)

‘Blue Foundation live’ ©Stig Nygaard on Flickr

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An attitude of certainty will get you there

Certainty can be defined as the energy of ownership. What you are choosing to own in your life, is up to you.

Being certain doesn’t mean you have to be perfect or prove your case to anyone else. Certainty has more to do with your confidence level. Do you believe what you are saying? Are you able to be certain about your own next step? Have you cleared the doubt out of your way?

Certainty is an energy. If you have your certainty about something, you are pretty clear as to what’s going on, what your next move is, what you need to leave behind, and who your real friends are.

When things are uncertain, cloudy, unfocused, or unconscious, it can be difficult to manifest or make it real for yourself. And, if you’ve been giving up your truth to someone else’s certainty, you may become invalidated as you go looking for your own.

Having your certainty allows you the autonomy to take your own steps without worrying whether others approve of you doing so. Being certain of yourself is helpful when you are making a big change in your life, or taking a chance on yourself.

Trust and faith in yourself are big here. Knowing and loving who you are to begin with, can make it easier to also be certain that you can trust your own choices and instincts. Many people have a hard time forgiving themselves for mistakes they’ve made, and as a result cannot make clear choices without doubting them.

Being certain doesn’t mean you are right, perfect, or that you have to prove anything to anyone else. It just means that you know what you want to have, do, feel, let go of, now. You can always change your mind later.

©Kris Cahill /

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The truth rose

This is a guest post by Noel Olken

Since the beginning of time, humans have communicated one way or another. Communication has evolved greatly since those early days, but I’ll wager probably not as much as you think.

Even before they could speak, our early ancestors communicated. They looked at each other.  They dragged sticks in the sand and drew pictures. They held each other. They fought each other. They loved each other. And of course the earliest mimes and comedians made the tribe laugh.

They yelled and screamed guttural sounds at each other until finally the voice box and the larynx developed enough to utter the first word. Do you know what I think the first word sounded like?  I think it sounded like this…


Cause you know, urges are what its all about. Ever since humans could speak, they talk most about their urges. Some are lofty and poetic; others are basic and just a part of survival.

The urge to run. The urge to learn. The urge to understand.  The urge to create.  The urge to love and to be loved.  The urge to fuck.  The urge to shit.

Urges. We are always talking about our urges. I’m hungry. I’m tired. I’m lonely. I’m horney.  I’m sad. I want to sing! I’m in love.

They are all important, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t talk about them all the same way. We give some more importance than others. Humans do that with communication, we judge some to be more important. But what’s the most important part of communication? The part that is so often missing?

The Truth.

As an actor I’m always thinking about finding the truth, and people’s urges. What a character wants out of a scene. And most of the time, in literature at least, people say one thing and they mean another.

“I want to help you” can really mean “I want to fuck you over”.

“I love you” means “I hate you”. “Friend”means “enemy” and “buddy” means I can’t be bothered to call you by your name.

So how do you really know what’s going on and how can you trust communication and speech? By trusting your own voice first and your own truth. They say you can’t fool an honest man.

And one of the best tools I learned in the Advanced Meditation class was the tool, the Truth Rose. It’s a way to know if someone is lying to you.

You know, people lie all the time. The television lies all the time. But the truth rose is a very good way to help you decide for yourself is some one is lying to you or not.

It’s a great tool. I use it all the time. I use it when talking to a salesperson. I use it at work. I use it on myself sometimes. In fact, I’m using it right now. Hey Truth Rose, am I telling the truth? Truth Rose says Yes.

So, in closing, I wish you all great communication with yourself, your world and your friends, and this last thought; just because you can speak, doesn’t mean you have to. But when you do, make it the truth.


©Noel Olken

Noel Olken is the creator and host of The Noel Olken Show. He has taken Psychic Mediation 1 twice, and still has trouble meditating everyday. When he’s not being really communicative with his wife, he writes, directs, edits, produces, acts, and communicates in the movies.

Image from “2001, A Space Odyssey”

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Clairvoyance tops the list for 2011

Every year has its own flavor, its own special energy that defines that year. The past 10 years have been, energetically speaking, very active years.

Though 2010 was not seen as an easy year by many people, it was a great year for the energies of destruction, letting go, completion, and clearing out old karma. Before the new can be created, the old must be swept away to make room for it. And so evolution continues.

