Imagine your way into 2012

What is your Big Dream for 2012?

How does your dream look to you? What do you see is possible for you to have, create, and become this year? Where do you want to grow? What are you willing to let go of?

As you move into the new year, it’s helpful to notice if you are still carrying energy from the old one. Any old out of date energies can get in your way as you step up to create your new creations.

2011 was an amazing year for each of us. As challenging as it may have been, it was just as necessary. 2011 is a year to be grateful for, though it might not have felt comfortable to you in the least. It may have been the year you moved past blocks to your own truth, and that is priceless.

2011 was all about spiritual growth, and a big part of growing spiritually is letting go of what no longer serves you in that growth. It’s common to have an unconscious perfect picture about how growth “should” be. Who knew that spiritual growth could be so difficult and uncontrollably messy?!

A new year is an awakening, a time for new energy and dreams. It’s fun to create the new pictures of what you want. It’s lovely to dream big dreams, to visualize and imagine huge successes, fun times, happy relationships, financial health. This is also the way you make these things real in your life – your dreams come true.

Making anything real begins with the spirit of you. When you can see what it is you want, and imagine yourself having those things in your life, you can make them real. Everything you create begins with energy, spirit. When you become conscious about working with energy and begin to use it to heal yourself and make your life work for you instead of feeling like you’re constantly in effort, miracles happen.

As you begin this journey into a new year, you may want to consider bringing some new tools with you:

  • Permission to dream big. Don’t hold back or let your dreams be made smaller by the prevailing wisdom of what is “possible”. Every time someone tried to do the impossible and make it possible, they had ‘helpful’ naysayers who constantly tried to convince them it was a waste of time. Ignore everyone else’s ‘reality’ and concentrate on yours.
  • A way to make it real. Dreaming is good but if your dreams never come down to earth, if you can’t make them real, then it’s no fun to dream. Grounding yourself is a great way to begin making your own vision a reality.
  • How much are you willing to let go of? It’s difficult to create your new reality while also trying to drag the past with you. When you can let go, forgive, and be in present time with yourself, you have more of your energy available to create with. In order to create anything, you need enough energy and space to do so.

You are the only one who can imagine what you’ll imagine. What you dream of, others may share, but you’ll always have your own spin on it, if you’re working from your own truth. What this means is that nobody else can create what you came here to create. Only you can decide to get started.

©Kris Cahill

I create guided meditations that help you to create with energy. Here is a new one I recorded live that is very much along the lines of this post: ‘Create 2012’. You can purchase it as an mp3 at this link: Create 2012 Meditation.  ~

‘The Journey Home’ ©Paul (Dex) on Flickr

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Clairvoyance can help you to dream up your own reality

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, it became real? When you woke up, for a split second all you knew was that dream reality;  perhaps it was preferable to what you actually had.

I had a dream like this that stays with me still. On my way to Spain in December 1990 for a two week holiday, I fell asleep on the airplane. I was exhausted, overworked, worried about my fashion business. Truthfully, I didn’t like being a fashion designer anymore and was ready for a big change. The economy was hitting the skids, and my own economy wasn’t doing much better. I needed to get away, so planned an adventure with a good friend.

In the dream, I was standing at the edge of a steep and scary cliff. I was terrified, afraid to fall, not seeing another way. Then a voice said to me, “go on, you can fly!”. There was no one visible, but I felt it was true, and took a leap. I flew away from that cliff, and it was a beautiful feeling. When I woke up, I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I was ready to make a change. That dream was the beginning of a new vision for my life.

The true power of clairvoyance lies in being able to create a vision. If you can see it, in other words, you can create it. Creating your own vision for the future is far more interesting than waiting for someone else to predict it for you. It’s also scarier, because there’s nobody to blame if your vision doesn’t quite work out the way you expected.

If art school taught me anything, it was flexibility. More often than not, my finished paintings did not match the original vision I had when beginning them. Sometimes they were better, and sometimes they weren’t. New discoveries were made that wouldn’t have shown up any other way. Rather than any of this being a problem, an artist learns to go with it.

The beauty is in the discovery as one goes along, much like living life. The amount of control we each have is quite small, but the ability to invent, visualize, and create, is enormous. We have hardly scratched the surface of this magnificent ability that each of us has already, this clairvoyant ability.

Now, more than ever, we need capable clairvoyants on this earth. Fortunately, we are living in a time of clairvoyance, so they are showing up. It’s time to let go of the old pictures of what others declared was and always will be reality, and to create the new pictures.

Just because we currently live on a planet where war is prevalent, hunger is allowed to exist, and greed rules the day, doesn’t make any of this the whole reality of who we are as beings. These are choices, unconscious ones perhaps, what we need or want to experience as beings.

What would you like to see change? How does your planet Earth look to you, the one you would love to live on? How would you like to live and create? Perhaps you’re already working on your own vision of the future. But if you’ve gotten yourself caught in someone else’s ‘reality show’, you can disengage by creating a new vision. Begin to look for yourself and to share your new vision with others.

©Kris Cahill  2007-2011  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Reality and Dreams’ – Pesche 61 on Pixdaus

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Do you need a permission slip?

Do you still need others to give you permission to do what you really want to do? Do you still care whether anyone likes it or not?

Do you make your decisions based on the opinions of others? And, if you are creative professionally, do you find yourself editing or judging new ideas because you think others will not receive them well, and they won’t be popular or sell? Have you ever trashed ideas you knew on a gut level to be brilliant, because you were afraid they’d be harshly judged by others?

Are you limited to recreating your “greatest hits”? Can you still experiment without needing to produce a beautiful finished product that makes sense to everyone else?

Is your creativity, in effect, owned by a committee you are not a member of? Are you more addicted to the popularity of your work than you are to the sheer joy of creating it, without caring whether anyone else can see it or not? Do you live your life and create for yourself from love and your truth? Or are you constantly needing others to approve?

You may have forgotten that you have fans who like your work because it came from you. You did that work out of passion and vision. If you get stuck in the past, you will get stale. You won’t have the energy to find your new vision. It is your courage that leads you to the next brilliance you bring forth. That courage is the true gift you bring, the gift of being you.

If you don’t put your work out there because you are in judgment of the critics and the group, and are sure nobody will ‘get it’ because it’s so amazing, you are also letting others decide what you are able to have.

Your ‘work’ can be defined as your life and how you live it. You are your own work. Do you have permission to create you, even if others in your world don’t like who you decide to become?

©Kris Cahill  2007-2012  All Rights Reserved.  ~
‘Beautiful Graffiti’ ©Katmere on Flickr

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