Have you learned to embrace the mess yet? I hope so, because if you have, you will be especially ready for the coming year. 2011 is bringing a whole new vibe with it, and if you are here now, you’ve agreed to be with this new energy. This is an amazing time to be alive, a great time in our evolution as human beings. There is so much opportunity to create a new world now. Are you in?

Look for these ten to be especially big in the coming year of 2011:

1. Clairvoyance ~ This is a human ability, and a psychic ability; the ability to see energy clearly. Since everyone and everything is made of energy, this is a convenient ability to have on and working. Clairvoyance works better when you can see without judgment, especially while looking at yourself. In fact, the greatest use of clairvoyance is to see yourself clearly. If you can do that, without judgment, and with a lot of love and forgiveness, nothing will stand in your way. This is a spiritual super power!

2. Value ~ We are reexamining the meaning of what has value. Our economy obliged us in this quest by exploding, resulting in the loss of jobs, and lowering the value of labor, real estate, and money. Does that make our value as human beings less, or has it helped us to see more clearly what has true value for us?

3. Consciousness ~ Yes, consciousness is one of the most important energies for 2011. It’s time to see through the fog, and become aware of what’s possible, instead of accepting what others say is possible. If you do one big thing for yourself in 2011, allow yourself to become aware of your own true strength, abilities, and power. You’ll never go back to being unconscious about those again.

4. Truth ~ As in, your own. Do you know what that is? Do you want to know, and to live in it? This is your business alone, and not up to anyone else. Nor do others have the right to judge what is true for you.

5. Love ~ Love is an energy, an ability, and a healing for you when you have it for yourself. To learn to love yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give, to yourself and others.

6. Happiness ~ Another great choice to make, daily. Happiness is an energy, a feeling, a way of life, a way to be and become. Happiness is of the spirit.

7. Healing ~ All healing is self healing. You can learn how to heal yourself, and then do it. All of the other energies on this list can help you to do this. In fact, just by asking yourself what you need to do to heal, and listening, you are on a healing path.

8. Forgiveness ~ is all about letting go, releasing old energy, getting into present time, clearing karma, dropping old burdens, so that you can be here now and create anew. Forgiveness is freedom.

9. Reinvention ~ Now that you’ve let go, destroyed the old, forgiven, decided to be happy, learned to love yourself, and started seeing clearly, what does it look like to be the you, that you want to become? What do you look like in that picture? It’s time for reinvention, baby! Dream big!

10. Peace ~ If each of us decided to carry this energy with us at least part of every day, not only would our own individual loads be lighter, we’d also be bringing healing energy with us, wherever we went.

Happy New Year to you! May 2011 bring you happiness, love, peace, and joy! Dream big in this new year!

©Kris Cahill  ~
‘Snow Glow’ ©Jurvetson on Flickr

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Are you ready to be disillusioned?

That’s actually not as bad as it sounds. If you are disillusioned, it only means that you’re no longer under an illusion.

You’re able and willing to see what’s really going on. The veil has lifted, and you can see clearly now.

Becoming disillusioned, while certainly enlightening, isn’t easy. Losing one’s illusions can sometimes feel quite painful. There is a grieving to go through, especially if what you are now aware of came as a shock to you; for example, learning you’ve been lied to by someone you care about can feel like a great betrayal.

Letting go of any illusions you were under allows you to be in truth. Even when you were blissfully unaware, or so you thought, there was still the energy of a lie to get through and deal with. Some examples of this include learning after the fact that the trust you placed in authorities to protect you and your children, was not deserved by them. (See ‘The Catholic Church’, etc).

Expressions such as ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ and ‘ignorance is bliss’ hint at a kind of chosen unconsciousness. They are also lies we tell ourselves in order to not have to deal with what is actually going on. Yes, the truth can hurt, but lies will hurt more, especially a mountain of them.

It takes great courage to see truth for yourself, instead of relying on others to tell you what that truth is. In order to become who you really are, you will want to welcome the energy of disillusionment into your life. A great question to ask yourself is, “what don’t I know that I don’t know?”.

The truth will set you free.

©Kris Cahill /
‘The Helix Nebula’ ©

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Be yourself, effortlessly

If you’re trying to be someone or something other than who you are, you may be spending a whole lot of energy doing so. It takes extra energy to pretend to be other than yourself.

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with people and situations that require you to pretend, or to hide your true self.

One of the magical things about movies and Hollywood is that people have a lot of permission to pretend to be who they want to be, and that’s a great thing. It’s good, however, to remember who you actually If you’ve been playing at who you are not, and it’s not fun, you’re wasting energy lying about who you really are. If you’re invalidated about yourself, or think others will not accept you, it might be the time to own up and be you, completely. Only you can do this.

It may have been convenient for others that you weren’t being completely you, and you complied. Hoping to coast along, you didn’t rock the boat. Only it’s not exactly working out for you if you’re not getting what it is you want, is it?

Imagine the joy and peace of mind you would feel upon waking each day, knowing you could spend all of your day ahead being who you truly are. And that you don’t have to defend yourself, or adjust to anyone else in order to get along in the world.

Another word for this is seniority. This means that you are the most important energy inside of your own space. Other agendas aren’t as important as your own is, inside of you.

Every day is another chance to decide that it’s worth it, just to be who you already are. Sometimes you may need to do a little digging to remember what that is. Sometimes you realize that you’ve moved past an old way of doing things and it’s time to reinvent.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Underwater Dance’ ©Mark Mawson

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On becoming aware: consciousness and unconsciousness

When awareness dawns on you, is it like watching the sun rise? What had been hidden under cover of darkness before, is fully exposed in the light. Now that you see it, it’s hard to pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s real now.

This awareness can be a welcoming thing, and it can also be a sudden shock to your system. You may suddenly realize something about yourself or other people that helps you to see things in a new way, and you grow. You may also need to go through a period of mourning for what was, for your illusions about what existed. Being ‘disillusioned’ simply means you no longer have those illusions. Now you can work from a place of truth, of clarity and consciousness.

When you are certain that you already know everything, when you are very firmly entrenched in your own belief system, when you’ve holed up behind the shield of your dogma, you might feel comfortable being there, but you will have a hell of a time learning anything new. In other words, if you already know everything, you won’t be able to learn anything else.

Sometimes people are just terrified of being wrong, or making a mistake. It’s really hard to admit when one is wrong at times, hard to own up to it, and give up the fight for one’s belief as being the right one. Surrendering to what is, is difficult if your energy is tied into what you think should be. When people are in fear of losing control, they are also unconscious to the fact that there really is no control to begin with.

Unconsciousness can be defined as being unaware. Unconsciousness can be a shield one hides behind, or simply a state of innocence. You may be so unconscious to some things that you aren’t even aware of what you’re not aware of. A good question to ask yourself might be, ‘what don’t I know that I don’t know yet?’.

You’re not wrong for not knowing those things. Wouldn’t it be boring to already know everything? Part of the joy and beauty of life is that it’s a journey, and you get to make new discoveries along the way. If you go searching for a belief system to plug yourself into, that may take some of the uncertainty out of your journey, but it’ll also take some of the fun and validation as well.

By discovering who you are and what makes you tick, you learn valuable information about yourself that nobody else can give to you. Others can help along the way, but in the end, it’s your job to walk your own path, consciously or not.

©Kris Cahill /
‘Navigation’ ©Jurvetson on Flickr

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What gifts are you bringing to the table?

Have you considered that following your heart is a gift to the rest of us?

If you’ve been of the mindset that taking care of yourself first, and listening to your own true desires is selfish and unrealistic, here’s some good news for you.

Though it’s not always the easiest thing to do, listening to what it is you want and following your own internal guidance system will help you to create a happy and fulfilled life. You will also never be bored if you are interesting to you.

The way to be interesting to you is to find out what fascinates you, intrigues you, and makes you happy. Then go learn about that thing, do it and become it, embellish yourself. Dive in, don’t hesitate. Halfway and half-hearted is just that. You want to go in at full heart.

Once you do this, your energy shifts. When you’ve decided to have your life the way you really want it, you radiate at a different vibration than if you were dissatisfied with yourself. Validated people are more fun to be around than invalidated people. Happy people are easier to handle than angry people. You already know this.

This is not to say that everything is going to be perfectly hunky dory in your life if you follow your true calling. Life happens and there’s stuff to deal with. But at least you won’t be sitting in the energy of wishing you had a different life, or wondering whose life you are actually living. If you are living your own true life, you will find your way through it more effortlessly than if you’re trying to be someone else.

You become a gift to others who are trying to do this too, because you now represent what is possible. So, instead of being selfish for doing what you please, you are now bringing gifts to everyone!

What gifts are you giving?

©Kris Cahill 2007-2012  All Rights Reserved  ~
‘The Miracle’ ©Debi Cates

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